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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCING

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Autobiography, 22:and to know often what they were thinking or experiencing was the beginning of the mystical phaseBethlehem, 48:on the Path are concerned with human living and experiencing, but the final stages, after the newDiscipleship1, 232:This particular life which you are now experiencing is simply a preparatory one. In the earlierDiscipleship1, 396:at present seem to him very thick. L. T. S-K. is experiencing a new opportunity to "come clear,"Discipleship1, 398:a reviewing with a redoing or with a re-experiencing? Am I asked to re-experience, or am I simplyDiscipleship1, 443:a reviewing with a redoing or with a re-experiencing? [444] Do I understand what I mean when IDiscipleship1, 457:All periods of stress and strain end when the experiencing soul learns to live within itself and toDiscipleship1, 545:require adjustment in the inner life of your experiencing. First, you must enter into a deeper andDiscipleship1, 545:must enter into a deeper and more assured soul experiencing. This will involve outer detachments,Discipleship1, 687:Let me explain. The vision is a symbolic way of experiencing revelation. The gradual unfoldment ofDiscipleship2, 34:and catastrophe (such as we are at this time experiencing) a third and paralleling aspect of lifeEducation, 16:and multiplies, until the sum of each soul's experiencing is complete. Thus, symbolically, theExternalisation, 13:of existence wherein are found their fellowmen, experiencing, living and following the Path. IExternalisation, 106:results or happenings, and these we are today experiencing. The first was a fresh inflow of theFire, 383:principle of groups) and, in the process of experiencing and developing, He sweeps into HisFire, 1085:those great forms through which an Existence is experiencing. The Chohans of high [1086] degreeGlamour, 96:to the stage above mentioned, but the man experiencing it is a very different person to the one whoHealing, 394:of one life and one conscious Entity in many experiencing bodies. It might be stated, in order toHealing, 395:of myself, I remain." He, too, the conscious experiencing fragment which has pervaded the littleIntellect, 53:psychological unity of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as theIntellect, 178:still can be found the feeling, suffering, experiencing, emotional aspect of the Self, workingPatanjali, 75:be dependent upon the point in evolution of the experiencing ego. This must be carefully rememberedProblems, 135:filling their lives with relief work. All are experiencing the reaction which follows in thePsychology2, 10:arrive at: Conscious individuality, through experiencing the life of the senses. The assertion ofPsychology2, 321:the point of view of the soul and the process of experiencing. This is an angle of vision which isPsychology2, 324:of contact and the means through which the experiencing soul arrives at a full awareness of thePsychology2, 324:adequate in three directions of contact. The experiencing soul can now begin to use the instrumentPsychology2, 326:engrossed with the processes of the results of experiencing, that they remain unaware of the deeperPsychology2, 332:the form, and the man, through whom the soul is experiencing and expressing itself, is himselfRays, 476:aspects, steps and stages - experimenting, experiencing and expressing consciously in every one ofReappearance, 120:learning with us the same lessons and who are experiencing and experimenting with us. This provenReappearance, 128:presentation - but is simply the result of experiencing "livingness" on all three levels ofSoul, 15:different conditions. In his view, then, he is experiencing directly and truly much of thatSoul, 83:psychological unity of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the
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