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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTENT

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Fire, 247:any particular atom. Its life-activity, or the extent to which the life at the center animates theFire, 249:rule and government. His life activity or the extent to which at any given time he demonstratesFire, 253:the Heavenly Men are as yet manifesting to any extent, though One of Them is rather in advance ofFire, 257:four principles are as yet manifested to any extent, for the evolution of the Logos parallels thatFire, 258:as yet by the endeavor to ascertain the extent of the subjective control, by the measure of theFire, 258:of the life animating the ten schemes. By the extent of the control exerted by the Logos at anyFire, 281:of a portion of planetary space of great extent, and even in the case of the very highly evolvedFire, 340:fire of matter and has stimulated it to such an extent that it has brought about the liberation ofFire, 439:found, will no longer pour its force to the same extent into the form He built, and it willFire, 466:they are sometimes called, and not, to the same extent, the devas of the astral or mental planes.Fire, 665:things: Demonstrate somewhat the nature and extent of the forces flowing through our system. ShowFire, 752:fifth Initiation he becomes aware of the full extent of this planetary group influence, and [753]Fire, 793:upon their immediate neighbors is known, and the extent of their planetary radiation has beenFire, 1094:of the central solar life to pass throughout the extent of the wheel so that they come in contactFire, 1126:now and this sixth mahatic sense is of vaster extent and service to them than it ever is to theFire, 1180:has been shown to indicate its magnitude and extent. In closing, it must be pointed out that theFire, 1210:expressing, will see it demonstrated to such an extent as to place etheric electrical phenomenaFire, 1226:order to save. At each step along the Path, the extent of that love and sacrifice is opened up asFire, 1257:The quality gained is cosmic etheric vision, the extent of the vision developed being within theGlamour, 49:it is a tiny cell or an isolated island of vast extent, from which escape is impossible. TheGlamour, 133:a barrier (of varying density, according to the extent of the identification) between the man inGlamour, 152:is definitely contagious to an almost alarming extent. So, my brothers, watch yourselves with careGlamour, 154:and he is controlled at least to some large extent by mental influence, then the Dweller begins toGlamour, 206:this because I would have you appreciate the extent of the task a man undertakes when heGlamour, 212:This astral liberation must to a certain extent control the choice of those who are to work atGlamour, 241:and then gradually it floods the life to such an extent that eventually glamor completely vanishes.Healing, 26:in the inability of the healer to: Gauge the extent of the trouble, where it may be locatedHealing, 58:of those times, seeing the fearful evils and the extent of the disease which grew up out of theHealing, 61:inhibited life tendency is therefore of greater extent, and consequently (if statistics can beHealing, 128:humanity to its diseased condition, to the extent of the evil which is now discovered to be soHealing, 195:the dense physical body) are dependent upon the extent of the unfoldment of the particular centerHealing, 199:course those due to accidents and, to some [199] extent, to planetary conditions inducing epidemicsHealing, 271:outer symptoms, will be simplified to this extent that, once the organ involved is known and thusHealing, 291:the present widespread distress indicates the extent and success of human unfoldment and is a mostHealing, 318:the worst climaxes can be obviated. To the extent that the patient intelligently tries to helpHealing, 489:is relatively quick and is dependent upon the extent of the manasic influence. The manasic man,Healing, 489:They bring in soul power to a greatly enhanced extent, and produce consequently such an [490]Healing, 490:alive. This phrasing permits latitude as to the extent of the awareness and of observation, for aHealing, 490:than they are physically, and live to a great extent focused in their astral vehicles, the man isHealing, 503:in all the kingdoms of nature, has to some extent this effect; it shatters and destroys substantialHealing, 509:test out both his point of integration and the extent of the serving quality produced by thisHealing, 534:outer symptoms, will be simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thusHealing, 576:In Atlantean times they were externalized to the extent that disciples who were not yet initiatesHealing, 579:radiation showed itself, though not to the extent which is now frequent and possible. The first dimHealing, 580:from the familiar aspect of light, but from the extent of its emanating rays of active energy whichHealing, 610:of an advanced person or an initiate to a great extent and for long periods in their incarnations;Healing, 612:inevitable. The physical body, and to a far less extent the astral and mental bodies, are automaticHealing, 630:outer symptoms, will be simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thusHealing, 640:will to manifest divinely, dominate to such an extent that the death of the personality is broughtHealing, 647:lunar lords of his own little system to such an extent that his lower nature would be undulyHealing, 653:in radiatory healing is