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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Rays, 246:these phases of consciousness in his own inner experience, and has permitted those innerRays, 246:those inner realizations to affect his outer experience and daily living, then the underlyingRays, 249:and to arrive at understanding through direct experience. Then no questioning can ever arise andRays, 267:far distant and remote world cycles that the experience is no longer a part of Their consciousness;Rays, 270:put it no clearer. There will come a time in the experience of all initiates when - each forRays, 270:This he can do only through the means of group experience, in cooperation with his group and whenRays, 279:goes forward under the pressure of daily life experience, under the magnetic effect of soulRays, 291:upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. Therefore, experience, perception and Being are the keynotesRays, 306:conscious soul life), and with experiment and experience upon the three planes of ordinary humanRays, 315:crucified. The Crucifixion lay behind Him in the experience of the Christ. The episode ofRays, 315:life of the World Savior, but was no part of the experience of the Master Jesus. The final words ofRays, 318:lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience. The emphasis in the future will beRays, 332:take a new vision and a new approach to life experience, and this only the coming generation isRays, 337:(from the angle of the soul) wherein Experiment, Experience and Expression are the keynotes in eachRays, 337:continues the experiment, deepens the experience and relates the expression more closely to theRays, 337:there follows a certain period wherein experience in the use of the related potencies takes place.Rays, 337:results of the experiment of initiation and of experience [338] with the then endowed energiesRays, 338:make the same experiments, go through the same experience and arrive equally at divine expression.Rays, 346:peaceful growth and unfoldment after the drastic experience of the world war (1914-1945); it is forRays, 347:is that it offers an opportunity to pass to new experience and fresh revelation - much of which isRays, 348:Path of Evolution, as a result of experiment, experience and continuous expression, and should beRays, 348:the reaction of the personality to time and experience. It is eternally true that no one may passRays, 355:passed to liberation through the medium of human experience, and thereby representing to us aRays, 357:the initiate simply releases him from physical experience (technically physical, even on the atmic,Rays, 357:physical brain, and interpret life in terms of experience in the three worlds. There is no trueRays, 358:activity in our entire planetary expression and experience. These four planes are (as you alreadyRays, 360:that means the three worlds of ordinary human experience and the two worlds of superhuman effort,Rays, 361:or Paths He will follow, because His aeonial experience has enabled Him to choose any of them andRays, 364:a spiritual unfoldment - in that individual's experience - as the taking of an initiation by aRays, 365:There will, however, come a point in the experience of all those thus making a spiritual approachRays, 375:is, through its manifesting units, undergoing experience in the school of life, yet over-shadowedRays, 389:leads Them in awareness and consciousness and experience into that "life more abundantly" of whichRays, 391:as a result of the new training and field of experience, able to work on any ray. The fifthRays, 397:in Shamballa need to be filled. The progressive experience of the greater Lives Who work in theRays, 408:major centers. The Masters thus in training gain experience of the methods used by the planetaryRays, 429:due to youth, but it will eventually yield to experience and to suffering; there is - fortunatelyRays, 433:or again, all of these and the world of Triadal experience, until the point is reached where aRays, 439:at the sixth initiation, into a wider field of experience, with all the divine assets and qualitiesRays, 444:lower three energies for the major part of its experience. Then, upon the Path of Probation, theRays, 450:contact with his environment, thereby gaining experience and sustenance. The spider symbol is oftenRays, 454:the antahkarana. They embody past and present experience and are so recognized by the aspirant. ItRays, 454:purposes of comprehending study and practical experience, we will define the antahkarana as theRays, 457:Behind him lie a long series of existences, the experience of which has brought him to the pointRays, 457:soul; he, through meditation and the mystical experience, does have occasional contact with theRays, 457:even if rarely, he has a genuine intuitive experience. This intuitive experience serves to anchorRays, 457:a genuine intuitive experience. This intuitive experience serves to anchor the "first tenuousRays, 458:of the eye of vision - governs the mystical experience; the heart doctrine is based upon theRays, 459:process that our studies are related; earlier experience in relation to the three threads isRays, 459:be worked out by the disciple in the crucible of experience. The goal towards which the averageRays, 461:is to describe it as love, availing itself of experience