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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTENSION

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Astrology, 295:kingdom; the soul as the animal soul and the extension of this to the bodies of all animals,Astrology, 417:onward and as of fourth and fifth dimensional extension. There is no way of depicting them or ofAstrology, 612:on the verge of discipleship. The whole story of extension from the One into the Many and of theAutobiography, 267:server of humanity. 2. An esoteric school is an extension into the physical outer world of theBethlehem, 247:of the personal self in some heaven which is the extension of our own individual consciousness, andBethlehem, 272:to its laws, and striving steadfastly for its extension on earth. He is the messenger of theDiscipleship1, 110:of those around you, putting down every seeming extension of the ordinary sense consciousness andDiscipleship1, 310:Your problems are, however, known to me and this extension of your outer influence (radiating fromDiscipleship1, 311:with your group brothers. In what manner that extension of service must demonstrate is for youDiscipleship1, 594:disciples, working under one Master, become an extension of his Ashram upon the outer plane.Discipleship1, 687:up the question of the vision, its nature and extension. Is this vision, which must exist beforeDiscipleship1, 735:from those minor preoccupations which produce extension instead of tension. If you are (to give aDiscipleship1, 743:* The Soul * * The Ashram * The Disciple An extension of this idea lies behind much that I haveDiscipleship1, 766:"know" God in his many phases of all-inclusive extension and perfection. A close concentration uponDiscipleship2, 191:to come, you will find that they will lead to an extension of your service, which (as far as theDiscipleship2, 251:implications which I ask you to consider. An extension of these concepts to a Master and his ashramDiscipleship2, 288:and works as a Member of the Hierarchy for the extension of the will-to-good among men, andDiscipleship2, 293:to the initiate understanding signifies an extension of the struggle which the neophyte makes inDiscipleship2, 456:service which the disciple is creating and the extension of his light in the world. It amuses us atEducation, 32:that it is always unconsciously linked), an extension of this fivefold thread - the basic two andEducation, 33:to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between the heart andEducation, 36:to the attention of the public. 9. The extension of this concept of bridging will be developed toEducation, 49:Our colleges and universities should be a higher extension of all that has been already done. TheyEducation, 146:constructed, in the throat. This thread is an extension or synthesis of the two basic threads.Externalisation, 112:termination of the conflict or its indefinite extension lies in the keeping of [113] humanityExternalisation, 120:processes of concentration and their worldwide extension began. These cycles are similar to theExternalisation, 300:At that time too there came a great impetus and extension to the work and growth of the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 406:man and his personal salvation. It is an extension of the individual approach to truth. Let us callExternalisation, 521:done then other developments may be possible. An extension of the ashram is desired. It was withFire, 109:the etheric, giving certain indications for the extension of the concept to other realms than theFire, 160:the atom of matter, and produces the subsequent extension of the influence of the positive pointFire, 192:Hearing on the mental plane is simply an extension of the faculty of differentiating sound. TheFire, 192:himself. Bear this carefully in mind. When the extension of hearing becomes such that it concernsFire, 411:manifesting through seven solar systems, and the extension of this concept of Being to [412]Fire, 735:its devitalization. The etheric coil is but an extension of one aspect of the sutratma or thread,Fire, 916:and the Mother. In this realization, and its extension to include an entire solar system, will comeFire, 944:fiery strands, which is in [944] reality an extension of the sutratma, or life thread. As it isFire, 945:and thus affect a man's bodies, Racial karma, an extension of the above, Forces playing upon theFire, 1081:Their activity. This tabulation is but an extension of the major one which grouped all Egos underGlamour, 71:of (and identification with) reality. An extension of the above idea into what we call racialGlamour, 185:taught, and the rest of Their teaching but an extension of Their central themes. Their contributionHealing, 277:recognized by science, and known to be an extension of a normal sense. As the true astrology comesHealing, 299:Himself, producing excess of movement, endless extension, abundant growth and undue haste. He knewHealing, 407:understanding of what the Masters call "the extension of death in space." Nevertheless, in theHealing, 460:are first of all withdrawn into the surrounding extension of the etheric ring-pass-not, prior toHercules, 93:awareness, but which is, nevertheless, simply an extension of his response apparatus and theHercules, 94:the doe recognized the spiritual intuition, that extension of consciousness, that highly developedIntellect, 71:is reduced, reasoning is silent, the feeling of extension gathers itself together and then breaksIntellect, 234:of a student in the meditation work by the extension of his field of service and by the things hisMagic, 139:the transmutation of the five senses and their extension into the subtler planes so that sight,Meditation, 195:and the result will be an immense temporary extension of the peripheries of the emotional bodies ofPatanjali, 28:The fish swimming in the waters of matter, an extension of the same idea only carried down to itsPatanjali, 166:at his pleasure, and [166] when needed for the extension of the kingdom of God. The object of thisPatanjali, 244:of it and logical reasoning about it, The extension of the mental concepts which have been formedPatanjali, 247:is meditation (dhyana). Meditation is but the extension of concentration and grows out of thePatanjali, 351:All the senses are capable of infinite extension and every sense when consciously followed andProblems, 56:Our colleges and universities should be a higher extension of all that has been already done. TheyProblems, 149:man alone and his personal salvation. It is an extension of the individual approach to truth. LetPsychology1, 182:be a figment of man's creative imagination or an extension of his own consciousness, but a Deity ofPsychology2, 93:through form, the taking of a body, extension of consciousness through the process of incarnation,Psychology2, 170:scope for sight, - no height, no depth, ho wide extension. He had but room to go one way. He wentPsychology2, 438:This type of person, under the influence of this extension of consciousness, is often beautifullyPsychology2, 534:consciousness can cover and of the area or the extension of its capacity. This is the period ofPsychology2, 559:Higher psychic powers. a. Clairvoyance. Extension through vision. The mystical vision. b.Psychology2, 559:vision. The mystical vision. b. Clairaudience. Extension through hearing. Telepathy. Inspiration.Psychology2, 609:at times seem almost too bright to be borne. The extension of the rays of this inner sun first toPsychology2, 652:is, therefore, in the last analysis, simply an extension of the Plan as it has always existed. NoRays, 58:and blended with the Hierarchy and hears the extension of the Word, spoken originally by his soul:Rays, 99:The purposes of time and space, of events and extension, of matter and consciousness have beenRays, 223:understood if it is realized that it means the extension of the point of tension into realms whichRays, 238:by what has been called "the crisis of spatial extension." They call this the interchangeablenessRays, 386:the Cross"; the initiate faced the process of extension on the Cross, and from that vantage pointRays, 450:that it is always unconsciously linked), an extension of this fivefold thread - the basic two andRays, 450:to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between the heart andRays, 454:we will define the antahkarana as the extension of the threefold thread (hitherto wovenRays, 471:consider the building of the antahkarana as an extension in consciousness. This extension is theRays, 471:as an extension in consciousness. This extension is the first definite effort made upon the Path toRays, 473:vision - unattainable as yet but definitely an extension of the known and previously grasped. SuchRays, 530:phases upon the mental plane, and with their extension into states of being unknown to all exceptRays, 758:with their capacity for improvement and for the extension of science along the lines of theSoul, 93:These are the five ethers and they have fivefold extension. [94] From these the universe cameSoul, 146:so much by the growth of Science itself or the extension of its 'hypotheses,' as by a growth andTelepathy, 163:two points only are left for the processes of extension. [164] The initial triangle was formed byTelepathy, 178:is etheric and vital in nature and of an extension beyond the grasp of the greatest mind of the
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