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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACED

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Astrology, 8:The subject is so vast that I have been faced with the problem of the best method whereby to handleAstrology, 148:aware. The individual disciple has always been faced with these conditioning and releasingAstrology, 204:the physical plane life, and then, when it is faced and handled there, the life of the man isAstrology, 217:the problems with which the guiding Hierarchy is faced. Scorpio is also most interestinglyAstrology, 662:(Vol. II, 410) Mars was called the six-faced planet. (Vol. II, 399) References in A Treatise onAstrology, 682:and subraces, also branch races, and thus we are faced with a complexity that is enough to staggerAtom, 6:determination. The problems with which we are faced, as we study the known facts of life andAtom, 34:entirely new aspect of the situation had to be faced. It became apparent that what was consideredAutobiography, 13:in 1935 at Geneva, Switzerland. A smug, hard-faced, smiling "professional" Grouper was present asAutobiography, 14:and changeable in quality and often double-faced. I am none of these, at least, in spite of manyAutobiography, 39:either side. The people, crowded in the valley, faced towards the East and towards a narrow,Autobiography, 53:for her medical degree and I was immediately faced with the problem as to what I was going to do. IAutobiography, 56:This ridiculous rhythm went on until one night I faced up to myself and stuck at it until I foundAutobiography, 75:of men are stationed away from home and are faced with the problems of life in a hot climate and anAutobiography, 79:sure that it was the best or right one. I was faced with issues that, looking back, I would hate toAutobiography, 80:are only some of the situations with which I was faced and with which I was quite unfitted to cope.Autobiography, 83:a saint and probably was a disciple. Again I was faced with the same problem with which JessieAutobiography, 87:one, but the difficulty with which I was faced was that the ladies who were working in the SandesAutobiography, 88:love with a man in the ranks. I was, therefore, faced not only with my own personal problem, forAutobiography, 95:as quite unnecessary. I felt let down. I faced a major anticlimax. I worked myself up during theAutobiography, 101:a period of great mental distress; I was to be faced with situations that exacted the last atom ofBethlehemprinciples, and a difficult cycle in which I faced the problem of my own relation to Christ and toBethlehem, 36:on to a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder. Faced with a situation so peculiar and anBethlehem, 42:forth through the medium of the flesh, we are faced with the supreme achievement of the CrucifixionBethlehem, 81:way to the center. Much is to be overcome and faced. The lower nature (the Mary aspect) draws backBethlehem, 96:which followed, He evidenced His maturity, faced His mission, and demonstrated to the world HisBethlehem, 96:of God, and having proved to them Who He was, He faced the death which lay ahead of Him, and theBethlehem, 100:when choice must be made, and Christ was faced with this. A clear, clean interior break is to beBethlehem, 102:when His purification was complete. He then faced the life of service and the difficulties whichBethlehem, 106:Standing there in the waters of Jordan, Christ faced the world as Man. Standing upon the top of theBethlehem, 106:upon the top of the Mount of Transfiguration, He faced the World as God. But in this initiation, HeBethlehem, 110:- this triple evil, this devil, such as Christ faced. Three times He was tempted, and three timesBethlehem, 111:of God, by Albert Schweitzer, p. 235.) Christ faced this last attack and emerged victorious, thusBethlehem, 111:and consecration at that time. Alone, He faced the future, and at the end, encountered the testsBethlehem, 114:Many in the past have died for others; many have faced evil with uncompromising opposition; manyBethlehem, 115:divine spirit was fully expressing itself, He faced the evil in His own humanity (when viewed apartBethlehem, 122:problem was the problem of food. The world is faced with a material issue. That there is no evadingBethlehem, 124:The Bhagavad Gita, the disciple Arjuna stands faced with the same issue. He is involved in a greatBethlehem, 124:of the disciple on his way towards perfection) faced a similar issue with courage, faith andBethlehem, 124:life of the soul a reality? Am I divine? Christ faced this issue without dismay, and triumphed byBethlehem, 135:I. Another period of service is ended. Christ faced another interior crisis, and this time,Bethlehem, 135:to His message. So far He was successful. Now He faced another initiation and a further expansionBethlehem, 165:is ever the lot of those who are. This, Christ faced, and yet "He steadfastly set His face to go toBethlehem, 165:this time it was of a far subtler nature. He was faced with the test as to whether He could endureBethlehem, 166:factors to face. These Christ did face, and He faced them with spiritual poise and with thatBethlehem, 241:of human beings refuse to think at all until faced with the imminent and personal issue. PeopleBethlehem, 242:with the expectation of its wonder. Death thus faced, and regarded as a prelude to further livingBethlehem, 265:we been too greatly unintelligent. Most people, faced with issues and problems, act with sincerity,Destiny, 33:many conflicting forces and the world Arjuna is faced with a stupendous battle - one that isDestiny, 121:for the imminent happenings with which it is faced. What I have now to say will not be followedDiscipleship1, 48:truths