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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Discipleship2, 600:endow a man, or to use that racial and national experience as a means whereby there can be theDiscipleship2, 621:my brother, are the platitudes of the spiritual experience and these are the platitudinous truthsDiscipleship2, 621:them into the ascertained facts of your daily experience and expression. More I cannot say to youDiscipleship2, 624:for the continuance or the repetition of the experience. If it is not pleasurable, but painful,Discipleship2, 624:the reaction is desire for the cessation of the experience and therefore liberation from it. ThisDiscipleship2, 628:on, with no great or vitally important spiritual experience but with a pronounced stability. ThisDiscipleship2, 629:remind you that all the teaching, training and experience which you have undergone has now to beDiscipleship2, 638:enjoying the full richness of life's garnered experience, is now free to serve. No new problems areDiscipleship2, 639:of that soul in all the three worlds of experience, Then sound the OM three times in order toDiscipleship2, 644:he has stood and fought throughout his life experience. It is ever a hard and bitter test, going toDiscipleship2, 656:its aims and ambitions, its intelligence and experience, in itself constitutes a glamor and oneDiscipleship2, 662:your point of garnered wisdom and your trained experience give them a helping hand. Three awaitDiscipleship2, 664:the nucleus of your own group in a later life experience? One of the things which I shall have toDiscipleship2, 669:all physical conflict out of his conscious life experience and when the urge to combat (upon theDiscipleship2, 670:the life content - from the angle of a long soul experience. This may sound to you somewhatDiscipleship2, 674:go or write to A.A.B. She knows from wide experience, and she understands. You will again hear fromDiscipleship2, 685:Will you therefore rest back on facts and lived experience and waste not time in wishing and inDiscipleship2, 691:twice: 1st month... Humanity. The framework of Experience. 2nd month... Fluidity. Reaction to newDiscipleship2, 696:Why not welcome Transition? Learn to glory in experience, which is the gift of wise old age, andDiscipleship2, 734:for you, would be a thing lying behind in your experience and no longer of controlling importance.Discipleship2, 735:gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of living experience. Such a proposition faces many in thisDiscipleship2, 737:at that unconcern as to the happiness or the experience of the personality; secondly, by refusingDiscipleship2, 737:of service a reasoned judgment and a seasoned experience. These two phrases should express theDiscipleship2, 740:had your problem in a worse degree, but had more experience to offset it and less time in which toDiscipleship2, 741:open - into situations in order to learn and experience the delight which comes from analysis,Discipleship2, 756:outstanding quality which, given due process of experience, will radiate from your life and thusEducation, 2:between the world of ordinary human experience, the threefold world of physical-emotional-mentalEducation, 9:This second question - relating to the type of experience which would aid the child to round outEducation, 12:finally bring a new factor into the field of experience. Response to the Thinker or the soul. WithEducation, 32:contact with his environment, thereby gaining experience and sustenance. The spider symbol is oftenEducation, 83:development and a useful and profitable field of experience. Some attempts along this line haveEducation, 112:and the consciousness is ripe enough in experience to relinquish the form because of the sensedEducation, 113:come and go with them, garnering the fruits of experience, and progressively marching on to fullerEducation, 135:of parents - planned because intended to offer experience to incarnating souls, with the consciousEducation, 137:sexes that the element of time enters into the experience of the soul, and the understanding ofEducation, 137:development and the attainment of some experience which is presumed to promote spiritualEducation, 138:to birth and parenthood, that sex rhythm, cyclic experience, psychological preparation andEducation, 138:and comprehended process and the light of experience. With these more subtle aspects of lightEducation, 149:will enable mankind to take them. A new cycle of experience, of psychological development and ofExternalisation, 4:of physical plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and is now slowly going on. ItExternalisation, 14:and all souls return from the place of experience and of experiment. It might be asked what groundExternalisation, 17:avail himself of the safeguards offered and the experience of the older students. The emphasis inExternalisation, 19:or undue interest in and emphasis upon psychic experience will upset the mental balance and oftenExternalisation, 109:presenting humanity with that stage in the experience of the disciple which we call "the meeting ofExternalisation, 114:and he has learnt the lessons which the [114] experience of any particular life has been intendedExternalisation, 115:with which we are all most familiar in our own experience and in watching it in others. But we needExternalisation, 115:demand for more room for expression and fuller experience, and its spiritual aspiration for changeExternalisation, 115:the future, and from the old into the new, from experience into fruition and then into experienceExternalisation, 115:new, from experience into fruition and then into experience again. The realities are eternal andExternalisation, 116:to observe what is going on and to relate