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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACES

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Rays, 440:physical bodies; not all the Masters "have Their faces turned towards the realm of dark light, butRays, 564:factors which are considered by him when he faces the Initiation of Decision (the sixthRays, 597:energy upon the life of the individual, as he faces the third initiation. This third initiation is,Rays, 653:therefore revealed to him, and he knows that he faces a period of intense preparation (notRays, 674:Humanity - on a relatively large scale - faces the second initiation, or the Baptism Initiation.Rays, 691:Direction, Science. His task - as he faces it after the third initiation - is to produce a greaterRays, 706:make progress, to move forward, and that there faces Him a great Initiation of Decision (the sixth)Rays, 708:the status of the disciple or the initiation he faces, these same three energies will be broughtRays, 711:past experience. He, the sum total of that past, faces new spiritual adventures, and has now toRays, 724:scope or influence of the planetary Life, He faces a solar or a cosmic future of which He knowsRays, 725:of what may be, and the initiate knows that he faces the final resurrection and that from being theReappearance, 13:men who are now the Sons of God withdraw Their faces from the shining light and radiate that lightReappearance, 42:three conditions have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity. The disaster which hasReappearance, 54:everyday activity will mean to the Christ as He faces it. How will He feel when the hour of HisReappearance, 62:about the Christ, [62] the situation which He faces and the probabilities as to His reappearance.Reappearance, 67:and problems with which He is confronted as He faces the work which He must do. [68] Reappearance, 161:be made factual. As the spiritually-minded man faces both these inner and outer possibilities andReappearance, 180:If the courage of the Christ, as He faces return to this physical, outer world, if the need of
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