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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTENSIVE

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Astrology, 134:are of far greater potency and are far more extensive in their effects than the more concrete andAutobiography, 193:we possessed the slightest indication as to the extensive and all-engrossing work ahead of us IDiscipleship2, 407:of this radiation or magnetic aura is now so extensive that we need no longer talk in terms ofDiscipleship2, 410:plane at this time to ensure a recognition so extensive that the steady, consistent arousing ofExternalisation, 429:reach into the most isolated village, the most extensive desert and the highest mountain top, asExternalisation, 447:be many) will have a greater and far more extensive effect than would otherwise be the case; itFire, 857:the entire record of any group, however vast and extensive, is embodied in seven sheets of symbols,Fire, 904:devas, under the manipulatory devas of this extensive group, we are dealing with the devas of fire,Fire, 1054:away his radius of control becomes ever more extensive. The atom controls its own central life; manGlamour, 259:upon the breath from sources higher and far more extensive than those normally used; this willHealing, 146:and above [146] the head are of great beauty and extensive radiation, plus dynamic effectiveness.Healing, 195:"nadis"; they constitute an intricate and most extensive network of fluid energies which are anHealing, 196:and the quality of the nervous system with its extensive network of nerves and plexi covering theHealing, 290:in group life and the interrelations became more extensive. Later on, the personality became theHealing, 455:human body, as you know, we have an underlying, extensive vital body which is the counterpart ofInitiation, 55:speaks English fluently. His reading is wide and extensive, and all the current books andInitiation, 91:One Initiator makes available in a vastly more extensive manner the force of the higher self orMeditation, 307:in the southern part of the Middle West, and an extensive occult college in California in a placeProblems, 12:the whole. Emphasis upon worldly possessions or extensive territory is no sign of maturity;Psychology1, 186:will end, and workers will enter into more extensive fields, if the work proves effective. ShouldRays, 36:member in the group? Can one person have so extensive an influence that he can hold up or delay orRays, 306:which express themselves in great areas or extensive thought-forms; these may have, in turn,Rays, 309:it is the life aspect (in this higher and more extensive type of destruction) which destroys theRays, 561:in the Atlantean initiations) and the extensive inclusive life of the modern or Aryan initiate, isRays, 723:Disciples are not really able to understand the extensive significances of the third initiation,Telepathy, 97:is usually by far the most dominant factor, extensive and controlling. The mental aura, which is inTelepathy, 101:use of the many varying energies) become more extensive and, therefore, cover a much wider range of
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