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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLANATIONS

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Bethlehem, 76:in detail what that mission was; He went into no explanations to His Mother. He started to do theBethlehem, 187:of time and space and life - that the constant explanations and the endless attempts to makeDiscipleship1, 698:then to a reorganization of the web. Academic explanations do not help the student to understandFire, 238:scientists recognize these two facts then their explanations will take a different line and theInitiation, 9:Many are the definitions, and many are the explanations to be found as to its scope, theInitiation, 86:is not yet complete, and here is one of the explanations as to the failures and mistakes ofMeditation, 237:detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought to expand the sentencesPatanjali, 25:endeavor and through non-attachment. A few brief explanations are all that is necessary with aPatanjali, 316:aware of certain hypotheses, possibilities and explanations. It gives to him an understanding ofPatanjali, 414:would tend to infinite confusion. One of the explanations of the functions of the mind is toPsychology1, 104:The present attempted investigation and explanations are inadequate and do not accountPsychology1, 276:in righteous platitudes, and with unsatisfying explanations, based often on personal prejudice andPsychology2, 421:for me to do more than hint at these various explanations and so start investigators with open
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