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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTREME

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Astrology, 287:Fixed Cross and their effect is drastic in the extreme. In Pisces, the waters of purification areAstrology, 322:and great problems of the disciple is his extreme sensitivity to impacts from every side and hisAstrology, 368:- inclusive of Gemini and Sagittarius - are of extreme importance where humanity is concerned:Astrology, 410:The lesser zodiac covered - from the angle of extreme illusion - in the course of one year,Astrology, 442:governs two decanates in Capricorn. Hence its extreme potency today in the triangle of Humanity.Astrology, 544:dynamic, one-pointed potency, hence also their extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancientAstrology, 553:which drive the soul within the form from one extreme of experience to another, so that the lifeAutobiography, 298:Master came to her. Her setting was of the most extreme conservative pattern, her understanding ofBethlehem, 163:showed us love and sacrifice carried to their extreme expression; but Christ alive from all time,Bethlehem, 198:developed by Calvinists with relentless logic to extreme conclusions. Calvinism is often summarizedBethlehem, 251:Theosophists and the Rosicrucians; and also the extreme theory of annihilation, which does not findDestiny, 70:a few again are purely embryonic. Thus the extreme difficulty of the science becomes increasinglyDiscipleship1, 89:you to proceed with courage, joy, understanding, extreme caution and - at the same time - withDiscipleship1, 117:your fellow-disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process of theoreticalDiscipleship1, 173:the inner side have usually to deal with two extreme positions where our disciples are concerned.Discipleship1, 184:self-protection, necessitated by long years of extreme sensitivity; this eventually must give placeDiscipleship1, 269:(even if useful) offers not the chance for an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw uponDiscipleship1, 342:at times militate against your progress. Your extreme cautiousness may lead (if over-accentuated)Discipleship1, 626:detachment. Disciples on both those rays have an extreme lesson to learn in this connection; theyDiscipleship1, 626:not just love more simply? You and F. C. D. are extreme types on your specific rays. In him, theDiscipleship1, 706:and the task would, therefore, be one of extreme danger. [707] In the Aquarian Age (which is now soDiscipleship1, 742:The world today is entering a phase of extreme sensitivity. Disciples must train themselves toDiscipleship2, 10:her right reception; for if the work is exerting extreme pressure and if she is occupied withDiscipleship2, 63:The Hierarchy therefore is: In a position of extreme tension. In a condition of quiescent waiting.Discipleship2, 65:existence is apt to produce violent strain. The extreme psychical tension affecting the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 77:on the outer plane. I would ask you to read with extreme care what I have to say and suggest,Discipleship2, 262:have caused some of you concern because of their extreme difficulty of interpretation. I would askDiscipleship2, 357:Ashrams at this time are witnessing a period of extreme change and adjustment and of a far-reachingDiscipleship2, 427:by the Spirits of the seven Rays." This connotes extreme activity in Shamballa and alsoDiscipleship2, 428:and decision in general human affairs; hence the extreme gravity of the present moment. All I canDiscipleship2, 430:of opportunity and of decision. Hence the extreme gravity of the present moment." I would suggestDiscipleship2, 459:of these two contacts? They came at moments of extreme fatigue and tension. The future also holdsDiscipleship2, 459:also its joys and aspirations. The glamor of an extreme sensitivity is your major handicap, myDiscipleship2, 460:Watch this process with care in your life. Your extreme psychic sensitivity and impressionabilityDiscipleship2, 460:nature) must be overcome by a paralleling extreme spiritual sensitivity. This again I think youDiscipleship2, 719:duty. I would have you watch yourself with extreme care and I would ask you to refrain from usingDiscipleship2, 756:training for initiation. This attitude is one of extreme personal reticence and of withdrawing fromEducation, vi:societies. Each of these civilizations, in its extreme form, is over-balanced in its own direction.Education, 42:- the Aryan [42] and the Atlantean - present two extreme objectives or positions towards which theExternalisation, 86:ray individuals and nations can be potent in the extreme. This impact, being relatively a new oneExternalisation, 96:noted. The Hierarchy stands also at a point of extreme and scientific tension - scientific becauseExternalisation, 197:will end this condition of great luxury and extreme poverty, of gross over-feeding of the few andExternalisation, 214:group is taking shape in the world today with extreme definiteness and is composed of those whoExternalisation, 351:of invocation and evocation, facilitated by the extreme readiness to act and to respond on the partExternalisation, 391:unconscious - evoke reply? [391] In moments of extreme urgency or crisis, the story of the ChristExternalisation, 453:not work out, however, in a similar period of extreme carnage and blood; it will be fought largelyExternalisation, 546:a deeply esoteric mode of working, yet one of extreme simplicity; and the Goodwill movement, whichExternalisation, 548:only to erupt once more in 1939, continuing with extreme fierceness and cruelty till 1945, when