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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Psychology2, 405:of the subtle or subjective nature, by past experience and by soul contact (distant, approaching orPsychology2, 407:urge, the normal processes of living, experience through contact with the environment, and also ofPsychology2, 440:a man can draw almost anything from his past experience, if he so desire, and which can be stirredPsychology2, 454:sensitivity are most definite and real in the experience of disciples. The first group of problemsPsychology2, 459:to kill, or desire to have abnormal sexual experience, or even the desire to be ever on the movePsychology2, 501:and self-related; they indicate however real experience, even if only astral in accomplishment andPsychology2, 502:no more than the registering of a sight or experience which was witnessed in the hours of sleep butPsychology2, 502:the man has no real connection whatever. This experience he relates with dismay and disgust; mostPsychology2, 502:dismay and disgust; most feelingly he tells the experience to the psychologist, and frequentlyPsychology2, 502:the subject of his care is then saddled with an experience which was never his but which he simplyPsychology2, 503:has to make allowance for: The age or soul experience of the patient. He has to determine whetherPsychology2, 503:activity, or a real and true happening in the experience of the man during the hours of sleep. ThePsychology2, 503:subject to bring through correctly the related experience. This ability is dependent upon thePsychology2, 503:of the man concerned is easily impressed by the experience of the true man when out of the body.Psychology2, 506:race has already learnt through its Atlantean experience and in the world of glamor. Through these,Psychology2, 508:another. Some friend or relation undergoes some experience. He seeks to communicate it to hisPsychology2, 508:through in the morning as a man's own personal experience. Many of the dreams related by people arePsychology2, 508:now to a group of dreams which are a part of the experience of those people who have made aPsychology2, 509:but in the world of soul life and soul experience. Soul knowledges and purposes are involved; workPsychology2, 513:disturbances accompanying the mystical experience; much has also been investigated in connectionPsychology2, 533:[533] humanity seems heir, once the mystical experience becomes a goal and appears desirable. IPsychology2, 537:action for a long time in the mystical experience) produce also a powerful effect upon the bloodPsychology2, 538:during the final stages of the higher mystical experience carries with it its own dangers. ThesePsychology2, 544:in his turn, must learn to include the mystical experience in full understanding consciousness as aPsychology2, 544:is not a true one until he recovers the mystical experience and translates it into terms ofPsychology2, 557:and for the most important part of his human experience, he remains the dramatic actor, holding thePsychology2, 575:is beginning to reap the benefits derived from experience in three races - the Lemurian, thePsychology2, 588:to keep the door ajar and facilitates astral experience. [589] Let him "learn to work and thinkPsychology2, 602:The true and valuable fruits of the mystical experience of the past are never lost. The innerPsychology2, 602:mental clarity; dualism must give place to the experience of the at-one-ment and the mists mustPsychology2, 604:be brought over from another life of mystical experience which should, in this life, be permanentlyPsychology2, 606:race. But the cycle of the mystical effort and experience will be considerably shortened andPsychology2, 610:life and a short cut out of conscious physical experience. The connection then between the mysticPsychology2, 661:is also imperative that they possess practical experience and training in efficiency in the work ofPsychology2, 702:(I had almost said, unexpected) in its experience. This was due to the worldwide activity of thePsychology2, 703:to occur, it was natural for the majority to experience a sense of disappointment, a reaction whichRays, 4:point of control and [4] starts upon his day's experience and contacts with the realization that heRays, 4:what is the Real and through the medium of experience demonstrate the true nature of rhythmicRays, 17:is its consequence, is in the realm of soul experience and soul awareness. The secondary effect canRays, 25:however, different. They are the result of tried experience and of agelong undertakings and -Rays, 26:disciple and the group through a major spiritual experience; they embody the techniques of the NewRays, 26:I said that these rules are the result of tried experience, and my use of the word "new" in thisRays, 39:Patanjali (to quote him a second time) calls the experience. (The Light of the Soul, Book IV,Rays, 40:clear cold light, and the phases of "isolated experience," as it is sometimes occultly called, isRays, 41:Monad; and "when the very heart of this experience enters into the heart of the initiate, then heRays, 41:way in which to bring the idea before you. The experience undergone is not related to form, nor isRays, 41:He passes through door after door into a wider experience and expansion of consciousness. But inRays, 42:know theoretically or factually by inconstant experience, is a center or point of dark indigo blueRays, 43:the lower correspondence of