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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Fire, 750:term of service wears to a close. This is a fact which is nevertheless taken advantage of when aFire, 758:of men, and His physical incarnation be a fact. Very few will be thus available for His use, as theFire, 764:awakening the realization of the student to the fact that evolution affects that body also, and notFire, 771:concerned be affected. Beyond mentioning this fact, we cannot enlarge, for the subject isFire, 775:the atomic triangle. Here a very interesting fact must be borne in mind. The three permanent atoms,Fire, 775:three bodies which will later be an accomplished fact. The fifth spirilla in the lower two atomsFire, 776:[776] The student should bear in mind the fact that as soon as the mental unit has become the apexFire, 790:dense physical body is brought about through the fact that only five centers primarily are reallyFire, 794:of mind will change when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of the existence of an ethericFire, 794:will be recognized by scientists. This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century,Fire, 801:Elementals We are but seeking to emphasize the fact of the interdependence of all atoms and forms,Fire, 802:is manifesting, and to call attention to the fact of the karma of the past aeons, kalpas and thatFire, 805:the three permanent atoms becomes a demonstrable fact and not a faint indication. During the secondFire, 809:theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is it universally held. [810] II. Man is inFire, 810:nor is it universally held. [810] II. Man is in fact a fragment of the Universal Mind, or worldFire, 812:the dense physical and the subtler bodies is a fact established in medical circles, then will theFire, 814:emphasis will be laid upon teaching people the fact of the Ego on its own plane, the nature of theFire, 815:will the Christ nature be demonstrated to be a fact in nature itself. The value to the publicFire, 816:it practically as non-substantial. It is in fact, as earlier pointed out, the result of the dualFire, 829:is the work of the Solar Pitris consummated. The fact of the abnormality of the process ofFire, 829:training in order to stimulate His centers. This fact is being taken advantage of by the HierarchyFire, 834:the system. If this is meditated upon, and the fact of all our planes being the etheric and denseFire, 834:of the cosmic lunar Lords is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond ourFire, 840:interest to the thoughtful student. This is the fact of the difference existing between the egoicFire, 845:subject lies hidden in three things: First, the fact that our three planes, physical, astral, andFire, 845:not considered as forming principles. The second fact is that the lesser "lives" or the elementalFire, 845:and flow about which little is known. Third, the fact of the coming into incarnation of the [846]Fire, 849:all these Entities becomes a possibility. This fact is the basis of occult realization, and theFire, 849:be apparent to the careful student that in this fact lies the true relationship between the variousFire, 859:with the etheric centers, we should note the fact that the major head center is twofold inFire, 860:the line of the true psychic unfoldment: The fact that the energy starts from the fifth plane, theFire, 860:plane, the mental, where man is concerned, The fact that it is through the agency of the fifthFire, 860:can consciously work at his own unfoldment, The fact that the path of evolution is for man aFire, 860:divided into five stages as regards the Ego, The fact that although this is the second solar systemFire, 861:The Logos is now treading the cosmic Path. The fact that the fifth spirilla is in process ofFire, 866:and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bringFire, 869:The reason for this is to be found in the [869] fact that all knowledge concerns energy, itsFire, 871:be apparent to the careful reader that in this fact lies hid the secret of why the Mahachohan holdsFire, 871:and pass on to other work owing to the fact that They each embody one type of triple force, whereasFire, 887:would call to the attention of all students the fact that these lesser builders are literally aFire, 890:a unity, is everywhere to be seen; this fact must constantly be borne [891] in mind by the occultFire, 892:essential livingness which constitutes the basic fact in all occult investigation, and is theFire, 895:for him the clue. He must remember likewise the fact that every life of every degree, from a god toFire, 897:to the great Life of the planet is seen in the fact that both forms are but outer sheaths orFire, 898:all of their astral bodies. It is an occult fact that the type of astral matter in a man's bodyFire, 900:students will find it well to bear in mind the fact that Neptune is one of the major orFire, 900:a very close esoteric connection between the fact lying behind the Biblical words "the Spirit ofFire, 909:Spirit and matter can meet and have union. This fact also should be borne in mind during the nextFire, 917:Only when scientists are prepared to admit the fact that there is a body of vitality which acts asFire, 919:the "Army of the Voice." This is due to the fact that in this section we are only dealing with