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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Discipleship1, 688:which is the dominant factor but the field of experience, of service and of achievement. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 697:who is his Master and developed and fed by his experience, unfolded as his wisdom grew and hisDiscipleship1, 704:merely an interesting background for daily experience and not the factor of importance which itDiscipleship1, 712:Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The using of aDiscipleship1, 732:upon the Path. They are as you know: A dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The thought-form of aDiscipleship1, 733:[733] The first three are more usually the experience of the probationary disciple. The last twoDiscipleship1, 733:apt to do one of two things: over-estimate the experience and believe it to indicate a highDiscipleship1, 733:development; they begin to lean upon the experience and to substitute this astral happening for theDiscipleship1, 733:so when the interpretation and the use of the experience is at fault. It is the task of theDiscipleship1, 733:and to point out the significance of the experience to the neophyte. Workers in the spiritual fieldDiscipleship1, 735:with your physical condition, you will not experience the tension which will make you a magneticDiscipleship1, 735:their ideas about you, you will again fail to experience the tension which releases. You would findDiscipleship1, 740:assist from the stand [740] point of his greater experience and those to whom he must look for likeDiscipleship1, 741:the divine manifestation outside their range of experience. They know that psychism in its lowestDiscipleship1, 741:will not be subject to this, that or the other experience. He has to be prepared for allDiscipleship1, 742:service in that difficult period if they have no experience in the distinction and interpretationDiscipleship1, 753:vehicles of contact in the three worlds of human experience to those recognitions which lead a manDiscipleship1, 765:which have no parallel or correspondence in the experience of even the advanced aspirant. When weDiscipleship1, 777:public by the various occult groups, having no experience in writing for the public, and havingDiscipleship1, 788:transcended the usual personality problems and experience in the three worlds, are still in processDiscipleship2, 29:it frequently brings to the earnest disciple the experience - terrible yet beautiful - to which hasDiscipleship2, 43:and one's handicaps, of one's equipment and experience, plus the various aspects and vehiclesDiscipleship2, 44:Disciples - Group Instruction Until this is your experience, a closer relation to my Ashram willDiscipleship2, 52:steady in the light," and for this receptive experience all the previous work in meditation hasDiscipleship2, 54:emotional nature would be trained to express and experience; and by the acknowledged attitude ofDiscipleship2, 67:provide him with no true scope for his pledged experience and his years of training; this presentDiscipleship2, 94:moment when your soul decided to experiment, to experience, and to express divinity. SeparativeDiscipleship2, 101:School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the qualityDiscipleship2, 102:return together to continue with this inevitable experience. In the coming cycle of service,Discipleship2, 121:and symbolic presentation within the life experience of the disciple of the interrelation andDiscipleship2, 138:simply regard as the field of service and of experience - experience in work and not individualDiscipleship2, 138:as the field of service and of experience - experience in work and not individual life experience.Discipleship2, 138:- experience in work and not individual life experience. You will note that this description of theDiscipleship2, 189:always to accept, for he knows from bitter experience how true it is; he lives in the recognitionDiscipleship2, 195:the Spiritual Triad, is a definite factual experience. It is a reflection carried on throughout allDiscipleship2, 208:conditions and qualities of which we have no experience or knowledge. We may possess utterly noDiscipleship2, 223:for the remainder of this cycle of planetary experience. This has not always been the case.Discipleship2, 234:word "spiritual" covered every phase of living experience. Ponder on this statement. That isDiscipleship2, 246:formula of integration by those who have had experience of group work is that there are some in theDiscipleship2, 246:are as yet far from true integration, and the experience of the older chelas can be of inestimableDiscipleship2, 253:that which you know for yourself and consciously experience is of importance. This refersDiscipleship2, 254:is not a vision of possibilities, but a factual experience, leading to: The evocation of newDiscipleship2, 255:that the present vision must become the past experience and a new and deeper and entirely differentDiscipleship2, 256:the recognition of tests and the types of experience which come his way. "It is a matter," I haveDiscipleship2, 268:The present vision must become the past experience. Its light of revelation will fade out as theDiscipleship2, 268:Its light of revelation will fade out as the experience becomes a habit, and therefore falls belowDiscipleship2, 274:consciousness into the realms of hierarchical experience in relation to Shamballa. Discipleship2, 278:equation, of differing points in evolution, plus experience in the process of discarding theDiscipleship2, 284:as light on life, of cause as the breath of experience, and of Being as the initiator of all thatDiscipleship2, 289:potency in every incarnation, according to the experience