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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Initiation, 4:but rudimentary. When we recognize the further fact, that to be conscious on a plane and to haveInitiation, 5:and in a shifting angle of vision. A fact, for instance, looked at from the standpoint of humanityInitiation, 5:from the standpoint of humanity (using the word "fact" in the scientific sense as that which hasInitiation, 5:past all doubt and question) may not be a fact from the standpoint of a Master. To Him it may beInitiation, 5:a Master. To Him it may be but part of a greater fact, only a fraction of the whole. Since HisInitiation, 6:revelation. We must resign ourselves to the fact that the only way in which we can find the clue toInitiation, 13:somewhat at this stage of comprehension is the fact that at various periods the emphasis is laid onInitiation, 17:All are in the Logoic Consciousness. One great fact to be borne in mind is, that the initiations ofInitiation, 22:call it hereditary instinct, but it works out in fact as purpose in nature. It has been wiselyInitiation, 23:but there is no cause for discouragement in this fact; group consciousness is already somewhat moreInitiation, 24:that men need to know and to realize as a basic fact is that this Hierarchy is composed of thoseInitiation, 25:by a knowledge of the power of sound. This final fact is the basis of that aphorism which statesInitiation, 26:Let us therefore seek for the truth as a fact in our own consciousness. Every religious faith holdsInitiation, 26:no wild chimera or phantasm, but an established fact in the consciousness. This each man mustInitiation, 27:for himself. Those [27] who know may state a fact to be thus and so, but the dictum of anotherInitiation, 28:to the extreme purity of his nature, and the fact that he is (from the human standpoint) relativelyInitiation, 35:Man has to learn through experience and pain the fact of the duality of all existence. Having thusInitiation, 39:one it is not permissible to state, as this fact is one of the secrets of initiation. Through eachInitiation, 42:itself with making that will an accomplished fact. He works in closer cooperation with the buildingInitiation, 55:the race the perception of the great fundamental fact of brotherhood. At this particular time theInitiation, 68:the brilliance of his light. This is an occult fact. The finer the grade of matter built into ourInitiation, 77:based on old vibration and has no foundation in fact, and the battle ground is so to control theInitiation, 79:and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by those who work on the inner side to bringInitiation, 83:out the karma with the injured units. The very fact that a man is an initiate, and therefore theInitiation, 85:is usually to be seen. This accounts for the fact that this initiation and the third, frequentlyInitiation, 86:physical, astral, and mental planes. The last fact is of interest. The control of the three higherInitiation, 90:he may become aware of the great fundamental fact that the method of initiation is the method of:Initiation, 94:round, and its peculiar interest lies in the fact that the emphasis for the fourth CreativeInitiation, 101:an acute transmitter of the inner impulses. This fact is of real importance, and will bring about -Initiation, 101:in his waking consciousness, a ceremonial fact, finds all these manifestations of increased growthInitiation, 102:by the physical brain of an imparted fact or apprehended circumstance, so with the greaterInitiation, 108:that the truism "as above so below" is an occult fact in nature. At the final two initiations manyInitiation, 111:to reach that ideal, to make it a demonstrating fact within himself, he will find that it becomesInitiation, 116:the same group and ray, and thus it is a literal fact in demonstration that on the higher planes weInitiation, 118:and belief merge themselves in self-ascertained fact. Faith is lost in sight, and things unseen areInitiation, 119:no longer a theory but a proven [119] scientific fact, no more to be disputed than the separatenessInitiation, 123:he has long realized as a basic theoretical fact, that our solar Logos is involved in the plans andInitiation, 128:under the laws of electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate presented to the InitiatorInitiation, 135:bear in mind the interesting significance of the fact that he, on the physical plane, is aInitiation, 163:It is apparent of course, that only the fact of the secret, and an indication as to the matter withInitiation, 169:a matter for speculation for modern science. The fact that it is triple is demonstrated to theInitiation, 173:in