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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIMENT

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Astrology, 13:been here and astrologers would do well to experiment with this suggestion I have made anent theAstrology, 27:possible hypotheses and then to make fair experiment with them. May I repeat: I am not writing aAstrology, 27:for these fair-minded astrologers to make due experiment with the factors and suggestions which IAstrology, 52:the man learns to overcome desire through experiment with and experience of every kind of desireAstrology, 58:- Path of Evolution - 6th Hierarchy; life experiment; human life. Goal: Identification with theAstrology, 62:fruit of earlier life experience, world experiment and soul achievement. Selfishness has ever to beAstrology, 75:come about, however, if there is wise and right experiment and investigation. I have posited twoAstrology, 118:good. The lessons of life are being learned and experiment is going on. Virgo - In Virgo, the manAstrology, 133:comes when he can verify them himself through experiment. You might in this connection retort byAstrology, 196:makes its appearance and the great divine experiment is initiated. Vulcan and Pluto are related toAstrology, 232:experience in Libra of the balanced life wherein experiment is made and the consequent tipping ofAstrology, 237:of religious, psychic and physical training and experiment, scientifically applied and mysticallyAstrology, 253:matter and started the long human undertaking of experiment, experience and expression which wasAstrology, 289:is that which drives all Leo people on to experiment and so to gain knowledge; it is this whichAstrology, 510:these three points and will be willing to experiment with them, a great stride forward into theAstrology, 522:it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called the League of Nations; it isAstrology, 592:and all of these in terms of divine experienced experiment, if I might so formulate the idea.Astrology, 605:will, as this is slowly developed through the experiment and experience of the divine love. TheseAutobiography, 181:it was for them like an entirely new civilized experiment. How he ever managed I do not know and IAutobiography, 283:the Arcane School you are taking part in a new experiment in adult education. This experiment isAutobiography, 283:in a new experiment in adult education. This experiment is based on three major expectations: TheseAutobiography, 286:can be reached in this manner. Finally, this experiment in adult education is unique in that theAutobiography, 301:Secondly, [301] there was a need for an esoteric experiment along second ray teaching lines, whichAutobiography, 301:degree the whole thing was in the nature of an experiment. Another real need in the esoteric fieldBethlehem, 4:of daily life. The effort to understand, to experiment, to experience and to express what is knownBethlehem, 9:the light of the present. Through self-initiated experiment we can prove their validity; throughBethlehem, 25:Initiation might be regarded as a great experiment. There was perhaps a time, when this process ofBethlehem, 56:rests on an act of faith which begins with an experiment and ends with an experience." These wordsBethlehem, 57:of divinity? - that He ventured on a great [57] experiment which has led into the ChristianBethlehem, 57:humanity! Faith in man's responsiveness to the experiment! Faith that the vision given will beBethlehem, 57:human being can also have faith to venture the experiment and undergo the experience. This vital,Bethlehem, 70:interest to God that He permitted this great experiment to be tried here? Is the mystery of man andBethlehem, 81:it into personal experience, through the experiment of initiation. The new birth is as much aBethlehem, 164:through the method of thought, reflection, experiment, experience and revelation. The immediateBethlehem, 234:did not think of Jesus of Nazareth as a crucial experiment. They knew Him as Friend and Master, andBethlehem, 277:LIII, 11.) We may constitute God's crucial experiment. The germ of divine life is in us, but weDestiny, 19:to use it for the benefit of humanity. Now the experiment is being attempted of permitting man toDestiny, 25:humanity is experimenting or is the subject of experiment; it is exploiting or being exploited; itDestiny, 60:the world today, will - after making their great experiment and its resultant contribution -Destiny, 97:it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called the League of Nations, andDestiny, 115:plan) sealed and hidden to the experience and experiment of the soul, has been more acutelyDestiny, 130:of the "Words of Power" (which he discovers by experiment) and by using the potency of sound, theDiscipleship1, 5:many would-be disciples. This is also for me an experiment, for those of us who are members of someDiscipleship1, 6:grade, if I may employ so inadequate a term. The experiment of changing methods and of implementingDiscipleship1, 8:that the new discipleship is primarily an experiment in group work and that its main objective isDiscipleship1, 9:their own identities in an effort to make this experiment of the Hierarchy successful. TheDiscipleship1, 16:wise to him. This entire work might be termed an experiment in esoteric common sense and inDiscipleship1, 16:This work to which I have called you is also an experiment in impersonality, in willingness to workDiscipleship1, 16:in techniques. All have their value. This is an experiment likewise for me. I have worked hithertoDiscipleship1, 17:opportunity. This should be borne in mind. The experiment may fail. Whether it does or not, realDiscipleship1, 