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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLICIT

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Astrology, 91:unfolded. It is well nigh impossible to be more explicit until such time as the Science of the RaysAstrology, 127:Sun are one. But the esoteric planets are more explicit in their inferences and man appears, whenAstrology, 150:so clear that there is no need for me to be more explicit or to elaborate the theme. We shall nextDiscipleship1, 207:to teach you. I do not desire to be more explicit. As you steadily study time from the forwardDiscipleship1, 215:intelligible to you. I seek not to be more explicit, for you will comprehend the significance ofDiscipleship1, 472:Clean up your thought life. I shall not be more explicit. Again I say: You know whereof I speak.Discipleship2, 34:with you. At that time, I gave you no explicit instruction or individual meditations. I gave eachDiscipleship2, 130:instructions this year, I am not going to be explicit nor am I going to give you each an individualDiscipleship2, 295:I would like, if possible, to be somewhat more explicit. You, at least, after these years ofDiscipleship2, 533:I speak and there is no need for me to be more explicit. The age of sixty-three will see anotherDiscipleship2, 743:discipleship grade. I do not choose to be more explicit. Your field of service is clear, could youDiscipleship2, 753:will be revealed to you. I shall not be more explicit. My function is to indicate direction, but itEducation, xi:of the good life. This urgent need here requires explicit statement and recognition, if we areExternalisation, 474:to find in it cause for criticism. Let me be explicit and also bring in the time equation. I canFire, 662:thinker, may be the dominating influence. To be explicit, and thus to illustrate this point: theHealing, 124:ended. It is not possible for me to enter into explicit detail in considering these problemsHealing, 713:stated, that men are not yet ready to be given explicit instructions, for the time being anything IMagic, 416:integrating group of mystics? Let me be somewhat explicit. In every European country, in the UnitedMagic, 428:use is it for me to forecast the future in more explicit terms and hold out a picture of anMagic, 518:public it would be most unwise to give more explicit directions. Enough has been left unsaid toPsychology2, 99:express, but of great importance. Let me be more explicit, by means of the following statements:Psychology2, 376:Plan take form.' " It is not possible to be more explicit than this. This great and powerful ray isRays, 36:that phrase), it is not necessary to enter into explicit details. In any case, if the Formulas orRays, 61:word "unfoldment," for it is perhaps the most explicit and correct word to use anent theRays, 253:appreciated it but who wish I would be more explicit) see little in it. I have given enough, couldRays, 661:would you understand if I were to be in any way explicit. The Law of Analogy and of CorrespondencesReappearance, 160:is so great and the need for definite and explicit spiritual help is so demanding that - whether we
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