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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Rays, 666:experience; it is fundamentally not an occult experience in the true sense of the term, for it isRays, 666:more and more of the world intelligentsia. Its experience is not basically religious, as theRays, 667:show signs of having passed through the "birth" experience and should help them toward a greaterRays, 668:who has not yet passed through the initiatory experience of the rebirth, the emphasis has ever beenRays, 669:appetites, but the emphasis changes. The higher experience and correspondence, that of whichRays, 685:freedom from that which lies behind in his experience; this carries with it the permission (soulRays, 685:- when realized by the initiate - ties his experience into a firm relation with that of the wholeRays, 688:and of distortion. This was an essential experience because the initiate (standing before the OneRays, 689:his entrance into an entirely different cycle of experience. Rays, 693:that these three crosses are simply symbols of experience in relation to the individual disciple.Rays, 693:man is "crucified" until he achieves the needed experience and consciously reorients himself toRays, 694:Cross, and it is this transition period and experience which practically govern Him. It mightRays, 694:which test the disciple as to knowledge and experience: the first, the second and the third; thenRays, 695:the Great Renunciation. One tremendous experience is vouchsafed to the initiate at this time; heRays, 697:of incarnated being constitute one unit of experience in the life of the soul - an experience whichRays, 697:unit of experience in the life of the soul - an experience which ends at the crucifixion, becauseRays, 697:all the uses of the three worlds of experiment, experience and expression (to use three terms withRays, 697:is therefore, in a unique sense, a culminating experience and a point of entrance into a new lifeRays, 697:comes a cosmic repetition of the Renunciation experience, this time [698] devoid of the crucifixionRays, 698:Decision) the Path of World Service. During the experience of the initiatory process in its firstRays, 699:in a lesser degree and as symbol of future experience. In the same way, the concept of sacrificeRays, 700:West to arrive at the true understanding of the experience. The concept of a clean break with theRays, 700:break with the old life in the three worlds of experience which has characterized the work of theRays, 701:of minor renunciations and of conscious experience. This conscious experience, leading to theRays, 701:and of conscious experience. This conscious experience, leading to the fourth initiation, is aRays, 701:and substantially one day in your own experience. It is with this ray energy that the initiateRays, 701:the bindings of time. Through the entire experience he fights against that which is material; underRays, 703:These are all implicit in this new initiatory experience, but they should be approached by you withRays, 703:revelation is always a constant factor in human experience. The whole of life is revelation; theRays, 704:Christian world, emphasizing that aspect in the experience of the initiate which leads toRays, 704:as his vision of life and his capacity to experience develops. This is true of all men from theRays, 704:consisting in that which each brings to the experience as the result of past effort, his point inRays, 704:also the case; he enters consciously into each experience; they are integral parts of hisRays, 710:has stored up of knowledge, science, wisdom and experience (garnered in the life cycle of manyRays, 711:unrelated to the three worlds of his past experience. He, the sum total of that past, faces newRays, 711:on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. This new experience he is well equipped to face. Rays, 711:the Mind of God at some relatively high level of experience. The effect of this energy upon theRays, 713:On the mountain-top of Ascension, following the experience of "teaching the spirits which are inRays, 722:to us in The New Testament, where we read of the experience of the Christ in the garden ofRays, 724:is then - in Himself - the summation of all past experience. Unless He deliberately chooses theRays, 725:higher initiations of which I myself have no experience, there is naught for me to do but clarifyRays, 727:through many aeons of lives and of vital experience. The objective of the evolutionary process toRays, 727:that (from one definite angle) the goal of all experience has been revelation - each revelationRays, 732:an initiatory process leading from one living experience to another, culminating in the fifthRays, 741:renunciation (as is the case in the true experience of the Renunciation Initiation); they will leadReappearance, 24:potent experiences, and that in His divine experience there is nothing static or permanent - exceptReappearance, 27:the initiate has gained through experiment, experience and expression. The first faint tremor ofReappearance, 29:of His life in a universal sense. The Gethsemane experience was an experience uniquely possibleReappearance, 29:sense. The Gethsemane experience was an experience uniquely possible only to those Sons of God WhoReappearance, 55:major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as the omnipotent GodReappearance, 58:alone for His co-workers will come with Him. His experience and