21:New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part III This experiment which I have instituted and to which youDiscipleship1, 22:and unworthy of hindering group integrity. This experiment, being attempted by a group within myDiscipleship1, 22:definitely new emerges as a result of this experiment, the time and effort are not warranted. YouDiscipleship1, 35:fit. In the early stages of any hierarchical experiment, much difficulty is encountered, owing toDiscipleship1, 35:IV I have said that these groups constitute an experiment. This experiment is fourfold in natureDiscipleship1, 35:that these groups constitute an experiment. This experiment is fourfold in nature and a conciseDiscipleship1, 35:about it may prove helpful. I. They are an experiment in founding or starting focal points ofDiscipleship1, 35:into the entire race of men. II. They are an experiment in inaugurating certain new techniques inDiscipleship1, 42:such an endeavor. IV. These groups are also an experiment which has for its objective theDiscipleship1, 45:the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V An experiment is now being made to shift the focus ofDiscipleship1, 53:powers could be unfolded and a more specialized experiment be possible. Peculiar powers [54] couldDiscipleship1, 54:me. These groups constitute the germ of a great experiment. If successful, they will, in the courseDiscipleship1, 71:not in the basic plans. All this is, however, an experiment and I would remind you that it is anDiscipleship1, 71:experiment and I would remind you that it is an experiment which I and several other initiates areDiscipleship1, 71:would not have been permitted to make this great experiment. We enter into no activities which areDiscipleship1, 72:should be remembered: They constitute a unique experiment in the sense that - knowing theDiscipleship1, 72:to the new rhythms - yet they are primarily an experiment undertaken by me, your Tibetan teacherDiscipleship1, 76:training for initiation. I am entering upon an experiment in group initiation and this is somewhatDiscipleship1, 96:be humility in the presence of true vision. This experiment which I am undertaking has its dangers.Discipleship1, 96:are your close cooperators and co-sharers in my experiment. Cultivate the humility which is basedDiscipleship1, 97:with this group of my disciples and with this experiment which I am undertaking, you need to arriveDiscipleship1, 144:and understanding and right choice - through experiment, through failure and through success. AllDiscipleship1, 217:and the technique of the new groups. This experiment in group activity which I am attempting toDiscipleship1, 285:a much needed and immediate development. This experiment in which we are attempting to take someDiscipleship1, 408:comprehend more intelligently what is this group experiment in which you are aiding. It is groupDiscipleship1, 473:and suggestions and the result has justified the experiment. I suggest that you still continue asDiscipleship1, 601:group is of prime importance. I am engaged in an experiment in this group work. It is not an easyDiscipleship1, 648:work and that which I sanctioned individually. Experiment with that which has been suggested and toDiscipleship1, 690:seeking to make the ideal plan a factual experiment and success on earth. Such is the task in whichDiscipleship1, 707:the outer Ashram - under the future Aquarian experiment - will be composed of a focus ofDiscipleship1, 707:learn to comprehend - through discussion and experiment - the nature of the energies which areDiscipleship1, 731:to cooperate) are valuable as "agents for experiment." According to their reaction to the impartedDiscipleship2and initiated an unique and pioneering experiment in new age training for group initiation. ThisDiscipleship2, 6:this and to endeavor, in relation to this new experiment, to cultivate from the very start a humbleDiscipleship2, 17:group of disciples and in the working out of the experiment hinted at earlier - the experiment ofDiscipleship2, 17:out of the experiment hinted at earlier - the experiment of group initiation. I would like,Discipleship2, 19:and so delayed his moving forward. In this group experiment which I am undertaking, I propose toDiscipleship2, 21:non-separative. VII. We are also trying the experiment of externalizing the Ashram. This is anDiscipleship2, 23:This is, as I have repeatedly told you, an experiment in group initiation. This means that thoughDiscipleship2, 37:for initiation. I would like now to try an experiment. Continue with your group work with me at theDiscipleship2, 49:behind all this effort which I have made, and an experiment of importance has been carried forwardDiscipleship2, 74:decided to disband the New Seed Group. My experiment in reorganizing the earlier groups into oneDiscipleship2, 74:are certain things which he will not do. This experiment with the New Seed Group has lasted fiveDiscipleship2, 74:Seed Group has lasted five years. The earlier experiment with the groups lasted ten years. TheseDiscipleship2, 94:will know also and discover the reasons for the experiment with these outer groups which is nowDiscipleship2, 94:law - from the moment when your soul decided to experiment, to experience, and to express divinity.Discipleship2, 101:means completed; it may be (and probably is) an experiment in this particular life for you, butDiscipleship2, 102:for this specific reason that I engineered this experiment in group work with all of you in orderDiscipleship2, 107:with which I have been undertaking an occult experiment for the Hierarchy, hold together. When IDiscipleship2, 171:Society is largely composed, and the experiment was brought to an end; it served, however, a most
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