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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACILITY

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Healing, 412:will demonstrate immortality, for they will with facility see the [413] man who has discarded hisHealing, 444:They forget that they have already achieved facility in leaving the physical body; because theyHealing, 536:of the contacts which he will have to make with facility and promptness when attempting to heal. IHealing, 551:area. If the healer is clairvoyant, he can with facility ascertain the point of entry of theHealing, 554:in his own life. The healer has a gained facility in the use of all his centers at will, regardingHealing, 598:main causes of disease, as well you know, is the facility with which men identify themselves withHealing, 603:centers. Many aspirants can do this with greater facility than they believe. The healer, as heHealing, 616:An Avatar is one [616] who has a peculiar facility or capacity (besides a self-initiated task and aHealing, 644:than the other two. He can employ with equal facility the energy of the soul or the vital pranicHealing, 646:is an initiate employs both methods with equal facility. It is interesting, though not particularlyHealing, 650:then, when adequately efficient and able to use facility and skill, they can add the mode ofHealing, 684:the causal body or the egoic lotus. Yet again, facility in response to this law must be and isHercules, 11:material nature made its presence felt with the facility of agelong expression. At the same time heInitiation, 84:learn to work on the astral plane with the same facility and ease as he does on the physical plane;Initiation, 84:the astral elementals; he must function with facility on the lower subplanes, and the value andIntellect, 8:in another direction, and to register with equal facility the inner or intangible world. ThisIntellect, 119:through concentration and meditation, to achieve facility in forcing the mind to be one-pointed inIntellect, 137:oriented to the soul, and according to the facility with [138] which this is done will be theIntellect, 140:direction. The problem is to acquire an equal facility in the work of perception on spiritualIntellect, 140:from that higher source. In time we can acquire facility and practice in utilizing either brain orIntellect, 144:42-43. The results of this dual activity and facility of interplay we will consider next. TheIntellect, 162:talk in terms of the intuition with as much facility as we now talk in terms of the mind, andIntellect, 181:kingdom in nature with as much realization and facility as we function as men? The Knowers say thatIntellect, 255:or in the case of those who have already some facility in "centering the consciousness" in theMagic, 79:his higher mind, and thus build with greater facility the bridge between the higher and the lowerMagic, 127:for the dual work of spiritual creation; and facility comes as the attentive aspirant accustomsMagic, 128:form as you now have it. Enter with relative facility into the state of contemplation. RecognizeMagic, 166:for him, at this stage, to regain that astral facility which was the possession, as you well know,Magic, 248:as the student in his meditation work develops facility in focusing his attention in one or otherMagic, 423:soul can make itself felt. The development of a facility which will enable a man to: Use the mindMagic, 456:Know the true meaning of meditation. Align with facility the soul, the mind and the brain.Magic, 459:that They work with the greatest ease and facility, as much so as does normally intelligent manMagic, 491:function freely, which involves more the idea of facility, but that he must function as a freeMagic, 493:or with the soul. The average man works with facility and self-consciousness in the physical andMagic, 494:They forget that they have already achieved facility in leaving the physical body; [495] becauseMagic, 504:intelligence and followed for many years until facility in the work of abstraction is achieved.Magic, 517:has its interlude. The disciple has to learn facility in utilizing these two soul interludes - oneMagic, 557:When soul, mind and brain are unified and facility in unification has been achieved, furtherMagic, 632:straight Pisceans. These work with much greater facility and find a more rapid response from thoseMagic, 636:and understanding contacting them with greater facility. Love reveals. The rendering of serviceMagic, 636:which will enable them to work with the greatest facility. The penalty for the infringing [637] ofMeditation, 20:expansion. He loves much and expands with fair facility his consciousness to include a just part ofMeditation, 160:will be set free. They can then circulate with facility, tuning up the entire system and cleansingMeditation, 232:that the force may radiate through with greater facility. It is therefore on the three lower planesMeditation, 235:the bodies of the