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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPONENTS

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Astrology, 46:application made to the lives of the greatest exponents of the at-one-ing principle, it will becomeAstrology, 189:(one a non-sacred and one a sacred planet) are exponents or expressions of the third Ray of ActiveAstrology, 603:in our solar system as the custodians or the exponents of the Will aspect of Deity. Their effect,Astrology, 622:and fifty years has been upon it. The two great exponents of this ray energy are the two best knownAstrology, 687:which the Mahachohan and his followers are the exponents. These three groups form the three centersAutobiography, 171:in serving the Christ, and more truly exponents of brotherhood that my eyes were opened to theBethlehem, 13:but in the full tide of storm and stress. Exponents of all faiths are today meeting to discuss theBethlehem, 183:the Jewish revelation, and which found its exponents in Egypt and in the Mithraic Mysteries. UponBethlehem, 197:what the world would have been like today if the exponents of the Christian faith had occupiedDestiny, 16:apposite here to point out that such first ray exponents of force are often misunderstood andDestiny, 22:the ideas and by the quality of their exponents than you are by the ideas themselves. These youDestiny, 24:by these energies and men become victims of the exponents of the ideologies - past, present andDestiny, 38:perfection than that attained by any of these Exponents of divinity is inexpressibly true, for weDiscipleship2, 309:sacrifice. Incidentally, we considered the great exponents and the great field of sacrifice,Education, 21:of the intuition and should hold before its exponents as personality and group objectives. It isEducation, 49:a religious activity, to be handled by the exponents of the great world religions. It should be theEducation, 65:all World Saviors are the everlasting symbol and exponents. It was to redeem substance and itsEducation, 103:future, but that they are intended to be exponents of certain great group ideologies - Democratic,Education, 110:intend to go into details or definitions. The exponents of the differing creeds can provide theExternalisation, 32:which we call aspiration. This produces those exponents of the spiritual nature who constitute - inExternalisation, 192:to, and not the voices of the separative exponents of any ideology, of any form of government,Externalisation, 215:are becoming steadily more distinct, yet the exponents of these three groups are to be found inExternalisation, 476:conflict between nations or of hate between the exponents of differing ideologies but something farExternalisation, 593:and the Teacher alike of Angels and of men. The Exponents and the Representatives of all the worldExternalisation, 637:allowed to triumph, but the unhappy and glamored exponents of this evil are loved, along with theExternalisation, 679:draw forth from its holy secret hiding place the Exponents of Love, and thus the new world willFire, 180:group of adepts and Their pupils are the exponents. Every group of Masters and all the human beingsFire, 180:which the Mahachohan and his followers are the exponents. These three groups form the three centersFire, 1179:for the energy flowing through the foremost exponents of the f our castes and this not only inFire, 1189:aggregated nature of the men, responsive to and exponents of any particular planetary Ray. TheFire, 1190:upon this planet. There are human beings, or exponents of self-consciousness on other planets, butFire, 1195:indwelling; they are media of expression, and exponents of force or energy of a specialized kind.Fire, 1204:application made to the lives of the greatest exponents of the at-one-ing principle, it will becomeFire, 1213:of this purpose may be true, but the originating exponents of the Hatha-Yoga mysteries were wellGlamour, 97:that they are the victims and [97] the exponents of forces over which they have no control and ofGlamour, 253:because it is based on book knowledge and its exponents have never practiced it extensivelyHealing, 16:and other therapeutic schools are good exponents. They have done much good and constructive work,Healing, 68:with irritation, "imperil," as it is called by exponents of the first ray, such as the Master M. WeHercules, 11:that humanity has carried on down the ages. The exponents of the world religions have embodied inIntellect, 5:of the East (and also of our Western mystical exponents) is only a veil behind which those giftedIntellect, 147:Education in the Occident fails to carry its exponents on into the realm of the intuition, or ofIntellect, 221:breathing instruction at this time, and many exponents of breathing as a means to spiritualMagic, 15:any of the great schools of thought are simply exponents of occult meditation and the brilliantMagic, 482:into the kingdom of the soul, who are the exponents of the new age ideas, and the custodians ofMeditationThe great thinkers of the race, the true exponents of lower mind, are fundamentally those whoseMeditation, 17:the lower and the attainment of perfection. Its exponents develop along the line of music, rhythmMeditation, 251:heads of finance, or organized business, are the exponents of similar powers. They areMeditation, 254:plane. They picture themselves, perhaps, as the exponents [257] of ideal action, or visualize somePatanjali, 45:whose progress is less rapid, and who are exponents of the middle path. They proceed steadily andPatanjali, 175:controversies built up around religion and its exponents, nature itself, which doubt urges him onProblems, 145:and express through the lives and words of its exponents. This change in the doctrinal presentationPsychology1, 360:the academic materialistic psychologists are the exponents. The seventh ray will inaugurate thePsychology2, 60:no evidence of divinity at all. Great exponents of evil can perform the same miracles andPsychology2, 564:arouses much antagonism among the present day exponents of these powers, both in and out of thePsychology2, 676:women everywhere are to be trained to live as exponents of good will in every department of life,Rays, 560:was predominantly a race wherein its leading exponents (the "flower of the race" or the "crestRays, 560:of the human races (again through its foremost exponents) has to manifest the spirit of loveRays, 593:or state of thinking; this finds its exponents and [594] its "race members" in every nation,Reappearance, 37:and the Teacher alike of Angels and of men. The Exponents and the Representatives of all the worldReappearance, 139:solution of the world problems? [139] Why, as exponents of the God of Love, have Christian teachersTelepathy, 140:ahead of science, but that does not apply to the exponents of the theosophical teaching. The factTelepathy, 171:is amply provided for both by me and many other exponents of the technicalities of the Ageless
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