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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Destiny, 109:assurance, knowing that the benefits and the experience gained under the sixth ray system ofDestiny, 115:the present plan) sealed and hidden to the experience and experiment of the soul, has been moreDestiny, 123:of the soul in form and its gaining needed experience thereby. It is not concerned with direct workDiscipleship1, X:is backed by adequate testimony and planned experience. The reasoning mind of the disciple can thenDiscipleship1, 11:are wrought out individually in the crucible of experience really penetrate into the livingDiscipleship1, 14:you should record the following: Any spiritual experience which may come to you, such as contactDiscipleship1, 18:requested, thus aiding with their wisdom and experience and supplementing the capacities of theDiscipleship1, 33:reticence, where there is any inner spiritual experience, and have felt that the relating or theDiscipleship1, 34:there be the recognition of unity of thought. Experience, thought, difficulties and problems can beDiscipleship1, 58:[58] Increased awareness and sensitivity to experience and to life in all forms. The power to doDiscipleship1, 71:three lower [71] worlds of human endeavor and experience. The energy with which the group ofDiscipleship1, 91:that only that which you know for yourself and experience consciously within yourself is ofDiscipleship1, 92:and pass on to new and higher areas of spiritual experience? Or will he fall back into the glamorDiscipleship1, 92:and must succeed upon an earlier and vacillating experience wherein the disciple vibrates betweenDiscipleship1, 93:revelation of possibilities. It is a factual experience, resulting in the evocation of new powersDiscipleship1, 97:you need to arrive at a point in group experience wherein you are not so intensely preoccupied withDiscipleship1, 104:devotion which has governed much of your life experience. Till May, center your thought, yourDiscipleship1, 108:your brothers in my group may profit from your experience, I would ask you to write a paper uponDiscipleship1, 108:have reached a point - long desired in your experience - wherein you now know yourself to be on theDiscipleship1, 113:of all true servers) an interlude or cycle of experience which may temporarily negate your presentDiscipleship1, 116:you have much knowledge as the result of ancient experience and deep thought and study in thisDiscipleship1, 122:has been one of your major educators. This life experience has netted you big results and you willDiscipleship1, 122:realities. You have largely profited by this experience and your subjective orientation isDiscipleship1, 128:relationship with myself, dating from past experience, even if that experience is as yetDiscipleship1, 128:dating from past experience, even if that experience is as yet unconsciously registered. There is aDiscipleship1, 129:to aid you [129] all from the angle of my wider experience and to make suggestions. These can beDiscipleship1, 137:field of his life [137] activity) can use the experience gained, the hard won knowledge assembledDiscipleship1, 141:of the Great Ones is real and you have had much experience with other people. Your main task, atDiscipleship1, 145:inner link with the Hierarchy and lean on your experience and soul strength. Attract not toDiscipleship1, 175:a few high moments and a good deal of valley experience, but usually the steady monotony of aDiscipleship1, 181:is the distinctive feature in all disciples of experience. You have already brought about anDiscipleship1, 185:life, or by sorrow [185] or shock in early life experience. This must be balanced by an outgoing onDiscipleship1, 198:In a review, am I asked to redo or re-experience, or should I assume the attitude of the Onlooker,Discipleship1, 199:through me? The nature of the soul is light. Experience of this light is achieved through mindDiscipleship1, 203:you to study them in the light of your gained experience and the new assignments given to myDiscipleship1, 204:the one who - having tasted to the full of life experience - is now dedicated to the life ofDiscipleship1, 205:if you had to define just what the past year of experience and service has given you that you wouldDiscipleship1, 209:rightful place and when wisely used, you will experience an amazing release. The implication ofDiscipleship1, 211:still be kept, but the power to share knowledge, experience and the gains of illumination must atDiscipleship1, 222:this will account to you for much of your inner experience and for much that you have suffered andDiscipleship1, 229:of the Christ - the valley and the mountain top experience, and the cave experience also with itsDiscipleship1, 229:and the mountain top experience, and the cave experience also with its loneliness and its period ofDiscipleship1, 229:progress must come an increasing crescendo of experience, and a more vivid interim living. I thinkDiscipleship1, 229:coming year. Note in which body or vehicle of experience they occur. Note, too, your reaction toDiscipleship1, 242:emerge. If no other result eventuates, this past experience will serve to make you and yourDiscipleship1, 263:You have much to give; much wisdom, much experience and much understanding. Often, however, youDiscipleship1, 263:of speed. Not hurry nor the rushing forward into experience with undue haste, but the steady,Discipleship1, 267:all outer expression on the physical plane of experience as achievement. There is no essentialDiscipleship1, 269:What steps did I take to produce a fuller soul experience in order to meet the necessity? [270] DidDiscipleship1, 278:to express for others the gain of your life experience. Therefore I would ask you to