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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Intellect, 49:connotes the sum total of emotional and sensory experience; for others, it involves all this, plusIntellect, 54:registers feeling, towards the field of sensuous experience, and of the actor, towards the physicalIntellect, 59:sensuous angle of the devotee and mystic. Direct experience is sought. Knowledge of the divineIntellect, 67:and the man who started his long career and life experience with desire as the basic quality andIntellect, 69:the result of reflection upon the inarticulate experience gained in the moment of insight..." "TheIntellect, 71:senses, and of which he has brief and fleeting experience, becomes definite and is known past allIntellect, 72:the science which enables us to arrive at direct experience of God. That in which we live and moveIntellect, 74:ascertained facts, and our theories into proven experience. The statement of St. Paul's remainsIntellect, 74:We are told that it is possible to have direct experience, and the keynote of our modern times canIntellect, 74:can be summed up in the words "From authority to experience." How can we know? How have this directIntellect, 74:How can we know? How have this direct experience, free from the intrusion of any intermediary? TheIntellect, 75:universities. The greatest school of all is life experience itself, and the lessons we learn areIntellect, 91:with which a long series of life experiments and experience has endowed us, and whether weIntellect, 110:the Soul, III, 11. Meditation is the result of experience. It is the instantaneous attainment of anIntellect, 112:These forces pour into the field of [112] experience of the Thinker and he must learn to directIntellect, 124:up, it is compared in all its implications with experience, so that, if possible, the hypothesisIntellect, 126:Other, of a f actor lying beyond known human experience, of a goal or quest, of a Deity. ThisIntellect, 127:for certainty, an endeavor after the mystic experience, or the religious impulse. But no matter byIntellect, 128:to exist to the most exalted forms of spiritual experience." - Otto, Rudolf, Ibid., page XVII ofIntellect, 129:that for those souls now being born into world experience, the old education with its memoryIntellect, 133:the agony of desire for the continuation of the experience. There seems (in the majority of cases)Intellect, 133:understanding of the process, the mystical experience may itself be transcended, and knowledge ofIntellect, 140:of spiritual realities and the world of daily experience; he can look, if he so chooses, in eitherIntellect, 150:cannot be reached by more ordinary channels of experience and reasoning, it is neverthelessIntellect, 160:the registering of joy, of happiness, and the experience of ecstasy. There is a sense ofIntellect, 170:following manner: "...the light-vision, is an experience common to many mystics, and one that isIntellect, 170:are familiar with this phenomenon from personal experience. As far as I have ever been able toIntellect, 178:as follows: [178] First: They achieve direct experience of divine realities, of transcendentalIntellect, 179:We are told by him in another place that life experience and the process of physical plane livingIntellect, 179:The objective forms exist for the use and experience of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this,Intellect, 179:Universality of Meditation Through this vital experience and through the process of sensory desireIntellect, 187:The most important fact that lies behind the experience of Enlightenment, therefore, is that theIntellect, 190:Maréchal tells us that the "...psychological experience lived by the contemplative passes throughIntellect, 191:those who are Knowers, and who can relate their experience of divinity in such a way that they canIntellect, 200:dowered them, disappear; and, temporarily, they experience a sense of aridity, of lack and of anIntellect, 221:and to purification of the body nature. Where experience and purity are not present, the practiceIntellect, 222:or in sanatoriums for the unbalanced. Much experience of these cases leads me to sound thisIntellect, 231:be avoided. A certain amount of realization and experience is necessary before such words (soIntellect, 253:has its uses, and entering it is a most valuable experience, provided that the rule of love and ofIntellect, 261:this, why take risks? Why not be warned by the experience of others? Why not learn to function asMagic, 4:alone vital; that which I have learned through experience is at the disposal of the earnestMagic, 8:of darkness into the light of knowledge [8] and experience. The postulates might be enumerated asMagic, 17:who know the soul to be a fact in their own experience but are unable to prove its existenceMagic, 34:on those levels are both producing registered experience then we have the occultist plus theMagic, 51:well expressed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. "Experience (of the pairs of opposites) comes fromMagic, 51:The objective forms exist for the use and experience of the spiritual man. By meditation upon thisMagic, 58:outer world has been the paramount fact in the experience of the spiritual man, so now it isMagic, 58:to learn a new rhythm, to enter a new field of experience, and to follow the steps of that advancedMagic, 62:slow and inert from the angle of the soul's experience, whilst others