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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EYES

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Healing, 533:with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer within the form. TheHealing, 564:- a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads toHealing, 564:with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer within the form. TheHealing, 570:Enumerated and Applied Upon this point, the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads toHealing, 570:reference here has nothing to do in reality with eyes in the physical body. Here the words, "theHealing, 570:eyes in the physical body. Here the words, "the eyes of the personality," refer to the focusedHealing, 570:and astral bodies which are essentially the two eyes of the soul in incarnation. The use of theseHealing, 570:in incarnation. The use of these two windows or eyes of the soul leads to a concentration of energyHealing, 570:brought to bear upon the diseased area, and the "eyes of the personality" are a potent factor inHealing, 571:what I have said in my other writing anent the eyes with the point made above. As you well know,Healing, 571:the lower mind. In between these two directing eyes is to be found the ajna center, which is like aHealing, 572:energy distribution will be built up around the eyes and their symbolic function, and theirHealing, 572:with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true healer within the form. InHealing, 581:distributing agents of the right and the left eyes, as do the two glands in the head: the pinealHealing, 662:being has something wrong with him physically - eyes, ears, teeth or bodily ills of some [663]Hercules, 5:stories have been held constantly before the eyes of men down the ages. In the twelve labors ofHercules, 58:suffering; his limbs were bowed with pain; his eyes were closed with agony; he asked no help; heHercules, 58:the burden of the worlds himself. He closed his eyes, bracing himself with effort, and lo! the loadHercules, 65:constellation, because it holds before the eyes of man the thought of the increasing potency of theHercules, 91:of truth and the constant holding before our eyes of the story of the evolution of matter in form,Hercules, 142:drooped, then with gasping mouths and glazing eyes fell limply forward. But only when they lifelessHercules, 159:nurturing a beautiful hidden something, and his eyes were opened. In Libra he went through aInitiation, 32:these lines. A hint suffices for those who have eyes to see, and the intuition to comprehend theInitiation, 54:presence, dark hair and beard and dark eyes, and might be considered stern were it not for theInitiation, 54:were it not for the expression that lies in his eyes. He and his Brother. the Master K. H., workInitiation, 55:complexion, with goldenbrown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seemInitiation, 56:black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes. His work at this time is exceedinglyInitiation, 78:steady course through circumstances, keeping the eyes fixed upon the vision ahead, the earsInitiation, 114:present yet unknown. just as an infant has eyes which are perfectly good and clear from birth, yetInitiation, 116:to a man who stands in the "Presence" with his eyes occultly opened. As a many tinted Lotus of nineInitiation, 116:but it will only be apparent to those who have eyes to see. The mystic significance of theseInitiation, 124:the Initiation ceremony, the opening of the eyes of the Initiate to see and realize, divides itselfInitiation, 209:What seest thou, 0 Pilgrim? Lift up thine eyes and tell what thou beholdest. I see a ladder,Intellect, 9:testify to a world which is immaterial. Our eyes are blinded by the fog and the smoke of ourIntellect, 9:beautiful terms. He says: "A film falls from the eyes and the world appears in a new light. ThingsIntellect, 76:find them fade away into mist before our tired eyes. We seek satisfaction in phenomena of allIntellect, 76:It may be either a light shining before men's eyes, or a hidden thing and, therefore, of no use toIntellect, 86:majesty, veiled indeed from hasty and scornful eyes, but ever increasingly apparent to earnestIntellect, 96:reading." It really signifies reading with the eyes of the soul, with the inner vision alert toIntellect, 155:focus of attention changes, and Deity turns its eyes upon the waiting instrument, and seeks toIntellect, 160:green, Something lives in every hue Christless eyes have never seen." In the physical body thereIntellect, 160:within the head, which can be seen even when the eyes are closed, or in the dark. Dr. W. WinslowIntellect, 170:see a light in my soul, but not with the outer eyes, nor through the thoughts of my heart; neitherIntellect, 188:mortals, will be Buddhas the moment our mental eyes open in Enlightenment." - Suzuki, DaisetzIntellect, 207:it out understandingly, whilst our hands or eyes are busy with the work to be done. Intellect, 220:gazing at the ceiling with tightly closed eyes, as if the soul was up above somewhere; they look asIntellect, 221:an impact he is helpless; he cannot shut his eyes and remove himself from undesirable psychicIntellect, 256:or to a disturbing vibration between the eyes or at the very top of the head. Sometimes there is aIntellect, 256:lightning or of electricity, registered when the eyes are closed, and in the dark equally as in theMagic, 