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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLAIN

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Atom, 13:the average man, even though he may be unable to explain why he knows it to be true. Men everywhereAtom, 14:a power outside himself which he must perforce explain. This it is which has led, for instance, toAtom, 121:enfolds it. You will remember that in trying to explain the difference between self-consciousness,Atom, 138:I am not enough of a mathematician to attempt to explain these dimensions, and am apt myself to getAutobiography, 139:and not be untrue to myself, though I could not explain them. Now, to my amazement, light wasAutobiography, 146:when the Britisher is seen refusing to explain himself. The brilliance of the French intellect isBethlehem, 157:their recognition and belief. They could not explain or understand what they had seen, nor do weBethlehem, 175:have attempted to elucidate its meaning and to explain the significance of its mystery. Down theDiscipleship1, 49:The question of psychic powers is not so easy to explain. I do not refer to the lower psychicDiscipleship1, 54:the Plan really is. It is as difficult for me to explain the underlying purpose of this group workDiscipleship1, 54:of this group work to you as it would be to explain decimal fractions to a seven year old child noDiscipleship1, 96:in world affairs? Several things could explain this. First of all, a disciple may be called to workDiscipleship1, 108:this triple breathing exercise... I wish you to explain the purpose and the intent of this exerciseDiscipleship1, 128:than you can be. It is necessary for me to explain these points to you as the understanding ofDiscipleship1, 136:yet. There is much to do and much to study and explain before the work can come to fruition. ThereDiscipleship1, 293:so valuable that there is no need for me to explain a necessary brevity. I will call to your noticeDiscipleship1, 301:NOTE: The above statement by the Tibetan will explain why - for the rest of this incarnation - thisDiscipleship1, 342:for which I will not (at the same time) seek to explain the reason and objective. But whilstDiscipleship1, 354:two natures are widely different. Perhaps I can explain. You are working on the physical plane withDiscipleship1, 436:personality ray was the first, which fact may explain much to you anent your reactions in thisDiscipleship1, 556:might ask me what I mean by that. I need not explain to you, for you will recognize that whereof IDiscipleship1, 687:seen? Here lies the crux of the problem. Let me explain. The vision is a symbolic way ofDiscipleship1, 714:attention. The next point is not so easy to explain or grasp. You have been told that the soul isDiscipleship2, 9:I do not psychometrise them. Let me endeavor to explain. All detailed, outer forms are expressionsDiscipleship2, 11:do together, even though I am not her Master. I explain this so that you can get some understandingDiscipleship2, 338:[338] of initiation is one most difficult to explain. Why should the fact of being initiatedDiscipleship2, 436:aware - in a manner which I cannot or may not explain to you - of the light as it blazed forth atDiscipleship2, 463:and a consequent ability to interpret and explain the present. Ponder on this, my beloved brother. Discipleship2, 501:work makes its impact upon the outer world. I explain this to you as you are preparing to become anDiscipleship2, 575:combination and the points of focus in your case explain your great interest in the centers, inDiscipleship2, 684:and activity. There is no need for me thus to explain but it seemed advisable once and for all toExternalisation, 99:of the esoteric sense, and then define it and explain its processes and evidences, invoking as youExternalisation, 111:measure of light to you. Later I will try to explain the significance of the Great Invocation andExternalisation, 117:Ancient Karmic Events It is not my intention to explain or elaborate the subject of Karma. ThisExternalisation, 141:will come at the close of this conflict, and To explain clearly to all people the cause whichFire, 7:not an ideal. The Law of Correspondences will explain the details of this relationship. This Law ofFire, 92:might here be asked, and though we may not fully explain the mystery, a few [93] suggestive hintsFire, 571:and that is that identity ever remains. Let me explain by illustration: Each one of us, in dueFire, 613:Builders are the lunar ancestors. I would here explain the occult meaning of the word "ancestor,"Fire, 757:be conscious of this, though perhaps unable to explain it, and will seek more and more to beFire, 1080:time. A great factor and one that it is hard to explain so that the average thinker can understandFire, 1191:deal with four kinds of force, when it seeks to explain the nature of the Energies which influenceHealing, 223:the earth. In saying this I seek only to explain the phenomena which can be noted at all times whenHealing, 262:of heredity and of environment are efforts to explain existing human conditions; qualities, racialHealing, 309:me make one or two concise statements and then explain. First, subjective condition alone cannotHealing, 318:to the world it is difficult for me even to explain the processes governing physical inheritance,Healing, 322:open to the dangers of infection. I cannot explain more fully than this, for the problem of originHealing, 341:For this there is a subjective cause. I can only explain it to you by a symbol which may conveyHealing, 367:in the world. Such is not the case. How can I