dependent, to a great extent, upon the ability of his own soul to establishHealing, 693:average aspirant is seldom in control to such an extent that it can bring adequate illumination andHercules, 146:and that of heat into movement. To what extent, then, can human energies be redirected? First ofHercules, 199:have done. They all did what, to a greater extent, Christ did. We hear about the failure ofInitiation, 122:that for the first time he becomes aware of the extent of planetary purpose and karma within theIntellect, 5:era of the charlatans has gone by, and to some extent by their aid, there appears a possibility ofIntellect, 184:the ordinary restrictions are to a certain extent relaxed, although the devotee is not yetMagic, 59:of his lower nature and begins to realize the extent of his imprisonment and (as Patanjali puts it)Magic, 106:the atoms of the physical body to such an extent that each atom becomes in turn a tiny radiantMagic, 176:they possess a further structure of greater extent. Each generation now should produce its seers. IMagic, 178:equipment, his educational advantages, the extent of his vocabulary and his inherent capacity toMagic, 183:of: a. The functioning to a greater or less extent of the pineal gland, which is (as is well known)Magic, 222:blends in with the surrounding chaos to such an extent that it is at first almost impossible forMagic, 322:the surroundings exactly in proportion to the extent of the inner contact, and in direct relationMagic, 340:the perfecting of the mechanism to such an extent that it is now a coordinated integrated organism,Magic, 375:itself with the form aspect to such an extent that all duality disappears in the illusion that theMagic, 479:swept entirely by longing and desire to such an extent that the united desire for possessions andMagic, 577:speakers who magnetically use the hands to any extent and the effects as seen by a clairvoyant areMeditation, 59:bodies, should open up the channel to a greater extent, and so provide a more adequate vehicle forMeditation, 63:Ego to a more or less degree, but always to some extent through the permanent atom. The driving outMeditation, 245:from error, enabling him to judge truly of the extent of the trouble, the seat of distress, itsMeditation, 275:on different planes and makes records of the extent of the work accomplished, and the far-reachingMeditation, 348:more profound than his, is testing the force and extent of the vibration set up, and is adjustingPatanjali, 32:must be it is not possible to enlarge to any extent upon this subject, but some idea can be gainedPatanjali, 137:[137] for hate in some degree, aversion to some extent, is present in every human heart. Only,Patanjali, 247:of the mind on the object thought of (to the extent of making it one with it). In fact, the mindPatanjali, 259:reached, the trend of his daily thought, and the extent of his egoic contact. This is not the truePatanjali, 426:possibilities, has developed them to their full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul.Problems, 13:of the race which fails to grasp the extent of the whole of which each nation is a part. War andProblems, 14:planet would not have been possible. To that extent, there is no nation without blame. It isProblems, 41:parts of France. Time alone will indicate the extent of the damage done. Much can, however, beProblems, 111:states these conditions do not exist to the same extent, but the Negro is steadily discriminatedProblems, 148:equal; it is only in relation to time and in the extent to which progress has been made in thePsychology1, 11:disaster is not a statement of fact. The extent of the discipline to be undergone by a disciple isPsychology1, 44:influence of these seven streams determined the extent or scope of activity of a solar system andPsychology1, 165:to which all are subject to a considerable extent, not merely those belonging by nature to thatPsychology1, 324:personality," or of disciplining it to such an extent that it becomes a dead poor thing. The truePsychology1, 399:now called Jewish blood is not found to the same extent, and the modern Jew is as much a by-productPsychology2, 54:of force, which we call planes. According to the extent of the impact (and this is determined, -Psychology2, 62:the mechanism of the body, is dependent for its extent upon the point of development, or upon thePsychology2, 149:of which we may individually be aware, and the extent of our soul contact. Our point upon thePsychology2, 204:people are to be found in all races to a small extent, and a number of them can be found among thePsychology2, 245:when the orbit the mind travels is of vast extent. The synthesis of the divine concept, the visionPsychology2, 295:was dominant. The problem can be posited and its extent made clear by the following tabulationPsychology2, 303:out his ideas on these matters, or to see the extent of the subject with the perspective that isPsychology2, 381:those of the soul. When this has been to a great extent carried forward satisfactorily, then thePsychology2, 539:also arise when a center is used to such an extent that the attention is withdrawn from thePsychology2, 600:and longing) ended by obsessing him to such an extent that he finally ended by mistaking the symbolPsychology2, 608:the optic nerve, not to its detriment but to the extent of evoking the subtler side of the sense ofPsychology2, 609:has been done or of the particular task, and the extent of the magnetic field. There never need be
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