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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTEND

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Astrology, 8:to which we give the name of humanity. Now extend this idea to a greater phenomenal entity, theAtom, 40:and the animate; perhaps the life entities extend their activities to crystals and chemicals... TheAtom, 42:us can be said, in degree, of the atom. Let us extend our idea of the atom a little further, andAtom, 43:the little atom of the chemist. [43] We might extend the idea still further and consider a planetAtom, 43:all its functions, may it not be logical to extend the idea and predicate a still greaterAtom, 53:somewhat in the lecture last week, and to extend the concept still further. It has been said thatAtom, 58:of nature as generally understood. Let us now extend our idea from the individual forms that go toAtom, 98:the human being as an atom, then we might extend this primary conception to the planet, and sayAtom, 121:as inexplicable and as far removed. If we can extend this concept of the atom in our body and itsAutobiography, 198:who speak their language. The service activities extend into an even wider field and I shall notDestinystages of evolutionary development. These stages extend all the way from those of primeval humanityDestiny, 28:extends far ahead into the future, but does not extend beyond two thousand years. These mediumsDiscipleship1, 130:I not right, my brother? As time goes on, we can extend and, deepen the analysis but at first IDiscipleship1, 153:and chains, thus gaining a liberty which will extend through every department of your being. InDiscipleship1, 277:work. As your work may grow and its boundaries extend, you will be faced increasingly with theDiscipleship1, 326:success. The practice of these qualities will extend your sphere of usefulness for there will beDiscipleship1, 530:rose and lily beds, though large, do not extend into the corners of the two ends of the garden;Discipleship2, 10:Do you realize, my brothers, that as you extend your power to grasp the needed lessons and learn toDiscipleship2, 79:year has gone by and it is again time for me to extend the teaching already given still a littleDiscipleship2, 181:It is necessary, therefore, for you to extend your thinking about the meditation, as given above,Discipleship2, 196:- Part XII Part XII I would like today to extend the teaching given in the preceding instructionDiscipleship2, 535:This responsibility will definitely extend your field of service. Be willing, therefore, to descendDiscipleship2, 542:realistic and factual, but your realism must extend also to the inner realities and to theEducation, 147:constitute the third thread of the antahkarana extend eventually: From the physical body to theExternalisation, 91:have related them to the five centers. Let me extend the idea somewhat by pointing out that theseExternalisation, 312:of people, pledged to use the Invocation and to extend its use through the world. It is my specificExternalisation, 383:other minds, even if you do not know it. 3. Extend your interest to many countries and try toExternalisation, 388:foundations of the work to be done. Let me extend this concept a little further by pointing outExternalisation, 534:hierarchical objectives, and those objectives extend away from time and space into the Mind of GodFire, 31:The thirty-five circulating fiery vortices extend along the circle of the periphery. Between theFire, 179:kundalini and the centers, it would be well to extend the information given above, from its primeFire, 231:solar fire blazes forth in radiant glory. Extend this idea from man, an individualized unit ofFire, 245:has served its purpose. The Son is liberated. Extend the idea of this threefold development ofFire, 247:predicated the above facts of the atom, we can extend the idea now to man, following the sameFire, 255:consciousness and of awareness. Finally, we must extend these ideas to a solar Logos, and see howFire, 328:even though it be exerted on all planes. Again, extend the second statement anent the ethericFire, 539:as regards the microcosm, and later extend the idea to the Heavenly Men. Let us picture theFire, 683:the nature of his own etheric body, he must extend that knowledge to higher levels, and mustFire, 712:light of the Monad shines forth, but we have to extend the idea to the subtler planes, and dealFire, 801:Logos to man, the human unit. It profits not to extend the thought any further. Fire, 834:solar Lords on cosmic levels. Until our students extend their concept to include in theirFire, 910:danger may be averted. Hence the decision to extend the scope of this book to include more detailedFire, 973:thought-form, the conscious builder begins to extend this influence in order to send it forth fromFire, 992:students will study these conditions, and will extend the same concept to an earlier and moreFire, 1007:of the human eye on the physical plane, and then extend the concept to the work of the interiorFire, 1117:light," as it is sometimes called. We can then extend the concept somewhat further, and realize theFire, 1118:it ray forth eight streams of living fire which extend to the tips of the four love petals and theGlamour, 246:problem, advising the student to endeavor to extend his understanding of the microcosmic situationHealing, 226:the enlightened historian and scientist may extend the story of humanity to millions of years,Healing, 354:one soul - it will then be relatively easy to extend the concept to a broader [355] inclusiveness,Hercules, 198:of light to the sons of men, so we can extend the concept and think of humanity as a whole with allMagic, 56:of these matters are therefore begged to extend their concept of that hierarchy of souls so thatMagic, 176:keep their eyes on the horizon and seek thus to extend their vision; that they hold steadily theMeditation, 168:are obtained, and the man is enabled to extend the periphery of his consciousness until hePatanjali, 55:facts about the AUM, and leave the student to extend the concept and grasp the significance of thePatanjali, 347:capacity of the yogin to achieve his goal, to extend his realization to any locality, to reachPsychology1, 10:correspond with a fellow aspirant or meditate. Extend the idea, then, from the student in a groupPsychology1, 78:arise and touch. Bring forth the rod of power. Extend it outward toward the sons of men; touch themPsychology1, 80:for pain and difficulty in the world, for he can extend a knowledge of his own technique withPsychology1, 84:the work of all the craftsmen of the Lord extend the temple's walls and thus irradiate the world.Psychology2, 524:the diaphragm and becoming potent enough to extend its [525] influence above the diaphragm. ThePsychology2, 585:which is individual, racial and universal. If we extend these ideas into their planetarySoul, 11:to its logical end, we shall doubtless learn to extend our thought of what the psychic life of theTelepathy, 99:the extent and the power of the astral aura, and extend and increase the potency of the mentalTelepathy, 145:beyond the outside of the physical body. It may extend for a few or many inches. It is only in thisTelepathy, 147:expansions took place, the centers began to extend their usefulness and to use the nadis, and thus
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