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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACING

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Astrology, 440:influence. For the Hierarchy - as a group - is facing a great crisis of approach to Shamballa,Autobiography, 55:Sunday afternoon on a platform in a large room, facing a couple of hundred soldiers and someAutobiography, 121:I am acutely concerned. The problem, therefore, facing Walter and myself was what should we do? IAutobiography, 128:and even though I did not realize it, I was facing the happiest and richest part of my life. As IAutobiography, 241:to us after so many years work to find ourselves facing an audience in Rotterdam, or Milan, inAutobiography, 297:and the recognition by us all, that we are facing a new cycle in the life of the group, justifiesBethlehem, 23:life of the soul. The initiates of the world are facing the Transfiguration initiation. MindBethlehem, 46:knowest not these things?' (St. John, III, 10.)" Facing these possible heights of attainment standBethlehem, 226:fear prevents us from being truthful and from facing facts. It is essential that today we face theBethlehem, 237:the sarcophagus and placed on a sloping surface, facing the east, ready for the rising of the sunBethlehem, 262:our ideals. Therefore the question of importance facing humanity today is, just what must be doneDestiny, 126:types of discipleship, one of the problems [126] facing the Hierarchy is how to bring about theDiscipleship1, 233:in soul control must be taken through the facing of certain tests connected with your line of leastDiscipleship1, 245:quietly and happily at your problem. You are facing strange and new contacts and hence you can, ifDiscipleship1, 256:1938 MY BROTHER: The coming year will see you facing two basic decisions. What they will be is notDiscipleship1, 329:have set themselves these days. It means facing up to the issue which each has for himself createdDiscipleship1, 329:each has for himself created and this involves facing one's life with truth as well as one'sDiscipleship1, 419:from the condition of difficulty and you are facing - as a result - a life of fuller service and ofDiscipleship1, 465:same time, far from young in years is that of facing the last decade or so of life withDiscipleship1, 487:great. All that was in you has been expended in facing up to life and to your initial problems; youDiscipleship1, 507:- C.D.P. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: You are facing up to your crisis and to your final test ofDiscipleship1, 539:constructive and useful person. I am simply here facing you with one of the crises which come inDiscipleship1, 590:nothing happens. The disciples in my group are facing great difficulties owing to the worldDiscipleship1, 590:remind you that habit is potent and that you are facing your life task and your major problem. YouDiscipleship1, 680:disciples are emotional; they shrink from the facing of existent facts and approach problems fromDiscipleship2, 38:- as you are linked with the Hierarchy - you are facing toward success. Discipleship2, 48:this interference. This is the major problem facing the Ashrams at this time. This year, I willDiscipleship2, 317:and to which he may be drawn. For the disciple facing the first two initiations, this group will beDiscipleship2, 495:I. Exercise prior to Meditation: Stand erect, facing your soul. Then say audibly, if possible: "IDiscipleship2, 501:are sincere and intended. You are at this time facing changes. The choice with which you areDiscipleship2, 541:Each [541] of you, in his own place, is facing this initiatory process. I might add that everyDiscipleship2, 544:consequent decision - you have evaded the full facing of the implications and the effect whichDiscipleship2, 644:complicate matters and you are, therefore, today facing your major life crisis and, I would add,Discipleship2, 644:your major life crisis and, I would add, you are facing it satisfactorily. There are many types ofDiscipleship2, 736:- upon the buddhic or intuitional plane. You are facing changes in your life. I would here pointExternalisation, 41:this condition was evoked and hence the problem facing the race today; hence the task of theExternalisation, 96:you so choose, picture these two great groups as facing each other. The Hierarchy is aware of theExternalisation, 176:may plunge the world still deeper into conflict. Facing humanity today are two major dangers. TheseExternalisation, 177:are standing with their backs to the wall, facing the strongest display of human might that theExternalisation, 437:for the next step. Today the Hierarchy is facing a climaxing activity. From the Full Moon of May,Externalisation, 