explain to you the true state of affairs? OnlyHealing, 379:or from which I can expand the idea. She can explain what I mean if you ask her to do so. But evenHealing, 379:she had a training such as you have, I could not explain clearly, as the discovery must first beHealing, 528:for all healers in the New Age. It will also explain why the various healing systems which areHealing, 573:and one which I find it somewhat difficult to explain. We have seen that the point of frictionHealing, 633:anent the Will that it is particularly hard to explain. Law VIII Disease and death are the resultHealing, 694:along these lines. I have felt it necessary to explain this, so that there will be no undueInitiation, 67:of the causal body. This is not easy to explain clearly, but a consideration of the diagram in "AInitiation, 210:implanted by the life developed from below. Explain more clearly what you mean, and how that CrossInitiation, 215:Note: This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms. It is simply anIntellect, 36:conscious knower. However much one may seek to explain it away, the fact remains that man goesIntellect, 130:which the Behaviorists have done so much to explain, and it will also initiate him into the realmIntellect, 150:told in the Bampton Lectures for 1930, "cannot explain, but he knows that he has known and notMagic, 22:back of the phrases in which man has sought to explain God Himself. "God is Spirit, and they thatMagic, 99:of new species with an objective impossible to explain to those not yet initiate. The production ofMagic, 180:as needed, to do the appointed work. I cannot explain more clearly. Magic, 541:This rule is for me one of the most difficult to explain, the reason for this being threefold: One:Magic, 609:of the Aquarian Age; unable to understand and explain, and conscious only of a longing for libertyMagic, 633:guide them unerringly forward. I have sought to explain the above modes and methods [634] of work,Meditation, 271:closer to his Master's Heart. Later I will explain the technical meaning of this phrase, whenMeditation, 349:Note: This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms. It is simply anPatanjali, 175:begins to question the capacity of the mind to explain, interpret and comprehend, he hasPatanjali, 254:power in himself which will enable him to explain and solve all problems, and not only this, butPatanjali, 263:The Sanskrit term used is difficult to explain clearly. Such terms as one-pointed, single inPatanjali, 356:the will of the yogi. These three factors explain how it is that the adept can create at will andPatanjali, 386:lays down a basic formula which serves to explain not only the purpose and reason of manifestationProblems, 48:of understanding. So few teachers or parents explain to a child the reasons for the activities andProblems, 126:the Bibles of the world and have attempted to explain them, passing the ideas they find through thePsychology1, 163:other of the seven rays. The following table may explain the various characteristics of the sevenPsychology1, 175:back of their work, and are frequently unable to explain the ideals toward which they are working,Psychology2, 9:of mind, produce the [9] perfect man. They explain the human problem; they indicate the objectivePsychology2, 9:the objective before man; they account for and explain the energy of illusion; and they point outPsychology2, 30:Scriptures, when attempting to deal with and explain this [31] supernormal and superlativePsychology2, 103:psychology and, when rightly understood, will explain The Saturnian influence in human life. ThePsychology2, 393:recognition is extremely difficult for me to explain or for you to understand. The second ray hasPsychology2, 539:and Mystics 2. Utilization of a center. Let me explain this phrase. Certain difficulties also arisePsychology2, 686:its particular nature there is no need for me to explain as I should not be understood. In TheirRays, 45:significance of tension (as far as I can explain it by limiting words) is "focused immovable Will."Rays, 242:for what is called by us "manifestation," and to explain the dualism of all existence and theRays, 249:with initiate consciousness should endeavor to explain, even if - through compassion or from theRays, 304:consider is one of the most difficult for me to explain. The reason for my difficulty is that youRays, 372:is of course beyond my powers to teach or to explain, as I am not yet a liberated Master, though IRays, 431:of dual living would be most difficult to explain. I will sum up what I have to say in the form ofRays, 441:one of the Masters Who was endeavoring to explain to a disciple the simplicity of the life which aRays, 500:largely due to the prevalent human effort to explain and interpret this phrase solely in terms ofRays, 723:you will see how impossible it is for me to explain certain things, to make clear certain unknownRays, 764:compassion as the key that opens wide the gates. Explain in words the simplest the need that thisReappearance, 70:in other words. Commentators have sought to explain away and gloss over the Gethsemane experienceReappearance, 80:has ignored and yet their ecclesiastics cannot explain away the fact that the Jews demonstratedSoul, 80:came to form this conception. Not in order to explain the 'consciousness' (for the 'soul' can existSoul, 95:of all possible forces, is insufficient to explain many phenomena, such as those of light; and itSoul, 104:has for a hundred years unsuccessfully tried to explain nervous energy as a form of mechanical
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