personality with ever greater facility and fuller expression. As the bodies areMeditation, 275:other evolutions than the human, and move with facility in other spheres than the earth sphere. HisMeditation, 292:in his meditation, as he increases his facility to throw himself into the right vibration, heMeditation, 348:less competent worker can do his work with equal facility and good judgment. It is the part ofPatanjali, 20:might well be given here, in respect to the facility with which people judge they have seen one ofPatanjali, 75:(in its unregenerate state) to gravitate with facility towards material objects. The nature ofPatanjali, 247:extension of concentration and grows out of the facility a man achieves in "fixing the mind" atPatanjali, 250:to be light, a point of fiery essence. Through facility in the meditation process he can focus thatPsychology1, 129:expressions. A governor or statesman has learnt facility in his craft through much experience inPsychology1, 159:left awestruck and bewildered at the creative facility of the Great Architect of the Universe.Psychology1, 179:of the mind so that it can function with equal facility in two directions. It will be able to turnPsychology1, 180:can ever get a following. Such men can with facility upset the balance of the community and lead aPsychology1, 184:of the truth of immortality, for they will with facility see the man who has discarded his ethericPsychology1, 186:training. Men are intended to acquire the facility to function freely in either direction, and soPsychology1, 237:egoic will follow my reasoning with a measure of facility. A very apposite question might here bePsychology1, 247:mineral kingdom, and hence man's work with, and facility in using materially, the forms in thisPsychology1, 336:love. Response again comes, with greater facility and more true awareness and sensitivity, in thePsychology2, 60:capacity of the mind, and can be used with equal facility by an incarnated Son of God, functioningPsychology2, 73:whereby the consciousness can function with facility [74] both in the higher worlds and in thePsychology2, 138:at that period. They will work with greater facility than will the disciples and aspirants whosePsychology2, 144:With these the sixth ray disciple works with facility, and this he should endeavor to do, teachingPsychology2, 187:body are not felt. This leads to a greater inner facility in understanding and to a reciprocalPsychology2, 205:They can be regimented and standardized with facility by orthodox religion and [206] government,Psychology2, 338:and is slowly at first and more rapidly as facility is acquired, shifting its focus of attentionPsychology2, 465:which he can pass at will (and eventually with facility) into a new world of phenomena, of directedPsychology2, 477:telepathic sensitivity and psychometrical facility - are usually adequate to the demand and thePsychology2, 512:however, between the establishing of the facility to tap at will the inner sources of vitalPsychology2, 610:will register the inflow of force and power with facility and will discover that their problem liesRays, 170:was last on Earth, and that He is now achieving facility in the higher mediatorship which willRays, 198:only now be revealed. It is concerned with the facility with which a Master participates in theRays, 213:a certain standing; it needs also those who have facility of relationship with the inner Ashram andRays, 259:conditions and group problems; he tunes in with facility on the consciousness of those in theRays, 337:created mechanism. This has been acquired, and facility in its use has been attained, through manyRays, 447:whereby the consciousness can function with facility, both in the higher worlds and in the lower,Rays, 485:spiritual and occult fundamentals; it may be a "facility of revelation," both receptive andRays, 502:the seventh ray aspirants. Neither type can with facility organize the material energy, orientRays, 505:force; he uses all the seven rays, having gained facility in so doing because again and again hisRays, 543:center; it naturally takes time to develop this facility and (until he passes through the thirdRays, 558:of all the rays, though ever retaining a greater facility to work on his own soul ray, and laterRays, 566:you will comprehend what I then say with greater facility if you grasp some of the implications -Rays, 643:are now going to deal) he has to demonstrate his facility in using the "light available" bySoul, 123:sympathetic system, and responds with dangerous facility to thought; concentration on it, oftenTelepathy, 37 To:First: It is essential that you acquire facility in tuning in on each other with deepest love andTelepathy, 102:supposedly would convey. They contact with facility the astral counterparts of the higher worlds,Telepathy, 149:[149] interplay; some seem to circulate with facility in some particular kingdom in nature and some
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