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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACED

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Problems, 82:this energy discovery capital and labor are each faced with a problem, and both these problems willProblems, 82:age which lies ahead. The masses will then be faced by the problem of leisure. This is a problemProblems, 82:problem of leisure. This is a problem which when faced and solved will release the creative energyProblems, 108:latter is in so small a minority that they are faced with a most difficult situation, living asProblems, 116:steps to promote right human relations will be faced by legislators and politicians everywhere?Problems, 118:with the problems with which humanity is faced releases the intelligence along constructive lines;Problems, 121:of the critical problems with which humanity is faced at the portal of the New Age will not beProblems, 134:very magnitude of the task with which they are faced, [135] for the issue at stake is theProblems, 138:and this opportunity that the churches are faced. What is the solution of this intricate andPsychology1, 93:grew richer and deeper, so that today we are faced with the problem of a thought inheritance whichPsychology1, 275:clear-thinking boys and girls, find themselves faced with a situation which defies their bestPsychology1, 306:be called to some particular life wherein he is faced with the problem of celibacy, and is forcedPsychology2, 171:fall. The magnet turned him round until he faced the scene and room. unseen before... [172] ThenPsychology2, 313:plane - The dense and etheric forces. These are faced upon the Path of Purification. Upon thePsychology2, 313:plane - The well-known dualities. These are faced upon the Path of Discipleship. Upon the mentalPsychology2, 313:and the Dweller on the Threshold. These are faced upon the Path of Initiation. Psychology2, 323:or among the intelligentsia. He is therefore faced with the problems of the inequalities in thePsychology2, 323:equipped, greatly limited by that equipment, and faced also with an environment which seemsPsychology2, 365:in relation to the problem with which he was faced, of his unique response to it, and also with aPsychology2, 403:Some of the difficulties which have to be faced as one considers the conclusions of the many, manyPsychology2, 427:should be definitely negated. That the crisis faced indicates progress and opportunity, and that itPsychology2, 449:to the mystical approach) must be faced and understood or a great opportunity will be lost andPsychology2, 464:to meditate today on a large scale they must be faced. Many things are inducing this turningPsychology2, 499:adequate application of the information, when faced with a dream problem. These sources are aboutPsychology2, 502:He is told that these longings, when faced, will then leave him, and that the ghost of his mentalPsychology2, 582:number of their undoubted difficulties. They are faced with issues they cannot resolve and whichPsychology2, 582:mean nothing to them. A future which must be faced without the phenomena which has made the past soPsychology2, 582:does not attract them. Yet, in reality, they are faced with the transition out of the AtlanteanPsychology2, 619:of the problems with which all group leaders are faced in these difficult and individualistic days.Psychology2, 619:the reverse of this problem and one that must be faced by many group leaders. In this reversePsychology2, 652:the situation with which they are immediately faced and take the necessary steps to change thePsychology2, 679:with which the New Group of World Servers is faced. What should be the immediate procedure? ThePsychology2, 727:meet the serious emergency by which humanity is faced. The basis of the possible success of such anPsychology2, 743:in the distant past of the race, humanity faced such a crisis as is now upon us. The race was thenRays, 30:Way or Path with which the modern disciple is faced lies the secret of the coming revelation and ofRays, 39:your attention to the fact that the initiate has faced two major tests, symbolically described asRays, 60:Rule for accepted disciples and initiates we are faced with a similar condition on a higher turn ofRays, 93:rod of initiation on behalf of His brothers, and faced the Lord of Life Himself, unattended,Rays, 98:that he is an integral part of the Ashram. He is faced with the proposition of making his life ofRays, 112:matter, for on the one hand the Masters were faced with the glamor-making tendency and astralism ofRays, 115:of the exalted consciousness which He expressed. Faced by the rich young man who possessed so much,Rays, 188:to the Hierarchy, but now human beings were faced with them and recognized them; the great potencyRays, 221:Hence the difficulty with which you are all faced, and the arduous task it is to comprehendRays, 245:this intended and imminent emergence. They are faced with the necessity of changing TheirRays, 324:We dealt with a major condition which has to be faced [325] and comprehended if humanity is ever toRays, 360:and under occult direction, the initiate is faced with the seven Paths and with the choice to treadRays, 372:is found by the Master when He is faced by the choice of the seven Paths. At that high point ofRays, 375:A.A.B.), will draw all men unto me." He faced then those initiations which would qualify Him toRays, 377:now responsive to the energy of the will, is faced with the seven Paths whereon that will can comeRays, 386:Way lay open toward the Cross"; the initiate faced the process of extension on the Cross, and fromRays, 386:then became a possibility; the crucifixion faced the disciple of the third degree with its promiseRays, 400:end - of the world cycle), he will find himself faced with a secondary decision as to which of theRays, 424:is the fact that no longer does the Master - faced at the sixth initiation with a stupendousRays, 462:lower levels of that mental plane; he is then faced by the seven subplanes of that plane with theirRays, 516:first consciously realized by the disciple. I am faced with difficulty in making these Words ofRays, 537:is in process of being controlled), then he is faced with becoming a truly mental being, with theRays, 576:him. The reorientation with which he is now faced has to be brought about primarily upon the astralRays, 683:initiations. This is a truth which must be faced, but it should also be remembered that it is by noRays, 695:and disciples - renunciation, consciously faced, understood and consciously made. I have hintedRays, 722:prepared to pass through this initiation were faced with the fact of the emerging forces of cosmicRays, 723:the nature of the decision with which They are faced. It is this preparatory sensitivity in theRays, 741:great question with which the Hierarchy is today faced is: Will the race of men succeed inReappearance, 22:of the unique condition with which the Christ is faced. Before, however, Christ could come with HisReappearance, 23:these various unique conditions which the Christ faced during the years of war when the need ofReappearance, 61:unique opportunity with which Christ is today faced and the response He made in 1945 when HeReappearance, 67:and implications with which Christ is today faced. In these, His pledged disciples share. TheirReappearance, 104:compose the spiritual Hierarchy have already faced. When this statement is considered, it mustReappearance, 160:that - whether we like it or not - we are faced with a challenge. We are confronted with the choiceReappearance, 163:possible. The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with truth and understanding;Reappearance, 174:different from the present one; we would not be faced as we are today with the expenditures -Soul, 121:Is this an interesting coincidence? Or are we faced with the fact that in each case these glands
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