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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLAINS

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Autobiography, 303:physical plane in actual military warfare. This explains many things. It meant that the effectiveDiscipleship1, 752:this time into the realm of the mind. This explains the truth lying behind all so-calledDiscipleship2, 396:"in him we live and move and have our being." It explains the necessity for the esoteric teachingFire, 7:is the interpretive law of the system, and explains God to man. Just as God is the Macrocosm forFire, 104:Herein lies the knowledge that oft-times explains the apparent miseries of nature. Some of theGlamour, 88:is an interesting point upon which to ponder and explains much of mystery and of difficulty in theHealing, 20:the emphasis given to the Law of Karma as it explains apparent injustices and stresses always theHealing, 121:This is a fact little known or realized, but explains why disciples and advanced people areHercules, 135:reason that Libra is closely connected with, and explains the third aspect of the Godhead and henceMagic, 179:inspiration. Ponder on this explanation for it explains much. Mediumship is [180] dangerous. Why isMeditation, 341:but goes on. This capacity to persevere explains why the non-spectacular man so frequently attainsPatanjali, 391:the stage of the Path prior to liberation. Vyasa explains it thus: [392] "The white is of those whoProblems, 143:of the Christ". The fact of this innate divinity explains the urge at the heart of every man forPsychology2, 275:the great Self. An event upon the path of ascent explains the significance of what occurred on theRays, 654:Instead, therefore, of the statement which explains our present solar system, "God is Love," weSoul, 19:Will, The Mansions of Philosophy, p. 75. It explains various types and temperaments in terms of the
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