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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLANATION

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Astrology, 228:"interlude between two activities," which is the explanation given to that stage in meditationAtom, 133:and petty differences of organization, and of explanation, overlooked. Again, we can look for aBethlehem, 29:and suffering are too obvious to need further explanation. There is purpose underlying all worldDiscipleship1, X:is so outstanding, the hint has given place to explanation and the disciple is trusted withDiscipleship1, 14:scientific attitude and seeking ever a practical explanation before accepting a mystical one. ADiscipleship1, 143:of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, until in time the same condition isDiscipleship1, 226:the reason for any development and hence my explanation. You have come a long distance quiteDiscipleship1, 226:service are possible to you and again another explanation is in order. He whom you will some dayDiscipleship2, 173:of the last stanza is also perhaps in need of explanation. It speaks of the task of the Plan asDiscipleship2, 362:which should be remembered. The above short explanation of the implications of a hint, andDiscipleship2, 469:the head center is somewhat more awakened my explanation would be meaningless. All I dare say isDiscipleship2, 554:platitudes of the Path and require from me no explanation. There is one fire, however, with whichDiscipleship2, 589:Time and effort must be given to clear explanation and to the pointing out of the law of cause andExternalisation, 144:some facts anent the Great Invocation and some explanation of its significance and meanings. TheseFire, xiv:providing a working hypothesis, and a suggestive explanation. To the open-minded student and theFire, 96:between the two kingdoms. If the above explanation of the intricate interrelation between the sunFire, 259:Second, the greater part of the possible explanation is only revealed to initiates who have passedFire, 358:do no more than accept the fact, and leave the explanation until his consciousness is of greaterFire, 483:Opinion must be reserved because: Complete explanation for initiates only. Only a fragmentaryFire, 546:ring may be in full development. This is the explanation frequently of the power in service alongFire, 588:in our enumeration, it is past and gone. Some explanation of this lies hid in the occult words,Fire, 599:major Rays, being dual, are their own sufficient explanation. They are at present the mode ofFire, 738:and utterly worthless without a more complete explanation; Subperiod 2nd is 'very long'; as youFire, 815:The value to the public thought of a true explanation of the evolution of the Ego, and itsFire, 958:as existing will have its scientific and occult explanation when it is studied as an instrument ofFire, 976:purity and unselfishness, the more detailed explanation of the process must necessarily beFire, 1250:trained initiates. A word here is necessary in explanation of the expression used earlier inHealing, 21:for instance, because men seek a plausible explanation of things as [22] they appear to be, and areHealing, 672:is so clear and concise that it needs but little explanation, emphasizing, as it does, energy whichHealing, 692:space. The remaining words of this law need no explanation and mark a fitting finish for thisHealing, 713:become much clearer, and in the meantime any explanation of their true "energetic import" would beHercules, 118:of the spiritual life, reminds one again of the explanation of the saying in one of the Rules ofHercules, 216:North. Walter H. Sampson gives us a very simple explanation of the imaginary belt. He says: "TheIntellect, 75:says: "All our enduring quest then gets its explanation and its significance. It is the GodMagic, 179:plane this involves inspiration. Ponder on this explanation for it explains much. Mediumship isMagic, 324:receptivity eventuates. I have entered thus into explanation as I have seen many questioning, andMagic, 612:pronounced. This rule is almost incapable of explanation and it is not permitted to me to give toMagic, 630:impugned and misjudged, and rush violently into explanation; they are unhappy if their methods, theMeditation, 20:or disciple for frequent change, and the explanation of the obvious condition of variety andPatanjali, 21:(or upon the non-perception of the senses). Some explanation as to the nature of the vrittis isPatanjali, 97:things subtle. This sutra is clear without much explanation. The word "subtle" has a wide meaning,Patanjali, 162:he uses the mind as his medium of search, of explanation and of interpretation, for the senses andPatanjali, 249:[249] The truth of this makes any description or explanation of the high state of samadhi orPatanjali, 262:power to contemplate. Little need be said in explanation of this sutra owing to its clarity. It isPatanjali, 274:kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, and animal. The explanation as to the prevalence of Indian guides isPatanjali, 331:where some of the seed fell among thorns. The explanation is given that the thorns are the caresPatanjali, 382:oriental truism. "Energy follows thought" as an explanation. As a man changes his desires, so hePatanjali, 395:urge to contact the unknown and the distant. The explanation of this urge, being cosmic andPatanjali, 396:a law of nature, and is so clear that but little explanation is needed. It [397] might be of value,Problems, 48:and the demands that are made upon him. But this explanation will inevitably evoke response, for aProblems, 143:height which he has visioned. There is no other explanation of the capacity of the human spirit toPsychology1, 104:bewildered investigators and must find correct explanation. In their wise investigation, in thePsychology1, 208:generally be extremely truthful, full of lucid explanation of facts, though sometimes pedantic andPsychology1, 250:detail for which you - as yet - see no place or explanation. In the animal kingdom the first dimPsychology1, 300:the solution of revolting injustices, and the explanation of that which conditions the man andPsychology2, 323:latter, the average psychologist has no adequate explanation. [324] The integration of anPsychology2, 357:of regarding the condition as one warranting explanation and understanding but no real concern, thePsychology2, 466:much speech, a running hither and thither for explanation, comfort, assurance, and a sense ofPsychology2, 532:the mental life and of thought, plus courageous explanation of process, a great deal of difficultyPsychology2, 661:over the world. To do this, there must be the explanation of the ideas which lie behind the groupRays, 115:"demand" which has been used perhaps requires explanation. In considering this subject it should beRays, 157:it is exceedingly difficult for me to write in explanation of this law. You have not yet theRays, 242:of spirit-matter, are by no means the real explanation of the divine purpose; they are based onRays, 242:own essential dualism; they are the highest explanation of his own divine nature which he canRays, 375:of the will and of an expressing purpose. In explanation it might be said that the radiation of the
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