454:behind the Evolutionary Process The problem facing the Hierarchy is how to further these desirableExternalisation, 471:be again. Humanity - materialistic, suffering, facing the future with despair and agony, but stillExternalisation, 551:enumerated for you certain of the objectives facing the Hierarchy at this time and involving theExternalisation, 608:service has made His return possible. He too is facing a major test, preparatory to a greatExternalisation, 637:is undeniably rampant, and that we are therefore facing another period of frustration and of majorExternalisation, 643:be preserved. In an unique manner, men are today facing a period of the freeing of the human soul,Fire, 953:by the student with a personal application. Facing each earnest aspirant to the Mysteries is thatGlamour, 35:questions which you might put to yourself, facing the issue in the light of your soul: Do I sufferGlamour, 92:vehicles at a time and explaining the problem facing each of you in relation to that particularGlamour, 99:the Arjuna Experience. Today the world Arjuna is facing the pairs of opposites, just as does theGlamour, 99:2. The average educated citizen in all lands is facing today the Arjuna experience and the pairs ofGlamour, 124:Certain of the group members also were facing or had major adjustments in their lives, and it tookGlamour, 145:transmits the light of the soul. The determined facing of the factual life and the sternGlamour, 206:to be overwhelmed by a realization of what he is facing. This is one of the [207] causes of theGlamour, 268:process is not consummated in one particular facing of the two antagonistic forces. It is aHercules, 107:in Leo, by demonstrating the power to dare, by facing the terrific struggle that lies ahead of himHercules, 182:and we are right in that time now. We are not facing a judgment day in which the sheep and goatsIntellect, 8:within the grasp of the average man. The problem facing the human family today in the realms bothIntellect, 35:this specialized culture, and, therefore, are we facing a crisis in the educational field which hasIntellect, 177:and the satisfactions of physical living and facing the inevitability of a great transition toMagic, 198:should be remembered by the aspirant. He is facing a most complex problem. He enters blindly into aProblems, 7:this interference. This is the major problem facing spiritual people at this time. [8] Problems, 18:other peoples on equal terms. The major trouble facing the United Nations will be to find theProblems, 40:values of beauty, truth and goodness? [40] Yet, facing the worldwide reconstruction demanded andProblems, 80:work, for simple spiritual living. The task facing the men and women of goodwill in every landProblems, 88:itself must face as a whole; and by meeting and facing this basic expression of universalProblems, 104:Jew nor Gentile", as St. Paul expressed it (facing two thousand years ago the same sad problem),Problems, 108:same results as it has in the West. The problem facing the white races now in Africa is so to trainProblems, 139:and God Transcendent is the spiritual problem, facing all the world religions at this time. NoPsychology2, 313:in such a manner the many of the problems facing the psychologist at this time can be dealt withPsychology2, 374:God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me." But by facing futility and himself and by surrenderingPsychology2, 437:and full of arrogance. He is aware of himself as facing a larger [438] world, a wider horizon, andRays, 172:first the Door was passed. The greatest problem facing aspirants and disciples prior to the thirdRays, 196:the Hall of Blinded Men - blinded by light but facing towards the final veil, the Veil ofRays, 348:to all aspirants who have reached the point of facing discipleship; they are unavoidableRays, 392:Decision." This constitutes part of the problem facing the Masters Who are thus to move forward; itRays, 496:constructive and useful person. I am simply here facing you with one of the crises which come inRays, 553:the Hierarchy itself. Certain Masters Who were facing the sixth Initiation of Decision at the timeRays, 555:In old Atlantean days, it was the Masters (facing the same sixth initiation) Who "decided" to bringRays, 677:the third Initiation of the Transfiguration. Facing him is a great transition from an emotionalRays, 684:Freedom is the keynote of the individual who is facing the second initiation and its aftermath -Reappearance, 55:service has made His return possible. He too is facing a major test, preparatory to a greatTelepathy, 104:impact. One of the difficulties, for instance, facing the aspiring disciple and the earnest occult
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