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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXTREMELY

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Atom, 119:such a title as the Goal of Evolution, I feel extremely diffident; I realize that the only thing IAutobiography, 96:So there I was, with a solicitous aunt, two extremely anxious co-workers and three men on my hands.Autobiography, 135:reason that has helped me to work hard was the extremely ordered discipline of my life when a girl.Autobiography, 204:to her home. This used to annoy my daughters extremely but I have always felt that the psychologyDiscipleship2, 32:seems to vanish and the proposition appears extremely hard. Since my last communication to you,Discipleship2, 120:awakened point in the solar plexus will become extremely active and - if the work is correctly doneDiscipleship2, 459:1940 MY BROTHER: The past few months have been extremely difficult for you, have they not. Twice IDiscipleship2, 557:periphery? Do not be vague in this reply, but be extremely personal in your analysis of theDiscipleship2, 649:and are now passing through, she realized how extremely apposite and suitable they had proved toEducation, 66:of the word "esotericism," and to indicate the extremely scientific and practical nature of theEducation, 135:no longer be required. This sounds as yet [135] extremely vague and almost impossible, but the raceExternalisation, 476:far more serious. The Hierarchy knew that extremely powerful forces were taking advantage of humanExternalisation, 496:of the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows theGlamour, 258:lower centers are steadily vitalized and become extremely active and the point of tension fromHealing, 279:of new and hopeful trends; they are nevertheless extremely experimental in nature, and are soHealing, 357:activity and group purpose. Why then is it so extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible,Magic, 235:Treatise on Cosmic Fire. It will be noted how extremely abstruse it is and how full of almost blindProblems, 97:the Zionist Movement in Palestine. To their extremely materialistic tendencies they have added aPsychology1, 207:the warring forces of the nature. The lower and extremely dangerous way is by Hatha Yoga. Psychology1, 208:and to verify every theory. He will generally be extremely truthful, full of lucid explanation ofPsychology1, 320:round, on the fourth globe, the Earth, are extremely active. It is their close interrelation andPsychology2, 381:What I have now to say will veil, under extremely simplified phrases, truths which will be apparentPsychology2, 393:yet detailed, scope or universal recognition is extremely difficult for me to explain or for you toRays, 124:the group. It onward moves in life. I find it extremely difficult to express the significance ofRays, 268:The Buddha behind the initiatory process is extremely active at this time; He works through theRays, 477:of that world cycle were, however, all of them extremely psychic and mediumistic; they wereRays, 578:fifty years have seen that potency become extremely effective. Two factors have enhanced this
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