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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Healing, 498:of meaning and learns constantly through experience whilst incarnating. Thus you will realize alsoHealing, 500:soul and for the majority of the cycles of life experience, the soul is very slightly concerned inHealing, 502:of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and formHealing, 503:incorrect.) This event in the life experience of the atom releases a great light and a greatHealing, 510:stage wherein the personality - rich in experience, powerful in expression, reoriented andHealing, 511:A "Lord of Sacrifice" Who, through incarnating experience, integration and expression, hasHealing, 512:their characteristics and buying the bitter experience of blindness and ignorance. This period isHealing, 512:with its own life interest upon its own level of experience, upon its own ray and under theHealing, 513:the three worlds, and not to the gaining of life experience. When the personality becomes dominant,Healing, 514:circumstances pile fast and furiously into the experience of the disciple. His environment is ofHealing, 514:quality available in the three worlds; his experience fluctuates between the extremes; he works offHealing, 514:process of death, intervening between cycles of experience, goes on. However, all the three deathsHealing, 517:third aspect - developed and mastered through experience in the three worlds during the long cycleHealing, 518:fourth initiation. This is basically a monadic experience and results - as you know - in theHealing, 530:at first be purely experimental, but out of the experience gained in utilizing both fields ofHealing, 536:of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and formHealing, 598:therefore choose to share consciously all human experience and to die along lines which are commonHealing, 632:surgery are just as much an expression of divine experience and understanding as the hopeful,Healing, 633:of orthodox medicine. Surety of knowledge and experience prevents a similar attitude in theHealing, 635:isolated from it during any incarnated experience of any soul in any of the kingdoms in nature.Healing, 636:karma, therefore, conditions the life [636] experience from the purely physical angle of all formsHealing, 636:will be attained when the evolutionary arc of experience is reached. This lies very far ahead. OurHealing, 640:at the time of the third initiation. At that experience the monadic will comes in with such dynamicHealing, 663:for the simple reason that only an initiate of experience and of understanding can keep this law orHealing, 677:apt to absorb the patient's difficulty and will experience symptoms of the trouble and the pain.Healing, 678:of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and formHealing, 683:aspects of form life on the three levels of experience: The stage of reception of concepts, ofHealing, 684:extensions in the higher levels of spiritual experience. Here we must again consider words andHealing, 685:standing must pay attention? The whole of life experience, from the sphere of nativity up to theHealing, 686:process leading them to higher phases of experience, and eventually into the Master's Ashram. TheHealing, 692:of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and formHercules, 3:never been so keen as now. The day of empirical experience on a large scale is now with us, and menHercules, 5:path of evolution, and as that period in a man's experience in which he is definitelyHercules, 11:being and energy. He had to know in fact and in experience that he was God, immanent in nature;Hercules, 13:evolutionary tide, and governed by desire for experience and for material possession, comes tinderHercules, 17:to Hercules after he had undergone a strange experience, and before he started forth upon hisHercules, 19:of duality is the first stage of the spiritual experience and colors the thoughts of all the greatHercules, 31:the start of the human being upon the circle of experience. In the life of the aspirant toHercules, 32:the kingdom of the gods; he has learned from experience something of his own essential duality andHercules, 33:be rebuilt again in the wearying round of form experience. But in this sign the Way of LiberationHercules, 33:balance and of equilibrium, for the intervening experience and the lessons learned from theHercules, 46:soul and the vast recurring cycle of experience; and, among the seven Pleiades, [Note the "sevenHercules, 49:the providing of bodies whereby souls call gain experience) then right use will be made of sex.Hercules, 51:Physiologically they may succeed, but the experience of psychologists and teachers is that whereHercules, 60:in Gemini. The physical plane is the place where experience is gained and where the causes,Hercules, 73:the brain consciousness and enters upon another experience. He has to wrestle with Antaeus, theHercules, 85:of spirit. One marks the beginning of human experience on the physical plane, the other marks itsHercules, 102:as the individual and begins the cycle of experience wherein he acquires knowledge, so it is theHercules, 106:realizes that he has the cup of suffering and of experience to drink, the serpent of illusion toHercules, 106:full of that which he has distilled out of his experience in matter. It is the cup of obligationHercules, 107:a raven, the New Testament starts with a dove. Experience starts with the