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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPLOIT

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Discipleship2, 107:than that of the majority, and in order to exploit and use the methods which they regard asExternalisation, 460:nationally minded persons who will attempt to exploit the world situation for their own immediateExternalisation, 476:potent groups of evil beings were organized to exploit the existing world situation. They knew alsoExternalisation, 478:also by those individuals who [478] seek to exploit the plight of suffering humanity to their ownGlamour, 253:and dangerous because many groups simply exploit the unready, [254] usually for commercial gain.Glamour, 254:cases, no danger exists. Many occult groups exploit the subject in order to build up mystery and toHealing, 669:and are working together in great combines to exploit the riches of the earth at the expense ofIntellect, 25:and thus self-supporting members of society. We exploit their instinct of self-preservation inProblems, 67:in the hands of capital or of those who would exploit this discovery for the increase of theirProblems, 68:and ambitious men in Russia who would gladly exploit the world for the gain of Russia and who wouldProblems, 72:of their fellowmen and who have no desire to exploit the masses or to profit by the misery ofProblems, 109:ways of selfish political agents (seeking to exploit them) and demonstrate also such an outstandingProblems, 109:Will the white nations who today commercially exploit Africa, holding on to their land tenure,Psychology2, 632:in some department of world activity. They thus exploit the masses, and twist the situation to
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