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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Psychology2, 32:pure intuitional life. He has passed from form experience as a whole to that complete freedom fromPsychology2, 44:free to do the same, and so learn the lesson of experience. A great deal of present right activityPsychology2, 49:enter into contact with certain phases of divine experience. The foundation of what is herePsychology2, 49:to itself a sheath for expression and experience, points of crisis will inevitably occur: The workPsychology2, 51:comes into incarnation and undergoes racial experience in order to develop certain manifestedPsychology2, 52:differentiation. The reflection of this fivefold experience in any individual life takes place inPsychology2, 56:time and space, in order to experiment and gain experience. It will appear more clearly, therefore,Psychology2, 58:by form, begins to work in the quarry of experience, far from its own country, with inadequatePsychology2, 58:crisis which comes very much later in the soul's experience, wherein the soul knows more clearlyPsychology2, 59:as the soul passes, time after time, through the experience of physical incarnation; later,Psychology2, 64:"force centers", and upon these depend the life experience of the soul and its expression, and notPsychology2, 64:Masonic grip, which marks a climax in the experience of the candidate to the mysteries. IPsychology2, 68:major energies dominating, as a result of a long experience of incarnation in form, the energy ofPsychology2, 68:make the six energies used by man in his life experience; but the energy of the atom is usually notPsychology2, 69:of the lower energies for the major part of its experience. Then, upon the Path of Probation, thePsychology2, 78:before it, and not of further physical plane experience. The relinquishment of form life. ThePsychology2, 90:than we, owing to their longer life cycle and experience, that some glimmering of that eternal andPsychology2, 95:very good and necessary, even if distressing in experience. But the World Saviors must bePsychology2, 96:his substance through the use he made of the experience of life on earth, until he had exhaustedPsychology2, 98:for men interpret all they read and hear and experience in terms of themselves. Psychology2, 104:through the agency of that lower self has gained experience and acquired much knowledge. The timePsychology2, 106:appear to the individual, and the accumulated experience of the disciple, - which is necessarilyPsychology2, 106:the disciple, - which is necessarily incomplete experience. The relation between disciples is egoicPsychology2, 107:way of light through service rendered, through experience gained, through mistakes made, andPsychology2, 140:and might unduly qualify and color the experience of those servers who recognize (as some alreadyPsychology2, 156:under the promptings of desire: The urge to experience, to exist, and to satisfy the instinctualPsychology2, 156:to exist, and to satisfy the instinctual nature. Experience, grasping, existing, followed byPsychology2, 156:further demands. This is the story of the race. Experience, steadily sought and pursued upon thePsychology2, 156:three planes of human evolution. Then the same experience, but this time as an integratedPsychology2, 174:and knows certain ideals as facts in his experience. These might be listed in very simple way [175]Psychology2, 184:also be found an equal diversity in the life experience of the souls concerned. The complexity ofPsychology2, 205:of the mind. They swing between the poles of experience. Their lives are spent in an astralPsychology2, 237:the method of their search by many names - life-experience, scientific research, philosophicPsychology2, 239:signifies something practical in our own inner experience. This quality of the inner vision withPsychology2, 260:in obedience to the urge or the desire to experience, and the magnetic pull of the physical planePsychology2, 260:"coming to themselves", enter into physical life experience only dimly aware of another and higherPsychology2, 268:and unfoldment. This takes place upon the way of experience, and during that period the soulPsychology2, 268:emergencies of the later stages of the path of experience. During this stage, the urgency of thePsychology2, 272:through the racial stages of [272] Lemurian experience - Atlantean experience - Aryan experiencePsychology2, 272:stages of [272] Lemurian experience - Atlantean experience - Aryan experience and the individualPsychology2, 272:experience - Atlantean experience - Aryan experience and the individual stages of Experience -Psychology2, 272:- Aryan experience and the individual stages of Experience - Discipleship - Initiation producing,Psychology2, 274:a vision or a theoretical belief or hope. It is experience and fact. The terms "soul contact" andPsychology2, 274:of the inspiring and over-shadowing soul. This experience marks a significant moment in the life ofPsychology2, 291:the type of vehicle which will make a chosen experience possible. This freedom of choice neverPsychology2, 299:is so little mental expression or emotional experience. Only the ray of the soul and of thePsychology2, 306:expressed these three stages for us at the Birth experience, the Transfiguration enlightenment, andPsychology2, 310:is brought into being. This produces in time the experience which we call individualization,Psychology2, 311:the goal of initiation. It is the "Arjuna" experience which lies definitely ahead of many today.Psychology2, 313:thus anchoring itself in three worlds of human experience. The matter, or