it to experience and to environment. This in itselfExternalisation, 118:sons of God who responded to the divine urge to experience, to serve and to sacrifice, separatedExternalisation, 119:may evoke some day a response to the "sin of experience," as it has been called, and aExternalisation, 131:the will-to-power but on account of age and experience, dearly bought, this is today mellowed byExternalisation, 136:material values as the dominating factor in life experience) and the soul of humanity (expressingExternalisation, 138:in this desirable attitude, and much drastic experience may produce deep psychological andExternalisation, 168:who have made aspiration a fact in their outer experience. The attitude of the masses in theExternalisation, 190:to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. The new world order must lay theExternalisation, 190:personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicateExternalisation, 200:of goodwill in the crucible of experiment and experience. Only universal disaster could haveExternalisation, 201:search for truth and for subjective spiritual experience should persist; He knows that within [202]Externalisation, 202:spirituality will supersede theology; living experience will take the place of theologicalExternalisation, 202:of the human spirit who speak from living experience, and who know no creedal barriers; they willExternalisation, 202:then we shall see a world in process of right experience, right human relations and a spiritualExternalisation, 212:that naught at any time can crush it out; life, experience, trial, pain and instinctive humanExternalisation, 236:and together make it a fact in human experience. But such a world will not be possible for manyExternalisation, 272:on the recognition of the age of a soul's experience and gained development, and not at all on theExternalisation, 281:Maturity is achieved through self-engendered experience and decision, and for some time we who seekExternalisation, 293:individual man there comes a point in his life experience when the Angel of the Presence is sensed,Externalisation, 294:simultaneously and the major conflict of his experience takes place. So it is today in the world.Externalisation, 321:increasing labor for humanity as a result of the experience of love within your own individualExternalisation, 328:you should move outward into definite world experience and into a basic cooperation with anyExternalisation, 329:work and plan within the group plan; develop the experience of love in your individual lives and inExternalisation, 339:determination to make that vision fact in human experience. This better world is to be a world inExternalisation, 362:whole and whose longing and desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relationsExternalisation, 372:have been through a shattering psychological experience. They can scarcely ever be truly normalExternalisation, 384:whose own will-to-good is a living, practical experience, and the more that goodwill is expressed,Externalisation, 417:authority into direct personal, spiritual experience and coming under the direct authority whichExternalisation, 451:as irritating as their deeper maturity and wide experience proves irritating to Americans.Externalisation, 464:into the world and to throw the light of wisdom, experience and understanding (as it is called)Externalisation, 467:pouring out everywhere as the result of experience. I call you, therefore, everyone, to a greatExternalisation, 471:Biblical story. Mary, that woman of sorrow, of experience and of aspiration, stands (as ever in theExternalisation, 472:success, endured death and passed through the experience of resurrection. They are the same inExternalisation, 475:were organized by beings of most evil and expert experience and were preparing to obsess andExternalisation, 483:express the enlightenment gained by the bitter experience of the past, then humanity will riseExternalisation, 486:human relations in all departments of human experience, for clean political activity, forExternalisation, 498:such a revolutionizing of the modes of human experience that (from one angle alone) it willExternalisation, 529:who are being fitted for this work through experience, difficulties and the tension of worldExternalisation, 530:I may not enlarge), preparing Itself for the experience of physical manifestation; It is alsoExternalisation, 531:with the minimum of difficulty on earth and will experience the least possible measure of handicap;Externalisation, 560:it is necessary to remember that the gain of all experience for ever persists, nothing is everExternalisation, 560:Being, centered now in the Monad; hierarchical experience is merged into the purposes of theExternalisation, 567:love will be left. This corresponds to the experience of the individual initiate at the fourthExternalisation, 568:of the Wisdom have all passed through the human experience and are simply men who have achieved aExternalisation, 575:as an attitude governing all phases of human experience. Externalisation, 607:major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as the omnipotent GodExternalisation, 610:for His co-workers will come with Him. His experience and Theirs will be the reverse of theExternalisation, 627:cleverly than any other nation because of vast experience. The United States would also gladlyExternalisation, 651:who never think, who are only young in the experience of incarnation, and the multitudes who evadeExternalisation, 692:use a word made familiar to you through the war experience - of Decontamination. This will beFire, VII:a quality she could not possibly express. This experience was the basis of her often-proclaimed but
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