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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIMENTS

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Astrology, 121:forward and the selfish aspirations and experiments of the undeveloped man give place to theAstrology, 121:the Cross of "repeated incarnations," of varied experiments under the various signs and orthodoxAstrology, 172:- light on government and politics through experiments and the study of great and basic ideologies;Astrology, 232:in Libra in which the same adjustments and experiments are being made, but this time the entireAstrology, 235:view will come to an end. Out of the many sexual experiments now going on, the coming generationAstrology, 241:himself ready to enter into new and deeper experiments (should I call them experiences?) and as aAstrology, 526:Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experiments are going on in all these lands; theAtom, 124:and ideals, and Who, perhaps, also makes His experiments with life. On His vaster scale, and on HisBethlehem, 91:alters the fact that behind all these idealistic experiments of the race lies this great ideal,Bethlehem, 169:exception, underlie every one of the great experiments undertaken by the various nations, will showDestiny, 25:the Lord of the World. When all these temporary experiments have been tried and when humanity hasDestiny, 36:evolutionary process. It is right here that many experiments will be made (and are being madeDestiny, 101:Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experiments are going on in all these lands; theDestiny, 108:of the two group ideals into the many human experiments, and the resultant ranging of the entireDiscipleship1, 5:both words are true?) are to be subjected to experiments which will involve the application of theDiscipleship1, 20:emerge from certain countries where great experiments are being undertaken, they will onlyDiscipleship1, 71:are obviously foreordained to failure. Many experiments are being carried forward today in theDiscipleship1, 241:sleep. Feed it normally and sanely and play no experiments with it as you have so oft and foolishlyDiscipleship1, 342:you care, for a year or so, to enter into some experiments with me and submit to some plainDiscipleship2, 74:with the groups lasted ten years. These experiments were undertaken in the most difficult period ofDiscipleship2, 171:disciple will be amazing. One of the first experiments he made as he prepared for this form ofEducation, x:taken in several places for the setting up of experiments in education which are to express theEducation, 64:of all things - and has its own terminology, experiments, deductions and laws. When I say "soul," IEducation, 72:said "decades" and not "centuries." The earlier experiments along this line will become possibleEducation, 116:[116] the present flood of governmental experiments among all nations. But today there is noExternalisation, 54:some day appear on earth as a result of the many experiments today going on. Remember this. As IExternalisation, 94:groups in the world. There are several similar experiments going on at this time upon the variousExternalisation, 112:initiating specific tribal, national and racial experiments in the renewal of form have gone on andExternalisation, 131:developing in the present which is new in its experiments, though employing factors from everyExternalisation, 242:form, first in the minds of men, and then in experiments. There is a tie of united purpose, felt byExternalisation, 495:about which enabled them to achieve success. The experiments being carried forward were thereforeExternalisation, 584:world order which will emerge out of all these experiments which human thinking is at this timeFire, 162:these centers by unlawful methods, and who experiments with the fires of his body without theFire, 423:Many interesting events will occur and many experiments will necessarily be made (some to proveFire, 995:of magic proceed in his investigations and his experiments until he has attended to theseFire, 1212:one of the "profane" planets, certain experiments in connection with this problem have beenFire, 1237:description. These the occult student studies, experiments with, manipulates and correlates;Glamour, 31:are responsible at this time for the mass of experiments in the field of government, of education,Intellect, 91:the equipment with which a long series of life experiments and experience has endowed us, andMagic, 341:the form no matter what it be. All forms are but experiments, and reach the point where they are inMagic, 361:Atlantean period, when certain great changes and experiments were wrought, a shift in the entireMagic, 409:may think wrongly and may initiate disastrous experiments, the ultimate good is inevitable andMeditation, 60:his own development and to carry out the needed experiments until he finds for himself that whichMeditation, 247:out of corruption. All this must be studied. Experiments can be made along the line of vitalizationMeditation, 298:- is far from being ready for occult training. Experiments are being made now, unknown oft to thePatanjali, 152:activities and no longer as the field of his experiments and experience-gaining endeavors. [153] ItPsychology1, 114:in these new groups, the suggestions made, the experiments in training to be attempted, and thePsychology1, 175:In Italy, in Turkey and elsewhere other great experiments are going on. The originators of thesePsychology1, 181:are producing the present flood of governmental experiments among all nations. But today there isPsychology1, 324:in organizations and nations. Hence the many experiments. A process is going forward whereby thesePsychology1, 341:and individuality. It is only in our initial experiments, and through our inexpertness in the usePsychology1, 341:since; in every country, through the various experiments which are going forward, [342] the glamorPsychology1, 365:or not. Of these rhythms the present great experiments in national standardization andPsychology2, 109:are many ways and many points of view, and many experiments and many efforts - abortive orPsychology2, 132:out as philanthropic endeavor, as educational experiments, or social efforts in the life of thePsychology2, 516:psychology of the great national movements and experiments, going on today all over the world.Psychology2, 631:inclusive regime. The world today is full of experiments, particularly in the realm of government,Psychology2, 640:plus the ambitions and [640] well-intentioned experiments of individuals in all departments ofPsychology2, 642:groups, parties, religions and national experiments. This has led to what appears to be a futilePsychology2, 655:This group will not be occupied with experiments in the various fields of human life or inPsychology2, 659:that the many national, religious and social experiments are only modes of expansion, ways ofPsychology2, 659:from its present limitations and distress. These experiments are not lost effort. They have aRays, 112:has not yet taken place. Tentative experiments are being made with some success and someRays, 208:effort - in any way possible, and only tentative experiments have as yet been attempted. The firstRays, 208:yet been attempted. The first objective of these experiments (going on quietly in various placesRays, 231:be the order of the day, though they will be experiments based upon vast knowledge and implementedRays, 337:achievement, and success is a graded series of experiments with energy. Having garnered the fruitRays, 338:rays will all have the same goal, make the same experiments, go through the same experience andRays, 747:of schemes undergoing national and political experiments in different countries throughout theSoul, 40:and ovaries (Since this chapter was written, experiments with the ductless glands have continued.Soul, 42:investigators frankly say they know nothing, and experiments have produced little information. InSoul, 59:nor are we furnished with that sufficiency of experiments which is required to an accurateSoul, 63:elements I shall not here discuss, though divers experiments seem to argue that there is anSoul, 148:to which so many testify. The recent spectacular experiments into the nature of telepathy areSoul, 150:psychic phenomena, has shown by means of actual experiments that every human being has an auraTelepathy, 63:and medicine (to mention only two) and its experiments with forms which have established the modes
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