remember, myDiscipleship1, 283:your consciousness was the main objective of the experience. Outer personality contacts have aDiscipleship1, 283:past three years, you will note a life full of experience on all the planes of the personality; youDiscipleship1, 284:and unconsciously. The enriching of your life experience through fuller human contacts and aDiscipleship1, 287:identify yourself with the phenomena which you experience and may experience in the future. TheseDiscipleship1, 287:with the phenomena which you experience and may experience in the future. These experiences hold,Discipleship1, 293:I mean that old relationship and old joint experience enable you to work in this group withDiscipleship1, 297:- to be solved alone. There are phases of inner experience upon which no one may intrude, not evenDiscipleship1, 297:they so intrude, the richness of the possible experience remains unattained. For you, the keynoteDiscipleship1, 298:have knowledge, my brother, and your spiritual experience is rich. Let this demonstrate now asDiscipleship1, 301:your particular type of mind and your trained experience will give to this group that balancingDiscipleship1, 302:upon the Path. Now the fruit of that subjective experience, known only to you and to those whoDiscipleship1, 356:the gift of strength to offer to others and the experience gained through many lives. This work canDiscipleship1, 363:can aid in the work with your wisdom and ripe experience. Adhere to the simple outline indicated byDiscipleship1, 371:the average disciple. You have wisdom and much experience, individual and racial. You have a deepDiscipleship1, 383:of discouragement that all aspirants at times experience. It is because of this steadfastness thatDiscipleship1, 389:- is the goal for the remainder of your life experience in this particular body. I seek for noDiscipleship1, 398:or with a re-experiencing? Am I asked to re-experience, or am I simply asked to observe as aDiscipleship1, 419:my brother, and one most applicable to your own experience during the past six months). Two planksDiscipleship1, 448:You will gain much practical and experimental experience thereby. During the fourth week reviewDiscipleship1, 465:an added usefulness, knowing that the wisdom of experience is yours, the power to understand isDiscipleship1, 471:You have passed and are passing through a hard experience and out of this you are not getting theDiscipleship1, 471:failure to get all you might out of the present experience is the inordinate pride of the TaurusDiscipleship1, 485:sign of the Bull are fitting you for the Scorpio experience in your next life - the greatestDiscipleship1, 485:experience in your next life - the greatest experience upon the Path. Your mental body is on theDiscipleship1, 501:the line of least resistance and of satisfactory experience to those who possess your combinationDiscipleship1, 502:which they stand an integral part of your life experience. Beyond that, you know already what IDiscipleship1, 502:way and the effects will be lasting in your experience. This is for you a major life crisis andDiscipleship1, 505:should prove an exercise of value to you. Long experience in meditation should enable you to doDiscipleship1, 505:be the dominant and deciding factor in your experience - as has hitherto been the case - but thatDiscipleship1, 511:than would otherwise be the case. To this experience of the disciple, you are no exception, being aDiscipleship1, 514:such a determination exists on the plane of soul experience, there is an inevitable reaction on theDiscipleship1, 544:necessarily a wide generalization, based on true experience in relationship with each other. Thus,Discipleship1, 555:of this vision? What will be the quality of the experience when I have made it fact in my mind andDiscipleship1, 579:only now opening before you as a result of this experience and during the unconscious stage we doDiscipleship1, 593:center" which is the gift of your immediate past experience. The second thing which you have toDiscipleship1, 594:and protects the one who is passing through the experience of over-stimulation. The protective workDiscipleship1, 594:by the average disciple. Whilst this type of experience is going on, the outer group of a Master'sDiscipleship1, 624:mean primarily that you are experienced and this experience of yours enables you to evidenceDiscipleship1, 624:"magnetic" lies the goal of your personality experience. The first ray person is easily strong butDiscipleship1, 630:facility and truth from the storehouse of a long experience), you must pour out the love of yourDiscipleship1, 638:not only from academic training but from a full experience in other lives and a natural intuitiveDiscipleship1, 645:has been established, and who has had some experience in healing work. It must also be one who hasDiscipleship1, 654:my brother. There is nothing dramatic about your experience and it is far less trying and difficultDiscipleship1, 654:it is far less trying and difficult than is the experience of many. This is the message which IDiscipleship1, 659:be no center, but you should be living in the experience of humanity as a whole at all times. I amDiscipleship1, 663:has made your task a most difficult one. Your experience in group work, your open-minded attitudeDiscipleship1, 664:and standing free and unafraid whether the experience being undergone is one of high import and ofDiscipleship1, 673:Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of aDiscipleship1, 683:to the world worker are the normal theme of life experience and, therefore, humanity in itsDiscipleship1, 685:and of consequent strife which disciples experience in their individual lives and which prepare
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