conditioning, the expression of theDiscipleship2, 289:any particular rebirth. In the early stages of experience, this "eye" remains closed; there isDiscipleship2, 306:sense - one of the new senses as far as experience and experiment are concerned, but which isDiscipleship2, 307:these latter must become the normal field of experience and of expression; they then become theDiscipleship2, 311:this connection we are considering the point of experience where light pours in, bringingDiscipleship2, 316:taught the needed reticence through testing and experience. It is interesting to note that theDiscipleship2, 320:itself and as a whole. This is the result of the experience of the war, 1914-1945. Humanity,Discipleship2, 334:it is not possible for you to understand. The experience, the failures and the achievements of theDiscipleship2, 338:seven Paths leading away from known planetary experience, there is persistently that which conveysDiscipleship2, 340:For the initiate (at this great stage of experience), Karma ends. By this I mean that Karma - asDiscipleship2, 340:is too abstruse. It involves experiment and experience. Through both of these phases the initiateDiscipleship2, 340:of his past opinion and interpretation of experience. [341] 6. Time is one of the major underlyingDiscipleship2, 355:is intended to teach you something new in your experience, even if - as a theory - it may seemDiscipleship2, 390:would note how each stage (when it is a factual experience) enables the disciple to see the PlanDiscipleship2, 393:knowledge is gained through experiment and experience. The disciple or aspirant works always in theDiscipleship2, 394:and where there is no experimental activity no experience can be gained. Knowledge is the reward ofDiscipleship2, 394:He must perforce experiment and gain practical experience; he must learn the meaning of bothDiscipleship2, 395:itself, as you work through experiment and experience and from experience into a manifestingDiscipleship2, 395:work through experiment and experience and from experience into a manifesting expression ofDiscipleship2, 401:with its capacity to interpret environment and experience. It can also act as a lens or aDiscipleship2, 409:Path of Return through individual experiment and experience. The Masters (in this long interim)Discipleship2, 415:may be, but he knows that he has as yet no real experience of this highest divine aspect. HisDiscipleship2, 415:intelligence is the result and the reward of experience; his understanding of love, the secondDiscipleship2, 418:and which have conditioned his realized life experience. Those laws he perforce continues to obey,Discipleship2, 423:they veil and signify the most tremendous experience of which the human consciousness is capable,Discipleship2, 436:the light of the anima mundi; in this initiate experience the light of the Kingdom of Souls isDiscipleship2, 447:your soul is on its way to a fuller and richer experience of life, and this involves difficulty. InDiscipleship2, 452:aspects of life and in all activities. You can experience them and institute them as a personality,Discipleship2, 465:how valuable has been to you the past immediate experience... Though you are a trained disciple ofDiscipleship2, 489:to be suggestive. You can make your life a rich experience by the use of these suggestions: [490]Discipleship2, 491:to the physical plane and the life of daily experience through a systematized process ofDiscipleship2, 503:of tension which supervenes after the death experience. He must endeavor to close the episode ofDiscipleship2, 503:must endeavor to close the episode of this life experience so that it is apparent that he is aDiscipleship2, 508:lesson you can learn at this time. You will experience a new power, the upwelling of new spiritualDiscipleship2, 510:higher and occult correspondence of the mystical experience of the true mystic and to which he hasDiscipleship2, 525:initiation; it is the intense awareness you experience, at this time, of yourself - the centralDiscipleship2, 537:[537] sphere of influence, the Ashram, and as experience proceeds, these decisions becomeDiscipleship2, 538:ever in the life of a disciple and in the soul's experience some one particular life wherein theDiscipleship2, 539:of what should be the theme of your next earthly experience. I would have you realize that this isDiscipleship2, 549:his service (from the angle of his present life experience if not from the angle of the soul), newDiscipleship2, 558:were the soul. This will be a growing, conscious experience. Know too that I, your Master and yourDiscipleship2, 563:interlude and of a somewhat drastic, hampering experience, plus repeated frustration, is to fit youDiscipleship2, 564:dependent upon the status, the degree and the experience of the Master at its center or heart. TheDiscipleship2, 564:be necessary for you to bring into your outer experience more force, and that of the first ray; itDiscipleship2, 582:Later, the disciple learns from experiment and experience that all the rays are subray of the greatDiscipleship2, 585:angle of the soul, who sees in it but a fleeting experience, leaving a residue of learning. SomeDiscipleship2, 585:lives are rare until somewhat late in the soul's experience. For you, this present life has twoDiscipleship2, 585:this life there is for you a beautifying of all experience, the conscious rendering of that serviceDiscipleship2, 589:of the present has been transmuted into gained experience and understanding. Compassionate loversDiscipleship2, 594:face a period of service unprecedented in your experience. I have watched your development duringDiscipleship2, 598:School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality
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