of self-analysis are seldom definitely faced or formulated by any of you and, thereforeDiscipleship1, 136:working through first ray personalities, I am faced always with the initial difficulty of theirDiscipleship1, 143:one, but by no means an unusual one; it must be faced with common sense, loving understanding andDiscipleship1, 149:the psychological problem with themselves is faced and solved - and solved on the basis of aDiscipleship1, 163:This is a responsibility which must be faced. The task is, however, complicated because the NewDiscipleship1, 167:even that there is a Plan. They, however, when faced with the issue will give. It is not for me toDiscipleship1, 211:task. For all such souls, it is a problem to be faced when the time comes for their identities toDiscipleship1, 257:to serve - power adjusted to the need which is faced. What, my brother, are the characteristics ofDiscipleship1, 273:and right meditation upon money must be boldly faced. The emphasis laid by certain large groups onDiscipleship1, 277:may grow and its boundaries extend, you will be faced increasingly with the perplexities andDiscipleship1, 337:One of the problems with which all disciples are faced as they become dynamic and constructive onDiscipleship1, 348:reality has been stabilized; you are definitely faced towards your goal, and nothing is able toDiscipleship1, 381:encouragement and a word of praise for a life faced and handled with humility and love. [382] Discipleship1, 438:constitutes a very real problem which you have faced for years and must continue to face. ThisDiscipleship1, 465:lies all around you. The problem that has to be faced by all who have passed through the fires ofDiscipleship1, 487:hold for you much if you face it as it should be faced. What shall I suggest for your helping?Discipleship1, 520:of moment which may come your way will be faced in the light of the soul and clear, prompt actionDiscipleship1, 562:is purely a personal matter; it should be faced and accepted and then followed by silence. What is,Discipleship1, 575:is clearly outlined and the problem squarely faced, it is easier then to work intelligently andDiscipleship1, 578:of your difficulties and problems. These you faced, as usual, with courage. The past lies behindDiscipleship1, 600:cut thinking and in clear cut action. You are faced with the problem of yourself, and you willDiscipleship1, 653:struggles and is tortured and misunderstood and faced with constant crisis (of no moment whatsoeverDiscipleship1, 706:of their souls. Life must be seen truly and faced as it is - not realistically from the worldDiscipleship1, 706:out the divine plan is one of the first to be faced. This must be done uncritically, avoidingDiscipleship1, 726:thought impression. All karma, when consciously faced, is precipitated by the power of thought;Discipleship1, 739:Certain periods come when disciples have to be faced with clear and definite questions, in theDiscipleship2, 25:one of the problems with which the Hierarchy is faced. The problem of balance and of dualDiscipleship2, 25:knowledge, the Masters who take pupils are faced with two problems: The problem of the unawakenedDiscipleship2, 34:the problem with which the disciple is faced and which he already regards as most difficult andDiscipleship2, 63:surface of consciousness, and whilst they are faced with a vital and beneficent opportunity, theyDiscipleship2, 63:vital and beneficent opportunity, they are also faced with the problem of absorbing moreDiscipleship2, 92:appreciate the opportunity with which they were faced. It was in reality a case of non-recognition,Discipleship2, 243:prepare for initiation with which they are all faced. The more advanced among them are conscious ofDiscipleship2, 255:with which the initiate-teachers are today faced. Just as the attitudes of the disciple to dailyDiscipleship2, 284:pour in. The Masters use this formula when faced with death in some form or another (and theseDiscipleship2, 302:human planning and thinking, as the future is faced, are the first indications in the history ofDiscipleship2, 412:on Initiation - Part X The Hierarchy was faced with the fact that thousands of aspirants have beenDiscipleship2, 414:which he can take a firm stand, but that he is faced with a profound simplicity; [415] he realizesDiscipleship2, 416:initiatory process with which the disciple is faced. It [417] is for that reason that I earlierDiscipleship2, 428:as well as aspirationally motivated, is faced with an imperative opportunity. This opportunity isDiscipleship2, 435:possible. After that, the One Initiator can be faced or confronted step by step and revelation isDiscipleship2, 447:inner scrutiny of motive and purpose. You have faced many such periods of questioning in the pastDiscipleship2, 480:do they understand the problem with which he is faced, even when dealing with the least advanced orDiscipleship2, 502:is oft the choice with which the disciple is faced who reaches close to the three score years andDiscipleship2, 527:the Crucifixion. That initiation has to be faced clear-eyed, free from glamor, with a heart full ofDiscipleship2, 530:the world of ideas, and you particularly are faced with an acute problem in discrimination. EarlierDiscipleship2, 537:better defined. The questions with which you are faced are simpler and yet more important: Is thisDiscipleship2, 569:presented to you for assimilation; you are now faced with a greatly deepened esoteric service whichDiscipleship2, 614:issue is not. The problem with which you are faced falls, in your mind (if you would only thinkDiscipleship2, 644:recognition. At some time, every disciple is faced with some determining choice which leads
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