rather the substancePsychology2, 314:expression. The soul itself is a major center of experience in the life of the monad; the lowerPsychology2, 314:soul gradually becomes the paramount center of experience in consciousness and the lesser centersPsychology2, 314:in consciousness and the lesser centers of experience (the lower bodies) assume less and lessPsychology2, 314:stages of evolution as centers of conscious experience, and upon them and upon the experience isPsychology2, 314:conscious experience, and upon them and upon the experience is the emphasis laid. But as timePsychology2, 315:of expression, as centers for the gaining of experience, are not adequately responsive to theirPsychology2, 315:whose vehicles of expression, as centers of experience, are over-developed and over-stimulatedPsychology2, 316:of consciousness and the vehicles as centers of experience with which we are concerning ourselves.Psychology2, 316:in the three bodies, and the centers of experience for him are primarily the field of hisPsychology2, 316:He is identified for long with the field of experience and not with the real self. He has not yetPsychology2, 316:and he becomes less interested in the field of experience and more aware of the soul as thePsychology2, 316:what we are conscious. When we have achieved the experience of the third initiation and are noPsychology2, 316:- another shift in the life expression and experience will take place. Then neither the centerPsychology2, 317:take place. Then neither the center [317] of experience, the soul, nor the vehicles of expression,Psychology2, 317:correspondence and higher truth in the center of experience which we call the soul. Take, forPsychology2, 318:expression through which the soul gains needed experience and becomes conscious in worlds of being,Psychology2, 318:centers of expression and not in the center of experience - the soul, there is an unavoidable,Psychology2, 321:tone or vibration of the specific center of experience can be expressed, and the environmentPsychology2, 322:dominant. The Soul, as the fundamental center of experience. The personality gets a vision of itsPsychology2, 322:of divine energy focused itself as a center of experience in that type of sentient substance whichPsychology2, 322:The energy thus sent forth forms centers of experience in the three worlds through the process ofPsychology2, 322:or substance. Through these centers, the needed experience is gained, the life process [323] isPsychology2, 323:life process [323] is intensified, the range of experience through contact with an ever-wideningPsychology2, 323:mechanism of manifestation and the centers for experience improve as the consciousness widens andPsychology2, 323:is understood at this time) of the , field of experience. There is - in time and space - noPsychology2, 324:psychological adjustment of man to his field of experience will steadily improve. Upon this,Psychology2, 324:triple mechanism is developed and the center of experience expands in knowledge. Today thisPsychology2, 325:and proceed with our theme along the idea of experience, expression, and expansion, dealing withPsychology2, 326:consciousness and of the bodies as a center of experience, and with this postulate we lay thePsychology2, 326:premise that the nature of life in the world is experience-gaining, because we see this happeningPsychology2, 326:groups: Those who are unconsciously gaining experience, but are at the same time so engrossed withPsychology2, 326:Those who are awakened to the purpose of experience, and who are consequently bringing to everyPsychology2, 327:broad generalization, but it accounts for human experience and consequent attitudes in the threePsychology2, 329:shows itself as the desire of the soul to experience in consciousness those processes which willPsychology2, 330:in consciousness, through the medium of experience gained through the processes of life in aPsychology2, 331:into terms of ambition later on in his life experience) are the dominant factors to be considered.Psychology2, 331:there comes a period when desire for material experience and for ambitious personalityPsychology2, 332:aspiration, wherein desire for individual experience is lost and only the longing to function as aPsychology2, 337:him a divine discontent; the savor of his life experience and enterprises begins to provePsychology2, 338:is aroused into activity through the medium of experience in form. Man begins to add to the gainedPsychology2, 338:Man begins to add to the gained personality experience of the three worlds of human endeavor, thePsychology2, 342:activity of desire. The interpretation of experience, intensifying and becoming more correct andPsychology2, 357:group. This falls usually into two categories of experience and causes: In the early stages andPsychology2, 370:thus the other two. This is a replica of the experience of the Monad when coming intoPsychology2, 370:joy-life and of desire." This is not a pleasant experience to the disciple; it leads to muchPsychology2, 370:disciple; it leads to much aridness in the life-experience and to a sense of loss; it often takesPsychology2, 370:the disciple emerges on the other side of the experience. This balanced condition in which thePsychology2, 371:the detaching of himself from the grip of form experience, and consciously, rapidly, definitely andPsychology2, 378:is necessary because only disciples of some experience and initiates will really comprehend thePsychology2, 389:inflow of spiritual life into the physical plane experience. The disciple becomes "inspired" by the
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