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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACILITATES

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Astrology, 649:a dual opportunity exists for humanity which facilitates, whilst it complicates, the evolutionaryDiscipleship1, 159:and an inner determination to cooperate and this facilitates the work. For you, therefore, in theDiscipleship1, 168:of the Plan. Your second ray astral body greatly facilitates your work, giving you understandingDiscipleship1, 197:of your mental body is that of the fourth, which facilitates your task of responding to the lightDiscipleship1, 233:ray. This does two things for you: It definitely facilitates the integration of your personality,Discipleship1, 336:illumination the line of least resistance. It facilitates contact with the soul and provides yourDiscipleship1, 549:Conflict, as you may have suspected. This facilitates contact with and impression from your secondDiscipleship1, 585:tones it down when necessary, stimulates it and facilitates its emergence in cases such as yours.Discipleship1, 636:being also an expression of seventh ray force facilitates this work of magic. Until, my brother,Discipleship1, 640:body is on the second ray, and this fact much facilitates the task of your soul, and will accountFire, 669:and it is their connection with Him which facilitates the working through of the archetypal idea onFire, 1175:a dual opportunity exists for mankind, which facilitates, whilst it complicates, the evolutionaryGlamour, 35:which quality or characteristic in my nature facilitates my tuning in on the world glamor or theHealing, 101:though this is not really essential. It facilitates more rapid results in many cases. In others,Healing, 547:to each other. The mastering and grasping of one facilitates the understanding of the next. ForgetInitiation, 167:trained intense mental concentration greatly facilitates his apprehension. In the case of humanMagic, 78:result in that stability of rhythm which facilitates occult work, and offer a quiet field forMeditation, 66:greater refining, that stimulates vibration and facilitates the contact between the higher and theMeditation, 70:the orderly arrangement of the mental body; it facilitates recollection through the assistance ofPsychology2, 297:dominant and attractive, and at the same time facilitates the future contact (whilst in a physicalPsychology2, 588:for emotion serves to keep the door ajar and facilitates astral experience. [589] Let him "learn to
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