bird of matter and endsHercules, 107:is ever the cup which symbolizes the cup of experience, the cup of penalty. The cup is the cupHercules, 115:world savior is born. As in Leo, this is a cave experience, "in the womb of time", and should beHercules, 116:They mark critical points in the soul's experience, points of integration, wherein the soul isHercules, 130:existence of the Libran, harsh though the experience may be, is a necessity for the growth of theHercules, 146:of identification with all living things? The experience of Hercules indicates that suchHercules, 147:and death. Can these fears be eliminated? The experience of Hercules suggests that they can beHercules, 149:the victory. Cruelty. The satisfaction men experience in hurting others is a testimony to theHercules, 150:precept upon precept. It might be a devastating experience if I so quickly cleared up myHercules, 152:death is an entrance into a fuller life, fuller experience, fuller realization and scope. It is theHercules, 177:learn the nature of the universal by individual experience; only that is realization. You cannotHercules, 185:people. I do not mean to be unkind, but my experience with the average group is that it is a hotbedHercules, 205:keen than it is today. The period of empirical experience on a large scale is with us. Men andHercules, 205:for themselves the facts of the inner mystical experience, if such facts can be ascertained, and toHercules, 205:emerging anew in the field of human experience, but it will be the truth which is felt and knownHercules, 205:Bernard Shaw tells us, is "what you know by your experience to be true and feel in your soul to beHercules, 207:life of the race into a new and richer phase of experience, and to offset, and sometimes toHercules, 226:to find. In his previous cycles of life experience, he has transmuted instinct into intellect, butHercules, 228:will enable him successfully to pass through the experience of the third initiation, that of theInitiation, 10:be termed the sumtotal of human discovery and experience, that which can be recognized by the fiveInitiation, 13:of view, is his. It is in the nature of that experience wherein a pupil in a school realizesInitiation, 24:of the path of suffering, have undergone every experience, have surmounted every difficulty, andInitiation, 25:[25] setbacks, for it is founded on patience and experience. These elder brothers of humanity areInitiation, 25:and of evolution well nigh to the top; by an experience which is based on time itself and aInitiation, 25:by a courage which is the result of that experience, and which, having itself been produced by agesInitiation, 35:transcend the human. Man has to learn through experience and pain the fact of the duality of allInitiation, 37:through them, and by their profound wisdom and experience, they stimulated earth's evolutions andInitiation, 38:the three worlds. This, coupled to their vast experience, is what fits them to be the agents forInitiation, 40:other planetary schemes, of Egos seeking earth experience. Each of them is in direct communicationInitiation, 44:which consciousness can evolve and gather experience, thus making existence in its deepest senseInitiation, 55:and the wisdom of the ages. He has had a wide experience and education, having been originallyInitiation, 78:knowledge that I AM THAT. Such an attitude and experience is for all those who persist in theirInitiation, 97:of least resistance, and seek to appropriate and experience in fullest tide of feeling andInitiation, 136:and activity which is theirs through the experience of being built into a form and utilized by aInitiation, 158:becomes aware within himself, in practical experience, of the one great sound, and knows in oneInitiation, 176:human being, as his mental grip of life and experience gradually grows, but they only becomeInitiation, 177:of evolution. Only souls of a certain amount of experience and development do all these four thingsInitiation, 177:and thus transmute knowledge into wisdom, and experience into quality. The ordinary average manInitiation, 177:man transmutes ignorance into knowledge, and experience into faculty. It would be helpful if all ofInitiation, 187:high office, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even [188] the Logoi themselves progressIntellect, 9:faces That miss the many-splendoured thing. "The experience is at first tantalizing, alluring.Intellect, 10:its existence at times. We face the inevitable experience, which we call death, and yet take noIntellect, 13:of mystics. They testify to another world of experience and contacts. They bear witness [14] to aIntellect, 14:transition takes place. There is an interlude in experience and in development which changes theIntellect, 16:whereby men could attain to the mystical experience and whereby they could know God. It is thisIntellect, 33:soul as the great Reality, thus gaining direct experience of spiritual things. Everett Dean MartinIntellect, 35:process, and so have become potent through vast experience and unfoldment? Or are they the flowerIntellect, 35:begin to prepare men for the new and divine experience and for that wonderful experiment which willIntellect, 36:we see and usually not beyond what we see. To experience the world as merely a world of things isIntellect, 36:to fail of something that is significant. The experience of [37] things, to be sure, is good as far
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