and knowledge. It expresses itself mostRays, 464:system, and therefore in our planetary life experience, that the substance through which divinityRays, 472:energy and personality force contribute to the experience of the Monad in the three worlds of lifeRays, 472:is but the Way into new fields of spiritual experience and of divine development - incomprehensibleRays, 472:Spirit-matter, Life-form. For this the triple experience of the unfolding consciousness is onlyRays, 476:from whence it originally came, plus the gain of experience and of full knowledge, and of all thatRays, 476:material form could give and all that conscious experience could confer. The Son has done His work.Rays, 477:is the product of a very long and fruitful past experience is equipped to undertake the task ofRays, 477:building. The process involves much scientific experience in the art of living, and only the highlyRays, 485:only experiment, obey, have confidence in the experience of those who teach, and then waitRays, 492:When the disciple has gained the fruit of experience which is knowledge and is learning toRays, 493:process, growing out of the conscious daily experience and dependent upon the expression of theRays, 494:forth to meet the Son (the soul, enriched by the experience of personality life in the threeRays, 523:he becomes aware, for the first time in his experience, that there is a hiatus or gap separatingRays, 524:passed simultaneously through a great initiatory experience. The agony of His yearning forRays, 524:The Master Jesus reached the culminating experience of the Lighted Way, whilst the Christ made thatRays, 529:those which make him an integral part of monadic experience. We are therefore dealing definitelyRays, 529:are therefore dealing definitely with initiate experience. That the personality remains as anRays, 531:via the antahkarana; the results of the experience of expansion are now definitely of such a natureRays, 532:its life aspect. The form aspect culminates experience and presents the disciple's comprehension ofRays, 539:becomes for him a normal field of experience and activity. Thus (if I may so express it) theRays, 550:lesser zodiac. This connotes a major cycle of experience in the life of our planetary Logos. It isRays, 552:and is equally present in the life and experience of the planetary Logos. This progressiveRays, 557:you to achieve. Initiation is a growth in experience and the attainment thereby of a point ofRays, 559:it) always precedes this transference. This ray experience covers a vast period of time. Except inRays, 564:imprison Himself. For the first time in his life experience he arrives at a comprehension of theRays, 569:and in mass formation can today pass through the experience of the Birth Initiation. Thousands ofRays, 569:Birth Initiation. Thousands of human beings can experience the birth of the Christ withinRays, 569:- an occult term signifying physical plane experience. These great initiations, implemented by theRays, 569:- there can take place a mass initiation. The experience need not be expressed in occult terms, andRays, 578:has for two thousand years conditioned human experience and is peculiarly fitted to blend with andRays, 579:larger than is realized) will pass through the experience of the second initiation, that of theRays, 580:today, in their thousands, to pass through the experience of the second initiation and to undergoRays, 580:nature in the Baptism Initiation. Through this experience the kama-manasic aspirant will be in aRays, 581:the first initiation - can undergo the Baptism experience, again a word identified with water.Rays, 582:he is then subjected to an intense purificatory experience which, occultly speaking, enables himRays, 587:only with the expansion of consciousness and the experience of those initiates who remain - inRays, 591:by us, because all wisdom is knowledge gained by experience and implemented by love. This energy,Rays, 608:behind the evolution of form as the field of experience for the soul in the four kingdoms inRays, 610:presents him with a battleground and a field of experience wherein he makes great experimentalRays, 615:which naturally includes the physical levels of experience and demands His physical Presence. LetRays, 649:has laid all its emphasis upon the form side of experience and thus regards physical well-being andRays, 651:This prefaces an entirely new cycle of spiritual experience - the experience of the higherRays, 651:entirely new cycle of spiritual experience - the experience of the higher evolution - leading toRays, 654:and through a humanity which has behind it the experience of five initiations (and is thereforeRays, 655:through the Resurrection Initiation and the experience of the seventh initiation. These MastersRays, 662:that no disciple can pass through the initiatory experience unless he is a soul-infused individualRays, 665:the same time - providing that cultural field of experience in which those sons of men who areRays, 665:recollection may be lacking) undergone the birth experience and initiation, and as a result ofRays, 665:The Birth Initiation lies behind in the experience of many, and this is factually proved by theRays, 666:as the goal and the reward of the mystical experience; it is fundamentally not an occult experience
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