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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPONENT

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Astrology, 605:to the "diamond soul" of which the Buddha is an exponent. This is necessarily a deep mystery butAutobiography, 37:on the teaching line and Who is an outstanding exponent of the love-wisdom of which the Christ isDestiny, 51:characteristic of Great Britain. England is an exponent of the art of control and her function hasDestiny, 61:which will be held aloft by a vital Russian exponent of true religion - that man for whom manyDiscipleship2, 169:humanity's destiny is, as you know, to be the exponent of the mind of God, thus expressing activeExternalisation, 10:Mediumship and psychism reduces its exponent to the level of an automaton; it is dangerous andExternalisation, 594:I speak not as a speculative theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious wishful thinking.Fire, 122:is the head of all the Adepts. Bodhisattva. The exponent of second ray force, the Teacher of theFire, 750:he can consciously be over-shadowed by an exponent of a different type of force, which blends withFire, 821:the Lord of the World is, to man, the best known exponent. Through these three groups flows thatFire, 846:plane of the solar system is neither a full exponent of the subconscious life of the earlierFire, 985:others, it is with a hidden selfish purpose. The exponent of white magic interests himself in theFire, 1214:the spiritual energy of the group which is the exponent of buddhic force, thus bringing in at theFire, 1214:of the greater Man and the Fourth Kingdom a true exponent of cosmic processes. The same laws governGlamour, 131:cannot arrive at full expression, because its exponent sees only this partial ideal as the wholeHealing, 12:by the fanatical healer and by the radical exponent of an idea, finitely grasped and in most casesHealing, 659:form aspect as it is gradually fitted to be an exponent or an expression of soul energy, and laterHealing, 671:expressing this higher harmlessness, forced the exponent of evil to retreat. This triple episode isHealing, 696:great healers. The Christ, being the truest exponent of the second ray ever known on earth, wasMagic, 416:Ten - The New Group of World Servers The true exponent of this new group type will of course notMagic, 439:a new branch of psychology and its true exponent for [440] our age will duly be found. I butMagic, 586:Simply the life of example. He is the best exponent of the Ageless Wisdom who lives each day in theMeditation, 146:as the ideal man. He visualizes himself as the exponent of all the virtues, and he attempts in hisMeditation, 149:similarly fails and becomes only a selfish exponent of power working through intelligence, unlessMeditation, 251:imbued with what we call higher teaching, is the exponent of the powers attained by meditation. AllMeditation, 288:in a physical vehicle that is a fairly just exponent of the inner man. Oft the man is of farPatanjali, 121:of our Aryan civilization. Bhakti Yoga made its exponent an arhat or led him to the fourthPatanjali, 428:Science of the Soul," as laid down by its main exponent, Patanjali, will eventually find itsPsychology1, 384:characteristic of Great Britain. England is an exponent of the art of control, and her function hasPsychology2, 436:Finally, a Master of the Wisdom, Who is an exponent of the Christ consciousness, in its unifying,Psychology2, 457:a body of doctrines or a school of thought or an exponent of any theory engrosses his completePsychology2, 484:arbiter of his own destiny, and a conscious exponent of his own innate divinity, of the God within.Rays, 35:of invoking Shamballa. That is why Hitler, the exponent of the reversed reaction to Shamballa (andRays, 197:the blindness of which Saul of Tarsus was the exponent, up to that condition which overwhelms theRays, 296:- of which the Christ today is the symbol and exponent. Neophytes and aspirants have "touched" thatRays, 530:he can then efficiently begin to work as an exponent of the Will aspect of divinity. Yet all thisRays, 672:worker under the divine Plan and a "magical exponent" of the divine building work; he is then aRays, 715:Hitherto also, he has only sought to be an exponent of the love of God; now he must express, withReappearance, 40:I speak not as a speculative theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious, wishful thinking.Reappearance, 116:thought by the average occult or theosophical exponent has been, on the whole, deplorable. It hasSoul, 30:also be of substantial help even to the trained exponent, not merely enabling him to ascertain [31]
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