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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Glamour, 154:to make the theory and the aspiration facts in experience. For a great length of time the forces ofGlamour, 170:and whose [170] longing and desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relationsGlamour, 178:they must pass or they will lose much valuable experience, leaving undeveloped their powers ofGlamour, 191:wisdom which is the interpreted result of long experience, and this streams forth, blending withGlamour, 193:revealing the cause and the meaning of the experience. When the power of the disciple to illumineGlamour, 194:nothing whatsoever in the three worlds of human experience but only with the perceptions of theGlamour, 194:meaning what the mind is to the three worlds of experience. It produces understanding just as theGlamour, 194:produces knowledge, through the medium of that experience. Knowledge is not a purely mentalGlamour, 195:initiate consciously functions. Of this higher experience, the active life of the three worlds is aGlamour, 202:by desire for four-fifths of his incarnated experience. He has begun to transmute his desire intoGlamour, 203:aspect and men sought pleasure in emotional experience and in its dramatization: this led to theGlamour, 204:two things: Dissipate the glamor - a satisfying experience. See the Real - a terrifying experience,Glamour, 204:experience. See the Real - a terrifying experience, brother of mine. The stage of identificationGlamour, 206:which, [206] like all else in the world of human experience, unfolds before the eyes first of allGlamour, 207:that his reactions, ideas, desires and life experience, as far as his emotional nature isGlamour, 221:recognize it except as a temporary field of experience wherein man lives. In that sphere he learnsGlamour, 229:influence over humanity as a whole. The experience of the group in this type of work will determineGlamour, 233:individual formula and gain strength from the experience of the aspirant and from his familiarityGlamour, 248:will become aware consciously of the times and experience which call for the expenditure of soulGlamour, 249:period of observation, of experiment and experience and institutes a trial and error, [250] aGlamour, 263:effects upon the outer world of experiment and experience, is distorted by illusion of any kind,Glamour, 269:stands before the door with the burning ground experience behind him. The essential point ofGlamour, 270:of preparation, of experiment and of experience from life to life which has made this consummatingHealing, 5:three subtler bodies and determines the life and experience of the physical body. The effect uponHealing, 37:off. The awakening of the centers through life experience. Occasionally only one center may beHealing, 43:it, outwards or towards the plane of physical experience. That orientation shifts at times and,Healing, 77:conditioned by the point in evolution and gained experience of the incarnate soul, by the specificHealing, 99:aware of some of these difficulties in your own experience, at least to some degree. Healing, 118:ancient shocks or the fears which lie behind the experience of the present and which have made theHealing, 139:full animal and emotional life, thereby gaining experience of growth, of contact, and eventually ofHealing, 144:It is the initiation of the soul into the experience of physical incarnation, into physical planeHealing, 144:functioning as a human being. The door into this experience is the "Gate of Cancer." InitiationHealing, 150:spiritual Being at a certain point of conscious experience emerges into clarity and can then beHealing, 152:and develops great activity when that point in experience is achieved, as it has been achieved byHealing, 162:because it leads to a cycle of experiment and experience during which the disciple learns much andHealing, 162:disciple learns much and suffers much. Then as experience is gained, the stage of spiritualHealing, 175:disease. In the long cycle of the soul life and experience, this is of relatively small moment; inHealing, 196:revolution in medical and psychiatric methods. Experience will tend to show that the more closelyHealing, 213:within the body, and the disciple will experience not only a fully awakened consciousness, and aHealing, 215:the earlier stages, and as a result of bitter experience and of conscious effort in the laterHealing, 215:entire process (within the relatively limited experience of the disciple) are so confusing whilstHealing, 222:men are removed from their familiar settings and experience the novelty of complete loneliness,Healing, 227:something which they have gained during life experience - something different, however, to thatHealing, 287:simple rules. Out of the results achieved experience will come, and the healing group will learnHealing, 291:terrible, as it is in today's appalling world experience, it indicates that humanity has reached aHealing, 296:far as they contribute to the enrichment of soul experience. The factor that is of importance isHealing, 332:potency, as the processes of incarnation and experience are pursued, the soul begins to control,Healing, 338:Many women passing through the menopause experience this. [339] A certain form of breakdown in theHealing, 351:past, present, and the future), sees life and experience as it truly is. Death, therefore, isHealing, 352:about of health to the body and its sustained experience in life. You need