the higher initiate-experience with which our rule is dealing. Again,Rays, 43:disciple-in-training upon the basis of his past experience; it is anchored in the past and firmlyRays, 43:the other side of the gulf separating him from experience in the life of the Spiritual Triad. ThisRays, 45:is formless, but preserves the fruitage of form experience. It is being oriented towards a realizedRays, 52:then as a training ground and as a field of experience, and finally as the expression for theRays, 57:can only be properly comprehended through life experience, subject to interpretation in the worldRays, 59:is more desirable than his present state and experience. At first this is interpreted by him inRays, 61:Identification is realization, plus esoteric experience, plus again an absorption into the Whole,Rays, 78:result of all subhuman forms of expression and experience and of the activity of superhuman Beings.Rays, 82:the withdrawal of the initiate from all sensuous experience because, as I have pointed out, theRays, 83:and is the higher correspondence to the earlier experience. It will be obvious that I can say noRays, 86:Forget not that in the interim between the tomb experience and the appearance in living [87] formRays, 87:being set for this. The Crucifixion and the tomb experience lead eventually to resurrection and toRays, 93:begun. It was at that time dependent upon the experience in the Garden of Gethsemane and upon theRays, 99:that of a participator in actual experiment and experience in the three worlds. This Observer isRays, 99:probationary Path. Most of the experiment and experience has been left behind, and a newRays, 99:the Ashram are living in the three worlds of experience if they are accepted disciples, but theRays, 103:his entire relation to form, to existence and experience in the three worlds, to matter, to desireRays, 104:moment that it has become apparent that the form experience has served its purpose and that theRays, 104:aeons, the time is nearing when form-taking and experience in the three worlds must end. TheRays, 107:and through space are so small a part of the experience of the living Entity Whose life is lived onRays, 111:time limit, and this factor conditions the experience of all the lives that move within the radiusRays, 114:and for them the nature of life and of monadic experience will constitute the normal nextRays, 116:he was rich as the result of agelong experience and evolutionary development. He is told by theRays, 116:the soul experiences and reaps the fruit of experience, must be and will be destroyed. This has toRays, 120:turn that instinctive mass response into factual experience and produce the "appearance" on earthRays, 126:but "passes on" from form to form, from experience to experience, until the perfect will of God isRays, 126:on" from form to form, from experience to experience, until the perfect will of God is expressedRays, 127:is approached from a level tableland of experience and of consciousness, and not from the heightsRays, 129:no material significance, except as a field of experience for the soul. Rays, 131:of the Higher Evolution. It is to that Path what experience in the mineral kingdom of the Life ofRays, 132:life processes and not with form building or the experience in forms, as usually understood. ARays, 133:and of preparation for that great transitional experience) it is necessary to understand somewhatRays, 134:- will be the medium of recognized spiritual experience and also the field of expression of certainRays, 138:he has to relegate the ordinary and normal human experience to the three worlds of dailyRays, 157:forced upon the man by force of circumstances, experience and evolution. They tend to bring aboutRays, 173:only by initiates of some standing and experience. A concept of unity, leading to cooperation, toRays, 183:of all forms can be subjected to the needed experience, and so progress towards the fulfilment ofRays, 195:beyond the room or area of average or mediocre experience, and they prevent the light fromRays, 195:unimpeded and clear, or with the illumination of experience upon the physical plane. That had longRays, 196:as a whole from the higher spiritual [196] experience and from registration of the fact of theRays, 197:aspirant, so that the lessons of conscious experience, of discipleship, and later of initiation mayRays, 198:All he can see is his problem, his tiny field of experience, and his - to him - feeble and limitedRays, 198:facility with which a Master participates in the experience, subjectively realized, of theRays, 198:initiations, such as the Master Jesus in the experience referred to above. Christ is no longer theRays, 199:to "negate" our planetary life-expression and experience altogether. They must then leave behindRays, 199:all the seven planes of spiritual and human experience [200] and pass onward and out into phases ofRays, 201:exhaled and sent forth to provide a new field of experience for the Lives which, in cyclic rhythm,Rays, 213:- pledged and dedicated though yet without experience - carry out the Plan upon the physical plane.Rays, 231:disciples; it is this which enables disciples of experience to work at high speed and with a lifeRays, 242:take this particular initiation through the experience to be gained in a vehicle constituted,Rays, 243:bodies through which the human soul is gaining experience. It holds the secret of beauty in
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