Theirs will be the reverse of theReappearance, 68:from and also an emergence into a field of experience. The Christ Himself is no exception to thisReappearance, 68:Christ Himself is no exception to this threefold experience and - in order that we may understandReappearance, 68:simple: the Christ and His workers know only the experience of group consciousness. A separativeReappearance, 69:the Christ; it is in the field of long past experience. The consequent point of tension is nowReappearance, 69:and marked not only a point of crisis in His experience but a point of climax in His expression ofReappearance, 70:be pointed out that He too has moved on in His experience of divinity and is (if it may be soReappearance, 70:to explain away and gloss over the Gethsemane experience of the Christ, and to attribute whatReappearance, 73:1945, three events of great moment in the living experience of Christ (and, therefore, of theReappearance, 74:thus releasing humanity into a new phase and experience of freedom. The adjusted peace will beReappearance, 82:full moon (so significant a day in the spiritual experience of the Christ), He definitely andReappearance, 86:initiation. It will not, in the future, be the experience of the occasional disciple but theReappearance, 86:of the occasional disciple but the general experience of countless thousands towards the close ofReappearance, 91:first upon the subtler planes [91] of human experience. This type of energy is peculiarly creativeReappearance, 99:He came to give and that for centuries much experience, teaching, trial and testing would be neededReappearance, 100:that when the Buddha reached enlightenment, and experience on Earth could teach Him no more, HeReappearance, 113:divine purpose which lie behind all phenomenal experience. The establishing of right humanReappearance, 115:lesson to learn; it is for mankind a totally new experience and Christ will have to teach men howReappearance, 117:possibility and an unalterable conclusion to experience. He told them to "Be ye, therefore,Reappearance, 118:a law, we know little and those who know from experience the factual nature of this return rejectReappearance, 125:teachers have coined to express a deep spiritual experience) have been distinctive of the esotericReappearance, 129:thought. The world of meaning and the world of experience will [130] be obviously blended throughReappearance, 130:however, served a useful purpose as a field of experience in which we can learn to differentiateReappearance, 131:creates, the glamor of the emotional plane of experience and the maze of earthly circumstances.Reappearance, 131:an analytical mind; from that field of threefold experience He went forth to love, to teach and toReappearance, 135:live, I cannot further enlarge. This field of experience and of trial is well known to allReappearance, 175:correctly than any other nation because of vast experience but always too with an eye to profit.Reappearance, 181:essentially a training ground and a field of experience for those who hope to grow in spiritualSoul, 16:It is a humanity with a long past, much gained experience and accumulated knowledge, which standsSoul, 21:the world with man left in it, i.e., it studies experience as dependent upon the nervous system,Soul, 21:upon the nervous system, whereas physics studies experience as though existing independently of theSoul, 21:where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal of human experience considered as dependent upon a nervousSoul, 65:and constitutes the whole of our purely mundane experience." [66] In a supplementary note to theSoul, 74:thinking activities; it is the subject of the experience meditated by the body; it is not the mind,Soul, 74:is identified with the mind or with conscious experience; this is the usual sense of the word inSoul, 79:a simple, active being, revealed to us through experience. The modern materialistic psychologySoul, 84:our consciousness and participate in a veritable experience. The testimony to this experience canSoul, 84:in a veritable experience. The testimony to this experience can be traced from the very night ofSoul, 99:that atom may participate in its tiny cycle of experience. Shakti is power or energy. Arthur AvalonSoul, 107:is Yoga or union, which is not only a mystical experience, but a vital or physical one also. ThisSoul, 129:be hoped, we shall have sufficient knowledge and experience to work with intelligence directly uponTelepathyalso to be found an equal diversity in the life experience of the souls concerned. The complexityTelepathy, 21:to form a conscious part of the disciple's experience. Telepathy, 53:and proved as a field for experiment and experience and activity if the mechanism of perception isTelepathy, 62:a revealing center to those whose field of experience and aura need the stimulus of his practicedTelepathy, 64:reactions are, to Sanat Kumara, what a day's experience and reactions or the current lifeTelepathy, 86:invoke the needed energies and learn through experience to produce a responsive evocation. MyTelepathy, 101:undue distress, because all that is needed is experience, and that experience is gained throughTelepathy, 101:all that is needed is experience, and that experience is gained through experiment and itsTelepathy, 101:proved more correct than it is in the life and experience of the accepting disciple. When he is an
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