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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACILITATED

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Destiny, 47:the Law of Loving Understanding will be greatly facilitated and speeded during the Aquarian AgeDiscipleship1, 11:of active contemplative and the result will be facilitated if you will ponder upon and struggle forDiscipleship1, 201:harmony in spite and because of conflict be facilitated? By a strongly mental meditation which willDiscipleship1, 239:made this easy. Your latent love of power facilitated your delusion. Your failure to conform toDiscipleship1, 568:a third ray physical body) will be greatly facilitated by the institution of certain physicalDiscipleship2, 54:subsequent contact. That realization would be facilitated by an inner attitude of registration (byDiscipleship2, 352:Precipitation upon the physical plane will be facilitated. A far more powerful Hierarchy and oneDiscipleship2, 405:of outer forms." This process has been greatly facilitated since the entire Hierarchy shifted itsDiscipleship2, 494:understanding, light and love is thereby greatly facilitated. The rays of your personality are asEducation, ix:of unfamiliarity diminish, understanding is facilitated. That the research project so brieflyEducation, 96:in the early stages, the building process is facilitated. It is one of the major ways of spiritualEducation, 110:thought so that my work with your minds may be facilitated and the group building of the neededEducation, 140:by the trained parents of the new age and facilitated, as the child matures, by the teaching andExternalisation, 7:of inspiration, hitherto untouched, has been facilitated. The stimulation of the higher facultiesExternalisation, 25:channel. Thus will the work of the Hierarchy be facilitated and the door opened to the regenerativeExternalisation, 351:reciprocal process of invocation and evocation, facilitated by the extreme readiness to act and toExternalisation, 496:energy that a channel was created which greatly facilitated the work of the Hierarchy, under theExternalisation, 643:- now being used by so many - has greatly facilitated the receptivity of men; the creativeExternalisation, 700:Adjustment to the increased livingness will be facilitated by the enunciation of certain basicFire, 227:They are related, but clarity of view would be facilitated if it were realized that prior toFire, 949:upon the Probationary Path [949] Their work is facilitated, for it means that one small stream ofFire, 970:to say that the entire process is greatly facilitated if the "shadow," or the man, pursues regularFire, 978:through groups (large or small) and the work is facilitated for Them if the interplay between unitsFire, 1022:the numerous unconscious magicians will be much facilitated. This will eventuate in the rapidHealing, 169:heart center in the head. All this, however, is facilitated by the advanced development of theHealing, 341:therefore, their work on the mental plane is facilitated; they are enabled then to meditate moreHealing, 391:of the basic principles of death and life is facilitated by right action, based on right thinking,Healing, 530:of two aspects of truth will be greatly facilitated by the increasing sensitivity and almostInitiation, 32:change took place in the vegetable kingdom. This facilitated the bridging process between theInitiation, 143:and power, and the work of the Initiator is facilitated when advantage is taken of favorable solarMagic, 507:the numerous unconscious magicians will be much facilitated." Pages 1021-1022. It is apparentMeditation, 68:the seventh ray activity, this will be much facilitated. Groups that are definitely andMeditation, 151:assimilation of occult knowledge is powerfully facilitated. The occultist is at first occupied morePatanjali, 219:body. Students have found out that this is much facilitated by steady even breathing, and thePsychology1, 22:Our grasp of the subject will be much facilitated if we train ourselves to regard ourselves as anPsychology1, 185:out of the physical body will be greatly facilitated, and a group of mediums will begin to act asPsychology1, 315:yet to the Christ impulse) having their progress facilitated towards the path of probation. ThePsychology1, 380:of the Law of Loving Understanding will be much facilitated and speeded up during the Aquarian age,Psychology2, 59:is undertaken with clear intent. The work is facilitated and progresses with increased rapidity asPsychology2, 138:work with right activity, will find their work facilitated if they understand that the trend ofPsychology2, 250:capacity to be in contact with the soul. This is facilitated by the fact that the artist for manyPsychology2, 273:two higher kingdoms of men and of souls greatly facilitated, as the magical work in the producingPsychology2, 278:divine life into manifestation has been greatly facilitated. The Way is now opened so that thePsychology2, 613:vision with its attendant difficulties is facilitated when the second ray is controlling andRays, 528:and constructed antahkarana, and thus He facilitated the work of all future aspirants andRays, 543:later, he discovers that contact with them is facilitated once he can register them consciously
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