also to realize thatHealing, 361:On the Christ Some aspirants and disciples may experience an almost constant recollection of theHealing, 363:with patients at the gate of death, he may experience a sense of futility. Is it possible to knowHealing, 365:plane life that is the purgatory, and life experience that is the school of drastic discipline. LetHealing, 365:existence. But there are other phases of life experience wherein the sense of futility andHealing, 365:masses who register desire but who as yet experience no sense of futility or frustration. TheyHealing, 374:so express it) the cream off the milk of human experience; and then, with the best that the pastHealing, 382:reduction of the sum of human karma through the experience of this planetary war (1914-1945) willHealing, 392:If people but knew more, birth would be the experience which they would dread, and not [393] death,Healing, 394:and a new and more joyful approach to that great experience will take their place. Healing, 397:fully the factor of death - the most familiar experience (could the physical brain but recall itHealing, 397:some comments as to the attitude of man to the experience of "restitution." This is a peculiarlyHealing, 400:materialistic solution, which posits the experience and expression of conscious life as long as theHealing, 405:himself is concerned) the nursery stage of soul experience on earth. He is free from karmicHealing, 406:required. There is a curious counterpart to this experience upon a much lower level in the death ofHealing, 407:Age, and which was induced by His cosmic experience and the need for an inflow of energy fromHealing, 408:for another descent into form. The field of experience (in which is death, as the average personHealing, 415:existence and added color through emotional experience. - Page 735-736. d. The final stage for theHealing, 418:are sought) cycles of chaos, of experiment, of experience and of comprehension. Following on theseHealing, 420:and latent activity which it has gained through experience. Let us illustrate: The matter of theHealing, 420:matter was matter qualified by an earlier experience, and colored by an earlier [421] incarnation.Healing, 424:etheric world as Those on the inner side of life experience and see it, you would see (going onHealing, 425:expression and towards the necessity of seeking experience through matter, in order eventuallyHealing, 425:to the total number of souls demanding experience in the three worlds, that, until the cycle or eraHealing, 431:death, as it also governs the processes of life experience. We say constantly that when theHealing, 445:that of a participator in actual experiment and experience in the three worlds (physical -Healing, 446:as one who knows the matter from the outer world experience and the inner life expression: There isHealing, 463:the incarnated soul and its approximate age or experience are determined, the [464] physical,Healing, 466:to the tangible body. It is at this point in the experience of the withdrawing soul that the "wordHealing, 467:in full incarnation and rooted in his phase of experience, and of a man who is withdrawing fromHealing, 467:and of a man who is withdrawing from that experience. It connotes a repetition on a tiny scale ofHealing, 468:this We Who tread the Lighted Way call death, experience and life. Light which descends anchorsHealing, 469:light took shape. This is a high point in the experience of taking incarnation, and precedesHealing, 472:the soul which has completed a designed cycle of experience and is using normal channels to attainHealing, 490:equally conscious of circumstances or immediate experience. However, as most people are moreHealing, 490:the kamic principle during his incarnated experience. May I again remind you that there is now noHealing, 491:or rather in his kama-manasic vehicle, sees the experience of the past incarnation spread beforeHealing, 492:only through his own desire for physical plane experience, but also under group impulse and in lineHealing, 493:is to train children to recognize and profit by experience, for this, once learnt, will greatlyHealing, 493:Elimination Having completed this "isolating of experience," the man will then seek andHealing, 493:as possessing a constant part in the group experience of which he is an element, consciously orHealing, 494:those of a vague drifting, of a semi-conscious experience, or indicate a repetitive life, except inHealing, 495:aspirant, but anchored in the [495] brain. His experience is far richer and fuller than he everHealing, 495:men know that the Law of Rebirth governs the experience-process of physical plane living, and theyHealing, 495:he has already achieved through life-experience. On the etheric plane arranges the substance of hisHealing, 496:a measure of group relationship, where the soul experience is long and a true group relation hasHealing, 496:Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination The Devachan Experience I would also point out that thisHealing, 496:been a great deal of misunderstanding of this experience. The general idea has been that, after theHealing, 496:that time is not known apart from physical plane experience, the entire concept of devachanHealing, 498:by the soul. You will note that the "devachanic" experience will necessarily be briefer inHealing, 498:of review and recognition of the implications of experience is slowly controlling the man on the
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