are vibrant, full ofMagic, 62:experience, whilst others are vibrant, full of experience and of growth. This should be rememberedMagic, 63:with a distressing rapidity. The hill and valley experience of the mystic is but one way ofMagic, 63:service is on occasion a fruitful and satisfying experience and he seems to be able to really aid;Magic, 63:the solar rays, and wonders how long this uneven experience and the violent alternation of theseMagic, 71:plane. This light, at a certain stage of man's experience, is awakened throughout the physical bodyMagic, 89:into spiritual entities, plus the gains of experience in the human family. For this the solarMagic, 94:to him, through symbol and interpreted life experience the purposes and plans with which he mayMagic, 98:be wrought out in the practical experiment and experience and conscious activity of the aspirant. IMagic, 102:to take one's eyes off the affairs of individual experience, and fasten them on the working out ofMagic, 103:the remark that I make suggestions, based on experience in occult work. There is no obligation toMagic, 107:aspirant becomes conscious in his physical brain experience. Frequently students speak of aMagic, 108:the spheres of man's conscious and unconscious experience. This is spoken of in the occult writingsMagic, 113:two points are admitted, the age of the soul's experience frequently causes lack of comprehension.Magic, 114:to learn, and the rule of learning is that all experience has to be bought. Apprehension comes byMagic, 120:but that clear perception which comes from the experience undergone on the Mount of Illumination isMagic, 148:indeed "founded on the rock," and though he may experience the alternation of light and shade,Magic, 150:of "deep breathing" cover the entire soul experience, and the relationship to the three types ofMagic, 150:forgetfulness of process through familiarity and experience, then the man can see and hear and knowMagic, 151:- Rule Four - The Science of the Breath In the experience of the soul, the form for manifestationMagic, 151:the phenomenal world, to serve as a channel of experience, a medium of expression and a responseMagic, 151:purposes, plans and life into the world of experience. The thought form that he has constructed asMagic, 152:for manifestation in the three worlds of human experience. The right use of the Life-Breath is theMagic, 158:will lead the aspirant on to experiment and to experience of truth. Those who are not trueMagic, 158:thus will be preserved from danger and premature experience. Let us therefore take up the threeMagic, 165:and is incompetent either to renew or recall the experience. Within his etheric body, he sensesMagic, 173:Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of aMagic, 182:not yet. There is too much fear, and not enough experience of truth in the world. More knowledgeMagic, 182:are but men of like passions but with a longer experience upon the path and a wiser control ofMagic, 182:knowing that right use of knowledge leads to experience and achievement of the goal." How oftenMagic, 186:is as yet theory and not practice, and much experience to pass through under the guidance of hisMagic, 186:brain) a man will shoulder a great amount of experience, and undertake the working out of anMagic, 200:of the training, and making it a fact in your experience, and were living out in your daily lifeMagic, 200:- the product of past lives of endeavor and of experience. That equipment has in it certainMagic, 202:and is the motivating force in his daily experience. Having discovered this, he begins toMagic, 207:theory must not persistently run ahead of his experience. Perhaps I can give the clue to each ofMagic, 212:soul looks constitute the world of its spiritual experience and the object of its aspiration. LetMagic, 226:them. The physical plane is the plane of active experience in and through matter. It is the planeMagic, 227:of the gained victories of his astral plane experience. The mental plane comes next. In it theMagic, 235:has been somewhat wrought out in the inner experience of the magician. Most true aspirants are nowMagic, 243:the evolutionary growth of humanity, through experience in races, nations and families. I seek,Magic, 243:seek, however, to elaborate somewhat the cyclic experience of a soul in incarnation, indicating theMagic, 243:be regarded as those "seeking the light of experience" and therefore turned towards physicalMagic, 243:These mark an ebb and flow in individual experience and are the tiny life correspondences to theMagic, 243:student. There is also an ebb and flow in soul experience on any one plane and this, in the earlyMagic, 244:flow is increasingly inclusive, and the mental experience has its place so that all three aspectsMagic, 245:after truth are conscious of this unstable experience and frequently regard it as a sin or as aMagic, 266:and of perfected man, as he learns, through experience, to center his forces on the mental planeMagic, 283:all sex attraction, for people of the same sex experience it with each other) having a harmoniousMagic, 293:with the astral body for there is the vehicle of experience for the majority, and few there are whoMagic, 293:vehicle govern the life-expression and mould the experience of the incarnated soul. Therefore, itMagic, 294:the limits of his emotional response to life experience, [295] embodying in its quality the range
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