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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACES

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Astrology, 90:is reversed and the man reorients himself and "faces the East," as it is esoterically called. HeAstrology, 164:Individual man makes this discovery and faces the two extremes whilst in the sign Capricorn; theAstrology, 395:them all. Such is the amazing situation which faces the man - particularly the disciple or theAutobiography, 76:cling to you," etc., or, "All the little pansy faces looking up at me to smile," which were theAutobiography, 122:Hens are such silly things; they have such silly faces; they have such stupid habits; they areBethlehem, 45:new birth into the kingdom, which at this time faces so many, it must be borne in mind that: "AtBethlehem, 150:which forced the three disciples to their faces. Three kneeling kings or magi attended the birthBethlehem, 182:them in the words: "As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and theBethlehem, 188:were founded in fear, and instead, courageously faces the facts and the responsibilities which areBethlehem, 253:general possibility. Humanity today, as a whole, faces towards life because its values are real,Bethlehem, 276:carried forward in an idealistic sense as man faces finality. Discipleship1, 50:one's back upon the world." The disciple faces the world but he faces it from the level of theDiscipleship1, 50:the world." The disciple faces the world but he faces it from the level of the soul, lookingDiscipleship1, 124:looms." One of the most difficult tasks which faces any disciple is to exchange the abstract visionDiscipleship1, 317:They look not here or there but, with their faces turned towards the light, they stand. ThusDiscipleship1, 488:find yourself. A change of environment with new faces and new scenes would be of real value to youDiscipleship1, 504:full of disaster. Achieve that inner poise which faces all that comes in the light of the Eternal.Discipleship1, 528:of the pagoda - and upon it a statue of Buddha faces the entrance. Before the Buddha is a carvedDiscipleship1, 576:you yourself know. One of the problems that faces every Master (teaching a group of disciples suchDiscipleship1, 627:yours. The facts of nature exist; the wise man faces them, knowing them for what they are and heDiscipleship1, 682:and a right inner adjustment so that "he faces two ways and each way sees the same vision." In theDiscipleship2, 15:the ancient aphorism which states: "He who faces the light and stands within its radiance isDiscipleship2, 15:pedestal of light and turns the other way. "He faces towards the dark and then the seven points ofDiscipleship2, 48:you the help you need for the coming year which faces you. Above all, however, I am endeavoring toDiscipleship2, 338:event of the sixth initiation, when the Master faces what is for him the final vision within thisDiscipleship2, 349:which must arise as the true occult student faces up to the recognition of opportunity and preparesDiscipleship2, 397:imprisonment of the three worlds. Now he faces that great transitional initiation and is confrontedDiscipleship2, 611:effectively in the process of adjustment which faces you) I am impressed with the nature and scopeDiscipleship2, 675:plane is presented to the disciple and he faces two possible lines of activity: He can decide toDiscipleship2, 691:mean to me in reality? What new development faces the human family? Can I contribute by my thinkingDiscipleship2, 735:cycle of living experience. Such a proposition faces many in this group today as it, in its turn,Discipleship2, 735:many in this group today as it, in its turn, faces humanity, one of whose controlling rays is theExternalisation, 177:risk of becoming actively a part of the war faces every country not yet actually in the fightingExternalisation, 244:an indication of the larger possibility which faces humanity. It is in truth for this the AlliesExternalisation, 247:- to stand immovable. But you must stand with faces turned towards the enemy of the souls of men,Externalisation, 369:normality. The outstanding disaster which faces humanity at this time is a return to the state ofExternalisation, 377:before itself when the war ends and opportunity faces each and all? It is surely that every nation,Externalisation, 453:far from powerful; that which is new always faces the supreme difficulty of superseding andExternalisation, 473:serenity and confidence, the Hierarchy today faces its arduous task. One aspect of Their work andExternalisation, 587:the type of consciousness with which he faces the task which confronts him. Unless he fulfilsExternalisation, 596:three conditions have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity. The disaster which hasExternalisation, 606:everyday activity, will mean to the Christ as He faces it. How will He feel when the hour of HisExternalisation, 631:If the courage of the Christ, as He faces return to this physical outer world, if the need ofExternalisation, 636:As a spiritual group, They can and do set Their faces against selfishness, greed, and against allExternalisation, 640:type of trouble which the United Nations today faces. Externalisation, 658:its use constitutes the major test or task which faces Him when He reappears and has theExternalisation, 690:of those sons of men who have turned their faces to the light and who in turn reflect that light."Fire, 748:to withstand. [748] The Asuras veil their faces, and the pit of maya reeleth to the foundation. TheFire, 983:deal first with the mental attitude of man as he faces