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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTERNALIZED

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Astrology, 244:call Money. It is literally gold and this is the externalized symbol of that which is created byAstrology, 446:when that effort is - at some later date - externalized on Earth. Masonry is governed by theBethlehem, 260:through His work the following things: He externalized the Mysteries so that they have become knownDiscipleship1, 12:is in this way that the Masters' Ashrams will be externalized on earth and the Hierarchy functionDiscipleship1, 67:New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII The externalized groups of disciples are all of themDiscipleship1, 747:the Ashram." The Ashram, you must remember, is externalized only in so far as it provides a pointDiscipleship1, 747:working in the world, or the exoteric Ashram, is externalized by reflecting the radiance of theDiscipleship2, 60:he is deciding which Ashrams shall be externalized and who, within those Ashrams, should and mustExternalisation, 36:between the Members of the Hierarchy has to be externalized, eventually, upon earth and this is oneExternalisation, 168:esoteric teaching, as well as the best of the externalized past. Then and only then will the newExternalisation, 339:of God must function on Earth; that it must be externalized and that it need not be some distantExternalisation, 521:side as part of one inner Group; they must be externalized for service purposes. The fact that thisExternalisation, 523:of certain basic statements. The Work of the Externalized Ashrams: Creating and vitalizing the newExternalisation, 556:the imagination; these ceremonies will later be externalized at some center in every country. AExternalisation, 652:work done by and for humanity), the Hierarchy is externalized or manifests itself as a definite andExternalisation, 674:the physical plane; this will be the task of the externalized Ashrams, organized to functionExternalisation, 685:of truth, and which will cooperate with the externalized Ashrams in the various parts of the world.Externalisation, 700:- Stages in the Externalization The Work of the Externalized Ashrams The barest outline must hereExternalisation, 700:I have dealt with the proposed work of the externalized Ashrams at some length in the foregoingExternalisation, 700:and people of goodwill. Specifically, the externalized Ashrams will be active along four majorHealing, 41:undesirable subjective conditions. These, when externalized and brought to the surface of the humanHealing, 576:or work with them. In Atlantean times they were externalized to the extent that disciples who wereHealing, 624:It is with this system of centers and their externalized effects, the glands, that the healer hasMagic, 412:of etheric force. It is therefore vital energy externalized, and this form of energy is under theMagic, 458:Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences Every externalized idea is, therefore, possessed of form,Psychology1, 131:appears. Eventually this body of light becomes externalized and of greater prominence than thePsychology2, 54:a temporary form from which can be seen as externalized and as relatively tangible, and which canPsychology2, 117:consciousness of the body. These two centers (externalized by the two glands, the pineal gland andPsychology2, 285:the Law of Economy. The energy of dense matter. Externalized activity. The automatic reactions ofPsychology2, 576:in incarnation in order to carry forward the externalized work of the Hierarchy, will be great. TheRays, 336:concern [336] humanity when the Hierarchy is externalized. These mysteries will not be revealed toRays, 659:on Earth is nearly over; when the Hierarchy is externalized, and men as a whole recognize theRays, 699:when the Christ reappears and the Hierarchy is externalized on Earth), the Master will "functionTelepathy, 19:connection with the human consciousness is ever externalized or finds its analogy upon the physicalTelepathy, 32:an inner structure of thought. The focus of the externalized group life is the etheric body. TheTelepathy, 38:reorganization of the life. These changes, being externalized, can produce powerful psychological
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