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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIMENTING

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Atom, 87:been gained through the utilization of form. By experimenting with matter, by dwelling within theDestiny, 25:far ahead but in the meantime humanity is experimenting or is the subject of experiment; it isDiscipleship1, 724:of cases but many of these helping disciples are experimenting (under direction of their Master) inExternalisation, 51:world consciousness and are on our way towards experimenting with it. Let me here briefly indicateFire, 1067:to be able to work perfectly with it, the experimenting student must have the ability to releaseFire, 1212:planetary Logos has been given the name of the "experimenting divine Physicist." It is thisHealing, 563:are present, but this will suffice to give the experimenting healer a clue to certain possibilitiesMagic, 290:all scientific and occult healing. Healers are experimenting with the etheric body and yet littleMeditation, 129:use of forms for the calling of the devas, in experimenting with the Sacred Word with the object inMeditation, 241:is far better than to have formulas for experimenting given to you. Problems, 26:and opportunity from them. They are restlessly experimenting with all phases of life, with everyPsychology1, 278:minds then succumb to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victim to their own lowerPsychology1, 279:realms, but at the [279] same time, you find an experimenting in the realm of physical desire whichPsychology2, 186:The reason why Those on the Inner Side are now experimenting with this group idea is because it isPsychology2, 429:has reached the point of accepting (or at least experimenting with) the [430] above ideas. By theirRays, 476:the differentiated aspects, steps and stages - experimenting, experiencing and expressingReappearance, 120:us the same lessons and who are experiencing and experimenting with us. This proven and accepted
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