43:glands, carotid, pineal and pituitary. The two eyes. Within the upper body are: The throat. TheMagic, 44:or psychic nature (higher and lower). The two eyes are the physical plane correspondences to theMagic, 75:the triple form. A turning round is caused. The eyes no longer look upon the world of form; theyMagic, 75:of being. With this the Manas stills itself, for eyes and mind are one. "The heart no longer beatsMagic, 102:this vision, has come the capacity to take one's eyes off the affairs of individual experience, andMagic, 140:for place and power nor for those who have their eyes only on outward conditions and overlook theMagic, 176:race and the "little ones" that they keep their eyes on the horizon and seek thus to extend theirMagic, 177:will reveal the truth to those that have the eyes to see, and yet will conceal that which isMagic, 183:communication with the Masters is to take his eyes off those things which concern him not, focusMagic, 189:the throat center, and the center between the eyes. Their awakening and coordination. To what usesMagic, 223:by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colorful tracery upon its back, andMagic, 253:works. "The White Magician" works "with the eyes open, the voice proclaiming and the handsMagic, 348:becomes permanent. Those who, with open eyes, enter on occult training need indeed to count theMagic, 349:after all is over) well done! Let your eyes therefore look straight on. Turn not to the right handMagic, 357:we look at humanity as a whole and cast our eyes back over the past racial development, we can seeMagic, 370:Some people are happy because they shut their eyes to truth, or are self-hypnotized, hidingMagic, 370:has frequently reached the stage wherein his eyes are wide open; he has learnt to speak truth toMagic, 400:and sense of proportion. They look with open eyes upon the world of men and recognize those whomMagic, 406:with the world in which he lived, opening his eyes not only to the nature of matter and of form butMagic, 418:of action. The picture to be held before your eyes is that of a vast network of groups, workingMagic, 427:meditation will promote their growth. Their eyes are not upon themselves, upon their own goodMagic, 469:left behind. But onward goes the living soul, eyes fixed upon the cross, ears open to the wailingMagic, 520:the plan progressing and the vision before the eyes of those who cannot as yet themselves enterMagic, 568:special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces theMagic, 577:the hands of the disciple cuts down before the eyes of the group he is serving the obstacles whichMagic, 613:veil of illusion is beginning to fall before the eyes of the animal but it knows it not. The humanMagic, 617:expanses of the blue of heaven cheer the tired eyes of the disciple. "Let the magician stand uponMagic, 638:and wishes to the group good, to take their eyes off themselves and fix them anew upon the vision,Meditation, 62:gone and the lower vehicle will be relaxed. The eyes should be closed and the hands folded in theMeditation, 105:as a twitching of the limbs, the fingers or the eyes - of depression or a lowering of the vitality,Meditation, 207:both of us use the same blinds as those who have eyes can see. A blind is not a blind whenMeditation, 269:the physical plane, thereby demonstrating to the eyes of the watching Hierarchy that the pupil hasMeditation, 302:Shamballa. At that place, directly under the eyes of the One Initiator Himself, Who is - as isMeditation, 322:much of occult significance for those who have eyes to see. The main feature in the occult advancedMeditation, 332:guide human evolution at this period cast Their eyes over the race in the search for suchMeditation, 348:the result of his action. He knows that wiser eyes than his see the end from the beginning; thatPatanjali, 67:plane, and is achieved through the medium of the eyes, photographing through the lens of the eye,Patanjali, 128:and eliminated before a man can "lift up his eyes" and see again the vision of the Father and thePatanjali, 251:sense corresponding to the way a man can use his eyes to see on the physical plane. He can transmitPatanjali, 257:standing on his feet, viewing life with his open eyes." Patanjali, 330:special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces thePatanjali, 360:ever present. The emancipated soul must turn his eyes away from the invitation of the "presidingPatanjali, 413:to function, and instead of mind, brain, and two eyes, another triplicity supersedes and we havePatanjali, 425:the day be with us." When a man can detach his eyes from all that concerns the physical, emotionalPatanjali, 425:emotional and mental, and will raise his eyes and direct them away from himself, he will becomeProblems, 10:Our horizon is extending into infinity; our eyes are no longer focused upon our immediateProblems, 23:upon territorial possessions blinds their eyes to the true value of their possible worldProblems, 24:and material undertakings loom large in the eyes of all nations, the fact that the emphasis is soProblems, 32:in a world which has fallen to pieces before our eyes. They are the guarantee that our world can beProblems, 72:beauty, luxury and possessions and shut their eyes to the poverty, stark unhappiness, lack ofProblems, 73:however, acted like a purge. It has opened the eyes of men to the underlying cause of war -
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