thatFire, 925:No form is as yet perfect, and it is this fact which necessitates cyclic evolution, and theFire, 925:of forms until they approximate reality in fact and in deed. The method of form production may beFire, 927:come to be reckoned as failures, is owing to the fact of their inability to make a coordinatedFire, 929:of the greater plan. He will become alive to the fact that there are living [930] forces in nature.Fire, 944:to the three centers. The realization of this fact will eventually prove of much interest toFire, 963:at-one-ment of the three fires in man, being in fact: That much of the fire of spirit, or electricFire, 975:of the ineffectiveness of people is due to the fact that their interests are not centralized butFire, 975:Failure in thought creation is due also to the fact that [976] the laws of thought are not taught,Fire, 991:endeavor. Students should remember here the fact that the three lower planes of our solar systemFire, 994:menaces the unwary student of magic lies in the fact that when he tampers with these forces andFire, 995:be available. Every magician has to learn the fact that, in this solar system, during the cycle ofFire, 1004:mental plane are necessarily brief, owing to the fact that the plane of mind is as yet an unknownFire, 1009:becomes in any degree active, and it is this fact that has led writers of occult books in the pastFire, 1020:in the mind of the student owing to the occult fact that the various formulas are being employedFire, 1024:would-be workers in magic is to be traced to the fact that they themselves are not free. TheFire, 1024:Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the three higher levels of the etheric planesFire, 1028:to occultists, and deals with facts. The modern fact of the modern scientist is his approximationFire, 1030:entire system. This is the basis of the occult fact that all in nature, for instance, will be, is,Fire, 1036:of Egos on the astral plane, for instance. This fact has bearing upon the statement of H. P. B.Fire, 1037:It is naturally of great importance owing to the fact that this ray-energy is that of one of theFire, 1038:of our theosophical movement must recognize the fact that just as H. P. B. came forth on a cyclicFire, 1040:every life in the entire solar system. It is a fact in nature that all that is in existence dwellsFire, 1065:positive nucleus of the atom. This is due to the fact that the essential life of any atom, itsFire, 1072:from that which we call noise. This is an occult fact worthy of close attention. The energyFire, 1084:not yet admitted into their calculations the fact that our solar system is revolving around aFire, 1085:certain lines of force demonstrate to Him the fact that some constellations are knit with HisFire, 1086:in the constellation of Orion is due to the fact that at this particular time there has been anFire, 1088:would be served by such a revelation. The fact only can be touched upon as it must be consideredFire, 1089:Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind In the fact of the turning of the monadic Wheel coveringFire, 1090:If the student will with care meditate upon the fact that the three lower planes - the mental, theFire, 1090:impulses of a later. This is due to the fact that there exist in this solar system effects ofFire, 1092:The consideration of this is complicated by the fact that in any particular chain, the MonadsFire, 1097:might be of interest here to remember the occult fact that as the atoms in the physical body of theFire, 1098:upon solar matter) are responsible for the fact that our solar system is a system of the fourthFire, 1099:of initiation for the human being becomes a fact and that particular form of activity whichFire, 1104:of consciousness becomes an accomplished fact. The man frequently then foregoes devachan as heFire, 1111:to the man who has the key. It is a curious fact that the streams of force which form the petalsFire, 1114:the inherent nature of the astral body, and the fact that it is augmented by the energy of theFire, 1121:may be helpful if the student bears in mind the fact that every center may be considered as anFire, 1137:and the animal on the fourth. It is owing to the fact that a center of force for the animal groupFire, 1141:two. The distinctions are demonstrated in the fact that some forms are negative-positive, othersFire, 1145:rhythm. The matter is further complicated by the fact that though the Ray of the Monad is itsFire, 1146:without a due consideration of this important fact. Other distinguishing features might beFire, 1157:the spirillae of a permanent atom. It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth andFire, 1159:point. Another hint of interest lies in the fact that there exist between these spinal centers,Fire, 1163:of vibration. The main distinction exists in the fact, as we have so oft repeated, that three ofFire, 1168:this in the vegetable kingdom owing to the fact that it is in this kingdom that definite objectiveFire, 1173:and there is an occult significance in the fact that this is the eleventh [1174] Law. It is the lawFire, 1189:planetary Ray. The mystery is increased by the fact that there are not only certain logoicFire, 1189:felt. We have a correspondence to this in the fact that there are centers of energy in man which
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