the work of creation, and his ability toFire, 1107:of the above and the below" or the "Transmitting faces of the fourth order." They receive energyGlamour, 46:it affects the disciple and the problem which he faces, what do we find? The disciple has freedGlamour, 90:the shadow of the portal of initiation, and who faces the Angel of the Presence open-eyed, as theGlamour, 95:by him and consciously encountered, and he faces a long period of "extrication from glamor and theGlamour, 102:physical, astral and lower mental planes. Now he faces his climaxing resolution, equipped withGlamour, 103:we will later deal. This is the problem which faces the initiate before he takes the final threeGlamour, 103:simultaneity. It is only when the disciple faces certain initiations that he awakens to the fact ofGlamour, 110:is steadily growing, and the initiate of the day faces the effort to release himself from theGlamour, 127:when again he stands before the portal and faces the major dualities in his own particular littleGlamour, 151:They look not here or there but, with their faces turned towards the light, they stand. ThusGlamour, 203:until finally we arrive at the proposition which faces the disciple. Then the Dweller on theGlamour, 228:of the one named, who rises and for a minute faces them. Thus a rapport and a relationship isGlamour, 267:this time with the great point of crisis which faces the disciple when he attempts to resolve theGlamour, 268:him and that door is a burning-ground; this he faces, and this he knows he has to cross if he seeksHealing, 482:and other troubles; modern medicine, therefore, faces its major opportunity. A combination of trueHercules, 9:of us is an embryo Hercules, and each one of us faces the identical labors; each of us has the sameHercules, 173:was transfigured before them. They fell on their faces and Peter said, "Let us build three huts".Hercules, 173:of three aspects of the personality, on their faces before the glorified Christ, in Capricorn atInitiation, 108:a triangle wherein the initiate stands, when he faces the Planetary Logos. These facts are impartedIntellect, 9:and start a wing! 'Tis ye, 'tis your estranged faces That miss the many-splendoured thing. "TheIntellect, 86:serves no purpose unless each educated thinker faces the issue. He must decide upon the valuesMagic, 231:Then, the disciple comes forth to battle and faces with courage (and often with clear vision) theMagic, 296:that most nearly concern the aspirant as he faces the problem of understanding and of controllingMagic, 299:on His Own cosmic plane, seeks liberation and faces His Own peculiar trials and tests? How canPatanjali, 11:detailed instruction to follow. The aspirant faces his problem, the clue to its solution is givenPatanjali, 419:before the liberated yogi a choice is placed. He faces a spiritual problem and its nature has beenProblems, 9:importance. Today a great and unique opportunity faces every nation. Hitherto the problem ofProblems, 13:first indications of the war were seen. The race faces a new crisis of opportunity wherein newProblems, 71:they constitute the greatest menace mankind faces today; they control politics; they buy prominentProblems, 75:very rich flaunted their superior status in the faces of the very poor, paralleled with aProblems, 131:has again received official recognition and faces a new opportunity. It does not yet constitute aProblems, 136:and the opportunity of the new age? Mankind faces towards the Way of Resurrection. Who shall leadProblems, 139:and his need. The Roman Catholic Church here faces her greatest opportunity and also her greatestPsychology1, 274:this has never been universally achieved. If one faces this issue with courage and with truth, onePsychology1, 397:of the past, tells us that... "They turned their faces towards the gates of earth. Their friendsPsychology2, 312:the shadow of the portal of initiation, and who faces the Angel of the Presence open-eyed, as thePsychology2, 739:in it the seeds of dire trouble and catastrophe faces the people, as it has three times before,Psychology2, 743:born, and men became individuals. Now the race faces another fecundation, this time with Love andRays, 36:interest, for it is that initiation which faces so many aspirants today - the demonstration of theRays, 43:of a terrible though beautiful experiment" faces the initiate. He finds that this time alignment isRays, 94:men who are now the Sons of God withdraw Their faces from the shining light and radiate that lightRays, 141:the three doors, symbolically speaking, he then faces all life, all events, all predeterminations,Rays, 176:on either side by a Master. Nevertheless, he faces the Initiator alone and unprotected. Even now,Rays, 199:initiate may not be given: Veil I. That which faces the disciple as he wrestles with the Dweller onRays, 199:of all the forces of the Spiritual Triad - He faces the Monad and is impelled forward by theRays, 224:and beyond the apparent finality of soul fusion faces disciples, among them some of you, at thisRays, 278:are those of an aspirant to the Mysteries as he faces initiation. Let us take these words in theRays, 317:the initiate is animated by Purpose, but faces still greater evolutionary developments; of these IRays, 325:indicating some final achievement which mankind faces; still others have accepted this teaching andRays, 347:the difference between the door which faces the disciple and that which confronts the Master. It isRays, 413:now He does not at that time make His decision, faces intelligently and with some understanding of
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