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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Magic, 295:interplay between it and the physical plane life experience, and thus the great wheel of experienceMagic, 295:life experience, and thus the great wheel of experience is set in motion and will persist until theMagic, 296:of development, and of reorienting it to wider experience and of preparing it for the tests andMagic, 296:of the stream. Metaphorically speaking, the experience that lies ahead upon the Path is covered inMagic, 300:who knows the matter from both the outer world experience and the inner life expression: - There isMagic, 304:he interprets them in terms of his own coming experience. He is unable to dissociate himself fromMagic, 326:as necessary, for faith will be based on experience, and authority will give place to personalMagic, 340:the gain in quality which is the result of the experience. This being so, knowledge will take theMagic, 348:knowledge that they become part of our own experience and are no longer theoretical. Expansion ofMagic, 348:should be an ever increasing practical experience. Theories are of no value until we have changedMagic, 350:possible way and taught much through bitter experience. They are taught to attach no importance toMagic, 357:of physical plane happenings and of sensory experience. Through discrimination as to ideas and asMagic, 374:produce his unfoldment constitute his field of experience. Those two words - unfoldment andMagic, 374:of experience. Those two words - unfoldment and experience - should ever be linked, for eachMagic, 374:each produces the other. As one is subjected to experience in the form world, a parallelingMagic, 374:state of awareness, it necessarily leads to new experience - experience of fresh phenomena, of newMagic, 374:it necessarily leads to new experience - experience of fresh phenomena, of new states of being, andMagic, 386:as we understand and utilize it, as a medium of experience. The man enters into the consciousnessMagic, 391:enter under the good Law and through the experience of rebirth. Through rebirth he learns toMagic, 392:That - as a result of past world periods and experience - lies below the threshold of the divineMagic, 416:in a variety of ways, for his flexibility and experience, and his stability of contact can be allMagic, 429:manifestation in the furnace of their individual experience and thus given to the world. But theMagic, 436:[436] is equipped lies hid the secret of past experience, and every lunar form through which weMagic, 436:in the same sign, picking up the thread of experience where it left it, and starting with the sameMagic, 436:what they have given him as the result of past experience down the ages must he express himselfMagic, 453:and can be wrought out in the crucible of life experience. They will achieve meaning as theMagic, 456:degrees, sometimes called the Book of Knowing Experience, and there is the Book of Forms which isMagic, 465:the soul learns to detach itself. This is the experience through which humanity is now passing -Magic, 493:through a right understanding of the mystical experience we call death. This is to be our theme,Magic, 514:between the two more active stages of [514] experience. The inner life, slowly developed during theMagic, 514:himself fully of the opportunity which life experience is intended to furnish. The whole of life isMagic, 516:which the reoriented mind seeks to color its experience, and subsequently the brain receives theMagic, 522:come into manifestation, participate in the experience of their particular cycle, whether it isMagic, 522:enhance its vibration through the medium of its experience in matter. The bringing together ofMagic, 542:die out. Three: Another difficulty which I experience in elucidating these rules lies in the factMagic, 558:we see them who guide on the subjective side of experience. Mixed motive is universal. Pure motiveMagic, 582:wrought out in the crucible of strenuous inner experience, to see the immediate vision and to graspMagic, 584:something of greater moment than the accumulated experience of his own period and time. HeMagic, 607:for they lack as yet certain powers and needed experience. Their center of consciousness is theMagic, 612:basic realities. The watery nature of his astral experience in which these two aspects of divinityMagic, 620:truths, thus making them part of their daily experience? Do they find that their reaction to theMagic, 632:stage where a home or office provides sufficient experience, that is for them the supreme effort;Magic, 632:an older disciple with his wider knowledge and experience. Magic, 634:is fear of failure. This is based on past experience (for all have failed), on a realization of theMeditation, 12:wise, diligent and serious following. Early in experience, after the attainment of the highest theMeditation, 14:be worked out through the use of discrimination, experience, courage and perseverance. The factorsMeditation, 44:further pain, you shrink from further [44] sad experience. It is not thus that the goal is reached;Meditation, 56:aspect of manifestation, the point of deepest experience. You will note its connection, therefore,Meditation, 57:soul, - the threefold spirit, plus mind and experience - the Three completed by the Quaternary andMeditation, 60:of self-effort, of hard struggle and of bitter experience is of permanent and lasting value. OnlyMeditation, 97:knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causalMeditation, 141:whereby the indwelling life may grow, expand, experience and find itself. This is the case whetherMeditation, 143:theory is of use when not carried out in experience. The man has to experience these stages in hisMeditation, 143:not carried out in experience. The man has to experience these stages in his physical consciousnessMeditation, 146:this form provides the ground for the occult experience of entering into the higher consciousness.Meditation, 146:This form provides the medium for that experience until such a time as it can be dispensed with,Meditation, 190:which is understood and grasped as a fact in experience by the inner consciousness avails aught inMeditation, 190:demonstrated on the physical plane in practical experience, can the student be in a position toMeditation, 239:stable now and enduringly of use by reason of experience. Not potential are these attributesMeditation, 240:its primary, plus activity and expression, plus experience and the ability to manifest; plus allMeditation, 260:but in full effective power, realized through experience. This has been brought about, as earlierMeditation, 279:is an esoteric statement of a very interesting experience to which the pupil will be subjected. AtMeditation, 279:the need for meditation. The reward of such an experience far outweighs any of the strenuous partsMeditation, 289:offer a wide field to choose from, and no one experience is exactly the same as another. But itMeditation, 290:with greater frequency will come the [290] experience, with longer periods will it be marked, untilMeditation, 298:to see how quickly a man may be pushed through experience and a general hastening of thePatanjali, 10:their instinctual activities, these spirits gain experience and eventually liberation. Thus unionPatanjali, 19:it is the human atom in the crucible of daily experience, whether it is the planetary atom, withinPatanjali, 23:occultly speaking, covers that part of human experience which dates from a man's first humanPatanjali, 30:of the majority of the sons of men. Devachanic experience must, however, be transformed eventuallyPatanjali, 32:The three gunas have all been used, full experience through the use of form has been acquired,Patanjali, 41:upon the physical plane. Right perception. The experience of the soul, and the knowledge of thePatanjali, 44:within. In this life he will recapitulate his experience, plus the intense exercise of the will andPatanjali, 48:of incarnation and through [48] struggle and experience has found the true self. Here is depictedPatanjali, 49:no longer attracts him. The longing for experience, the craving for physical plane existence, andPatanjali, 52:are those great Adepts Who - having "tasted experience" under the Law of Rebirth, were initiatedPatanjali, 61:vision a permanent reality in the lower plane experience, The battle of Kurukshetra, with Krishna,Patanjali, 98:and without judicial action of the mind. Then, experience in meditation having been gained, and byPatanjali, 103:the serial order (of the usual processes of experience) and which has as its intended object thePatanjali, 106:the inference to be garnered from the life experience of millions is that spirit exists; thePatanjali, 112:and the sense organs. The use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. 19. ThePatanjali, 135:they cover the whole gamut or range of sensuous experience from the response of the savage toPatanjali, 138:have served their purpose of providing media for experience-contacts and can teach no furtherPatanjali, 143:of ignorance becomes the field of conscious experience and when the chains are felt to be fettersPatanjali, 145:flows downwards. The three words birth, life and experience sum up human existence, its object,Patanjali, 148:and constant labor of the man as he seeks experience and later, as he seeks to serve. The attributePatanjali, 152:no longer as the field of his experiments and experience-gaining endeavors. [153] It must bePatanjali, 153:and the sense organs. The use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. This is one ofPatanjali, 162:at a knowledge of himself. Throughout the great experience of knowing the not-self and knowingPatanjali, 164:and contacts, exist for the sake of the experience they bring him and the final liberation theyPatanjali, 164:whole universe of matter is the field for the experience of some existence. Patanjali, 170:as part of the phenomenal world. When, through experience and discrimination, he can distinguishPatanjali, 173:This basic desire is what causes all experience. Desire for freedom. The result of experience andPatanjali, 173:experience. Desire for freedom. The result of experience and of the investigations which the soulPatanjali, 175:these seven states of mind, produced through the experience of the man upon the Wheel of Life is toPatanjali, 176:realizes that he has run the whole gamut of life experience in the three worlds and can say "I havePatanjali, 178:to which the man aspires, but is a fact in the experience of the disciple and one upon which hePatanjali, 179:and seeks to make them his own in conscious experience upon the physical plane. It should be notedPatanjali, 200:desire and of a various longing for things, for experience and for form life. When contentment isPatanjali, 201:the reason for the present life cycle and experience and can make practical application of the law
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