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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EYE

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Magic, 189:true meaning of the heart, the throat, and the eye - which it is the object of the Guides of theMagic, 189:the mechanism of the heart, the throat, and the eye - constituting part of the inner structureMagic, 190:on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye Next, let the student remember two importantMagic, 192:on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye 2. The second fact to bear in mind is that asMagic, 194:on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye It is not possible for the aspirant to work withMagic, 197:on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye Every human being in the course of time worksMagic, 211:on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye RULE SIX The devas of the lower four feel the forceMagic, 211:devas of the lower four feel the force when the eye opens; they are driven forth and lose theirMagic, 211:forth and lose their master. The Work of the Eye We have for consideration now one of the simplestMagic, 212:on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The center between the eyebrows, commonly calledMagic, 212:between the eyebrows, commonly called the third eye has a unique and peculiar function. As I haveMagic, 212:not confound the pineal gland with the third eye. They are related, but not the same. In The SecretMagic, 213:the etheric nature of forms was known. The third eye manifests as a result of the vibratoryMagic, 213:the light in the head. Just as the physical eye came into being in response to the light of the sunMagic, 213:to the light of the sun so the spiritual eye equally comes into being in response to the light ofMagic, 213:into being in the etheric body. This is the eye of Shiva, for it is only fully utilized in theMagic, 213:aspect, is controlling. By means of the third eye the soul accomplishes three activities: It is theMagic, 213:soul accomplishes three activities: It is the eye of vision. By its means, the spiritual man seesMagic, 213:the soul within all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, so does the spiritual eyeMagic, 213:eye registers forms, so does the spiritual eye register the illumination within those forms whichMagic, 214:in the three worlds. The organ used is the third eye. The analogy to this can be seen in the oftenMagic, 214:be seen in the often noticed power of the human eye as it controls other human beings and animalsMagic, 214:Force flows through the focused human eye. Force flows through the focused third eye. It has aMagic, 214:human eye. Force flows through the focused third eye. It has a destructive aspect and the energyMagic, 214:aspect and the energy flowing through the third eye can have a disintegrating and destroyingMagic, 214:of the soul, through the medium of the third eye, are the correspondences to the three aspects, andMagic, 214:on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The seeing of the light within all forms throughMagic, 214:within all forms through the agency of the third eye (brought into being through the realization ofMagic, 215:is [215] but the correspondence to the physical eye, revealing forms in the light of the physicalMagic, 215:energy and the attractive force in the spiritual eye, which is the dominant factor in magical work,Magic, 215:In a most mysterious sense, the soul is the eye of the monad, enabling the monad, which is pureMagic, 215:are dealt with in this Rule. The third eye opens as the result of conscious development, rightMagic, 215:the physical body, is controlled and feels the eye of the Master (the one Master in the head) uponMagic, 215:the controlling magnetic power of the spiritual eye, the soul [216] rebuilds the astral body andMagic, 216:out; the lesser lights are no more seen. "The eye through light awakens into life the needed modesMagic, 216:head center, focused in the region of the third eye and swept into right and specific activity byMagic, 216:the turning of the attention through the third eye towards the center to be used that the forceMagic, 221:plane when first definitely seen by the "opened eye" of the aspirant is one of dense fog,Magic, 229:in this rule "the vital power". Just as the eye is the instrument of choice in choosing the way ofMagic, 230:the aspirant. This eventually brings the third eye into activity, and so there is gained a potencyMagic, 253:are involved in all magical work. The right eye, through which the vital energy of the spirit canMagic, 253:intended. That the inner vision may be ours, the eye see clearly the glory of the Lord, and theMagic, 257:presentation of geometrical forms to the inner eye of the aspirant. The cardinal point emphasizedMagic, 279:push it forth into manifestation. Through the eye of the creator are these inner builders broughtMagic, 306:thought. The man turns a critical and disgusted eye upon his personality and by so doing feeds theMagic, 334:next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. Increasingly will people think and talk inMagic, 440:of mind I rule. Taurus - I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined. Gemini - I recognizeMagic, 454:organisms, and yet presenting, to the eye of the astronomer, a coherence, a unity and a structureMagic, 478:of light and color to supplement through the eye what the subjective hearing has recorded. But thatMagic, 542:visual focusing it will be found that the human eye is capable