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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTERNALIZING

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Discipleship1, 160:or rather, my brother and my friend, the externalizing of that love which you have in full measure.Discipleship1, 265:awakening and for you one of the ways of externalizing your inner awareness is through the use of aDiscipleship1, 313:brief exercise to perform which may help in the externalizing of your magnetic power... Do thisDiscipleship1, 448:living. Do this with the point in view of externalizing these concepts in your service in yourDiscipleship1, 532:of this pondering and thought in a paper, thus externalizing your inner recognitions. Discipleship1, 685:humanity, as the process (so long foretold) of externalizing the Hierarchy and restoring theDiscipleship1, 724:relationship but is a part of the new process of externalizing the hierarchical effort of which allDiscipleship2, 21:VII. We are also trying the experiment of externalizing the Ashram. This is an effort which, ifDiscipleship2, 22:advanced work can be made exoteric. This planned externalizing of the teaching must go on all theDiscipleship2, 40:for it. The final point, which concerns the externalizing of the Ashrams, will be given to you whenDiscipleship2, 141:will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalizing the Ashram and furthering the work ofExternalisation, 38:the synthesizing tenth) will their share in the externalizing process, as it is to take place inExternalisation, 166:for He re-enacted for us an eternal process, externalizing it in such a way that it became theExternalisation, 354:meantime, paralleling your subjective work and externalizing your inner endeavor must be your workGlamour, 214:of the new world religion now on its way towards externalizing) the realization that groups canPsychology2, 280:light and of power which will make possible the externalizing of the Mysteries of Initiation uponPsychology2, 281:of Initiation upon the physical plane, thus externalizing the activities of the Hierarchy inRays, 17:- in such an experiment, for instance, as externalizing the Ashrams of the Masters. It is this newRays, 111:experiment being undertaken by the Hierarchy of externalizing Their Ashrams. This process [112]Rays, 373:to the Ashram: One function is to enable "externalizing units of perfection" (the higher initiatesRays, 703:producing synthesis. The factor of the Purpose, externalizing itself through the Plan. These areTelepathy, 46:action [46] by Shamballa, or the Will-to-Good, externalizing itself as goodwill. The New Group ofTelepathy, 49:created and oriented, will finally lead to the externalizing of the registered impression, as it
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