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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTERNALIZATION

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Healing, 179:This is to be expected. The dense physical externalization of this center is to be found in theHealing, 183:sciences) houses a threefold thread. This is the externalization of the antahkarana, composed ofHealing, 195:bodily nerves, which latter system is in fact an externalization of the inner pattern of energies.Healing, 197:aspect. That which demonstrates as their united externalization is the endocrine system whichHealing, 200:controlling the spine. The pineal gland, the externalization of the head center. The pituitaryHealing, 200:to the ajna center. The carotid gland, the externalization of the third head center. All theseHealing, 214:as you well know. When the ajna center and its externalization, the pituitary body, are alsoHealing, 334:to the planetary physical body. It is the externalization of a very important center. [335] ThereHealing, 667:which the Hierarchy is making towards its externalization upon the [668] physical plane. TheMagic, 226:in and through matter. It is the plane of externalization and, according to the condition and pointMagic, 413:as follows: It is first of all an attempt at an externalization of the Hierarchy upon the physicalMagic, 455:into relation with each other. The form is the externalization of something that its Creator has:Magic, 496:which might be regarded as the densest aspect or externalization of the other two. The soul, seatedMagic, 587:and in the world of physical phenomena and externalization. This consequently involves anPsychology1, 121:in both. I mention this as an illustration of an externalization of ray force, and as an indicationPsychology1, 177:(of which the outer organizations are an externalization) will greatly increase. Soon we shall havePsychology1, 216:appearance, objective manifestation, or the externalization of the solar Logos. Consciousness orPsychology1, 222:Adaptation Translation Transfiguration. 5. Egoic Externalization Manifestation Realization. APsychology1, 229:etheric substance," and is a condensation or externalization of the etheric planes. ThisPsychology1, 229:its atoms and elements through the experience of externalization. This resolution is noted by us asPsychology1, 242:to the surface. It constitutes the energy of externalization. The united effect of these threePsychology1, 405:of man we have to grasp: The process followed - externalization. The secret to be found -Psychology1, 407:of souls of [407] which the personality is an externalization, and a consequent attachment to thePsychology1, 413:Adaptation Translation Transfiguration. Egoic Externalization Manifestation Realization. Some NotesPsychology2, 186:new groups will come into being largely as an externalization - experimental as yet - of the groupsPsychology2, 192:merits consideration. III. They are an externalization of an inner existing condition. [193] ItPsychology2, 249:that there may be right expression and a correct externalization of the inner reality. ThePsychology2, 250:way in which the inspiration comes, or how the externalization of the vision becomes possible, orPsychology2, 367:is, if I might so express it, an effort at an externalization of the group personality of thePsychology2, 434:centers, the glandular system is simply the externalization, or physical counterpart. The glandsPsychology2, 516:be more carefully borne in mind. This process of externalization can be seen working out in all thePsychology2, 516:tending towards the extraversion or the externalization of the great energies to which the massPsychology2, 576:of the forces which are working to prevent the externalization of the Hierarchy of Light since suchRays, 71:which I have given out, the first one (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page V). ("Let theRays, 112:the Door of Light onto the Lighted Way. That externalization has not yet taken place. TentativeRays, 158:of the Saving Force has now arrived". (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 249.) [159] TheRays, 271:to the higher triad. This is part of the externalization of the Hierarchy which is proceedingRays, 334:Hence, therefore, the necessity for the externalization of the Hierarchy and the demonstration ofRays, 334:Door on to the Way. Speaking symbolically, this externalization is for the Members of the HierarchyRays, 334:subtle point too difficult for you to grasp. The externalization of the Hierarchy, therefore, andRays, 367:whereby men live. This will happen after the externalization of the Hierarchy. This Lord of theRays, 373:The triangle is, therefore, as follows: As the externalization of the Ashram proceeds, those soulsRays, 382:evolution tends; it will take the form of the externalization of the Ashram, so that the HierarchyRays, 410:or for what is called by Them "the process of externalization." This has necessarily producedRays, 531:constitutes his contribution to the future externalization of the initiatory process in its earlierRays, 532:are as follows: Factual Ceremonials, based on externalization. Initiation 1 - The Birth. InitiationRays, 586:working upon the physical plane and which is an externalization (existing on the mental and astralRays, 655:aid the work of the Christ and help towards the externalization of the Hierarchy, through theRays, 707:program planned by the Hierarchy, prior to the externalization of the Ashrams. The Masters feelRays, 738:Inaugurator, the Christ, the making possible the externalization of the Hierarchy upon Earth giveRays, 760:in the book by that name; and in the book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, I have dealtReappearance, 169:of the Christ. This might be regarded as the externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy of ourReappearance, 185:of the reappearance of the Christ and the externalization of the Kingdom of God. Their work will beTelepathy, 14:peoples - these are all instances of that lower externalization of an inner spiritual reality. AnTelepathy, Discip:of which telepathy is in fact but an exoteric externalization. Impression, as an art to be masteredTelepathy, 186:surely come, but it will come only after the externalization of the Hierarchy and its open
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