theExternalisation, 583:of mission (if I may call it so) in their extreme youth and thus be oriented towards their lifeExternalisation, 624:is at present most unevenly balanced, producing extreme riches and extreme poverty. Into greatExternalisation, 624:unevenly balanced, producing extreme riches and extreme poverty. Into great capitalistic systemsExternalisation, 668:things of the past, and those who work for the extreme opposite of this point of view and for thatExternalisation, 690:with which they are constantly confronted is an extreme sensitivity to the thought currents ofFire, 129:a period of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement. This middle period producesFire, 336:on the physical plane, but gives no idea of the extreme complexity of the subject." - From A StudyFire, 450:the life within to definite action. Hence the extreme danger - as has been frequently pointed out -Fire, 597:laws, it is needful that we all recognize the extreme danger of dogmatizing about these matters,Fire, 722:of clarity and in order to elucidate a matter of extreme difficulty to the occidental mind aboveFire, 755:years against crime, sovietism, and the extreme radicalism which is now being made use of byFire, 832:by the disciple to carry him to the opposite extreme of the earlier stage, - that stage wherein theFire, 897:an evolutionary deva is seeking expression. The extreme interest of this subject might be expressedFire, 1159:may be regarded as: The basic center at the extreme lowest point of the spine. The alta majorFire, 1165:in unison, the effect is wonderful in the extreme, and impossible for the eye to follow, the mindFire, 1270:or symbols which are missing on account of the extreme age of the material upon which the text isGlamour, 60:self-imposed life purpose, driving him from one extreme to another. This leads to illusion throughGlamour, 223:and thus to produce a condition which is one of extreme difficulty. I might define their problem byHealing, 80:or possession is easily established. This is an extreme example of the difficulties incident toHealing, 150:Lives. The complexity of the subject is extreme, but when the disciple or initiate is functioningHealing, 171:human history, the situation is one of acute and extreme difficulty. Mankind, through theHealing, 181:fixed or finally determined. This is a point of extreme importance. Be not therefore misled byHealing, 182:the activity of this center, on account of the extreme danger involved in any premature work on theHealing, 213:(not much) about the pituitary body, but its extreme importance as it affects the psychologicalHealing, 256:to state, or even to recognize, that in cases of extreme illness or accident, the patient isHealing, 309:of the physical plane disease, or as an extreme emotionalism or sensitive response in the astralHealing, 406:death. This is familiar to all of us through its extreme frequency, could we but realize it. ThisHealing, 418:a period of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement. This middle period producesHealing, 458:with oil, as preserved in the Catholic Church. Extreme Unction has an occult, scientific basis. TheHealing, 629:is of major importance. This is because of its extreme simplicity, and because, if comprehended andHercules, 82:capacities in Virgo, swings violently from one extreme to the other in Libra, and is subjected toHercules, 129:Justice with mercy. "If Thou O God wilt be extreme to mark what is done amiss, O Lord who may abideHercules, 136:problem', a solution which moves on with extreme ease', with the utmost simplicity of means, with aHercules, 214:sign (as are also Taurus and Virgo). Quality: Extreme characteristics of the worst and best types.Initiation, 28:has remained with us ever since. Owing to the extreme purity of his nature, and the fact that he isIntellect, 41:individual training has been spectacular in the extreme. The eastern method is the only one whichIntellect, 150:special apprehension of reality may serve, as extreme cases serve to test the truth of some generalMagic, 243:will cover many lives. They are usually quite extreme in [244] their expression. A study of theMagic, 257:for this brevity may be stated to be due to the extreme simplicity of this rule in theMagic, 257:the consciousness of the man who knows, and its extreme complexity from the standpoint of theMagic, 425:a purely mystical introspection or its opposite extreme, an over-emphasized organizing spirit,Magic, 506:with oil, as preserved in the Catholic Church. Extreme unction has an occult, scientific basis. TheMagic, 519:field of expansion. Hence you will see why such extreme caution is evidenced by all true teachers,Magic, 545:are swept by delusion and held in the bonds of extreme selfishness and self-centeredness. What theMeditation, 103:to point out that I deal with the trouble in its extreme, and that there are many intermediatePatanjali, 136:three. It was the sense of personality and of extreme ignorance coupled with desire for personalPatanjali, 222:a master in this science to his pupil. There is extreme danger attendant upon the prematureProblems, 18:The major fault of the German people is an extreme negativity which makes them the most easilyProblems, 20:All these characteristics have been the cause of extreme irritation to other people, particularlyProblems, 151:attention three deeply necessary concepts: The extreme value of the individual son of God and thePsychology1, 51:science we find a condition which is rare in the extreme. Science is separative in its approach toPsychology1, 210:Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance. Vices of Ray:
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