of including an entirely new fieldMagic, 553:and at the very center of that sun appears an eye; projecting downwards toward the right from thisMagic, 553:projecting downwards toward the right from this eye pours forth a stream of energy in the form of aMagic, 553:cross. At the center of the cross is another eye and within the eye the Sacred Word. Between theMagic, 553:of the cross is another eye and within the eye the Sacred Word. Between the arms of the crossMagic, 554:dissipate when he (occultly speaking) "takes his eye away". He will need to consider also that hisMagic, 558:Master of all the Masters has said, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full ofMagic, 558:he will achieve power and possess that single eye which will redound to the glory of the indwellingMagic, 583:of positive harmlessness and the opened eye which sees at will into the world of reality. Magic, 584:the turmoil of the world. He is one who has the eye trained to see beyond the fogs and miasmas ofMagic, 617:which hide the true abode of earth from the eye of the beholder." Such is the end of the magicalMeditation, 28:but suddenly flames forth, and catches the eager eye of the Master. This marks the period betweenMeditation, 44:as a thing too vile to be touched. The single eye, the unalloyed desire, the consecrated purpose,Meditation, 70:recollection through the assistance of the eye. Enumeration and discussion of the centers. GrowthMeditation, 89:a few in each country, and is directly under the eye of a Master, focusing through H.P.B.Meditation, 115:as do the thoughts that enter through the eye from the printed page, or through the ear from theMeditation, 208:to show you that for those who have the seeing eye even the choice of these blinds is notMeditation, 209:most exquisite of shades as seen by the physical eye is hard and harsh compared to those on theMeditation, 222:chain, of a vibration that contacts the human eye. What then will [223] color be as visioned by aMeditation, 233:its rhythm, which change demonstrates to the eye of the clairvoyant as mutation in color. As youMeditation, 307:initiation may be taken, and will be under the eye of the Bodhisattva, preparing the pupil forPatanjali, 11:union with the soul - is held before his seeking eye. The past is briefly covered in the nextPatanjali, 67:the eyes, photographing through the lens of the eye, the aspect of the tangible form, upon [68] thePatanjali, 68:is a rapidly developing faculty of the human eye which ultimately will reveal the health aura ofPatanjali, 69:the pineal gland becomes active, and the third eye (in etheric matter) develops with a parallelingPatanjali, 101:and the sound or word will alone be heard. The "eye of Shiva" will be left and with that the seerPatanjali, 103:or rhythmic motion is so complete that to the eye of the average man a condition of quiescence isPatanjali, 109:receiver of truth impressions, The third eye is in process of unfoldment. Later, as the centers arePatanjali, 157:The five sense organs: the ear, the skin, the eye, the tongue and the nostrils, those physicalPatanjali, 158:The element of sight, or that which produces the eye, The element of taste, or that which producesPatanjali, 214:naturally, the hands folded in the lap, the eye closed, and the chin a little dropped is the bestPatanjali, 234:of the body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi canPatanjali, 253:in a corresponding degree and the third eye develops and functions. On the astral and mental planePatanjali, 254:astral and mental plane a [254] corresponding "eye" develops, and thus the ego or soul can illuminePatanjali, 258:the man on his own plane, and the turning of the eye of the soul, via the mind and the third eye,Patanjali, 258:the eye of the soul, via the mind and the third eye, upon these planes. The presence of the lowerPatanjali, 280:of the body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi canPatanjali, 281:is negated and (from the standpoint of the human eye) he disappears. He also becomes intangiblePatanjali, 283:etheric body, which is invisible to the human eye. As etheric vision develops in the race this willPatanjali, 283:lay down the rule that if there is a healthy eye in line with the rays of light reflected from anPatanjali, 283:as luminosity, operating in conjunction with the eye, which is also a manifestation of Satwa inPatanjali, 284:[284] or its being disconnected from the seer's eye will cause a disappearance. And as the qualityPatanjali, 284:laid down, cheek it, and thus cut off from the eye of the other an essential element in the seeingPatanjali, 288:before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. But let each burning human tear drop on thyPatanjali, 334:Touch The Skin. Plane IV. Air Vision Sight The Eye. Plane V. Fire Discrimination Taste The Tongue.Patanjali, 350:which we call the organs of sense, such as the eye, the nose, etc., and then the faculty whichPatanjali, 350:then the faculty which makes it possible for the eye to see and the nose to smell. In consideringPatanjali, 351:why, for instance, the organ of sense called the eye vibrates to those impacts which produce thePatanjali, 354:of study for the interested investigator. The eye is one of the most potent transmitters of energy,Patanjali, 354:which gave rise to the belief anent the evil eye. There is much to be discovered concerning sightPatanjali, 354:vision, but the development of the third eye, clairvoyance, perfect spiritual vision and on up to
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