the body of the Heavenly Man is seen to be a fact. [174] One could go on emphasizing theInitiation, 174:realizes in a sense incomprehensible to man the fact that all is fire and fire is all. This secretInitiation, 175:revealed in this solar system, owing to the fact that this is a system wherein pre-eminently theInitiation, 179:We must also endeavor to realize the fact that initiation may be seen taking place on the threeInitiation, 179:point in evolution where the unit recognizes in fact, and not only in theory, his identity with theInitiation, 181:major three. This is complicated somewhat by the fact that within the planetary Scheme, duringInitiation, 182:seen. Above all, its interest lies for us in the fact that it is the ray which brings opportunityInitiation, 184:also in much," is an occult statement of fact, and should characterize the whole daily activity ofInitiation, 185:to mention the Path of Initiation. One general fact we do know, and that is, that before theseInitiation, 189:necessitated for their entrance, and the fact that those who enter upon them pass out of the systemInitiation, 192:who they may be, is beginning to be a realized fact in the heart of a disciple, and yetIntellect, 3:educational impasse and the method whereby the fact of the soul may be ascertained - that livingIntellect, 8:both of science and of religion results from the fact that the follower of both schools finds he isIntellect, 10:the universe is growing states an unalterable fact about its structure, which fact is the eternalIntellect, 10:an unalterable fact about its structure, which fact is the eternal guarantee of the possibility andIntellect, 11:can go no further, then he should recognize this fact and make his decline and fall as easy and asIntellect, 34:out of the welter of opinion emerges the basic fact of the wide range of the human states ofIntellect, 36:much one may seek to explain it away, the fact remains that man goes questing through the ages, andIntellect, 56:part and parcel of Nature itself, which is, in fact, the outer garment of Deity; he finds that hisIntellect, 56:plans which guide the Mind of God Himself. In fact, he arrives at God and discovers God as theIntellect, 56:arrives at God and discovers God as the central Fact. Knowing himself to be divine, he finds theIntellect, 59:the divine Self, and mental assurance as to the fact of the indwelling Son of God becomes the goal,Intellect, 61:How can a man find his soul, or ascertain the fact of its existence? How can he readjust himself toIntellect, 61:to soul knowledge and illumination. It is a fact in nature that "as a man thinketh so is he." [65] Intellect, 73:in us, the hope of glory." This becomes a fact in our consciousness and not simply a much hoped forIntellect, 81:The proper meaning of this word Yoga is in fact 'union' and nothing else... It should be noted thatIntellect, 86:can be brought in corroboration of them. The fact that others have achieved may encourage andIntellect, 86:involved and set himself to demonstrate the fact of the mind, its relation in the two directionsIntellect, 94:"a servant of the Sun," and thus emphasizes the fact that the sole function of the physical body isIntellect, 124:Whole. Ludwig Fischer calls our attention to the fact that all our faculties "are founded on theIntellect, 124:entered are recorded as truth and proven fact by many thousands down the ages. Intellect, 128:itself whether obscurely or clearly. The primary fact is the confrontation of the human mind with aIntellect, 137:with Deity is realized as constituting as much a fact in the natural process as is the unionIntellect, 142:is now recognized. The difference lies in the fact that the instrument, the mind, is now in a stateIntellect, 147:realm of the intuition, or of illumination. In fact, we rather smile at the idea of an illuminedIntellect, 160:only a psychological, but also - a physiological fact." - Hall, W. Winslow, MD., Illuminanda, pageIntellect, 170:recognition [170] of the light in the head. This fact is so well substantiated that it needs littleIntellect, 170:events ordinarily covered with darkness. The fact that, in connection with this, the general bodilyIntellect, 172:The time may shortly be with us when the fact of illumination may be recognized as a naturalIntellect, 173:of the immortality of the soul, and of the fact of the kingdom of God. They are lights set in aIntellect, 182:hence the union with God is a realization of a fact in nature which has always been. The [183] soulIntellect, 187:of viewing [187] all things 'in one thought'. In fact our logical as well as practicalIntellect, 187:empirical consciousness... The most important fact that lies behind the experience ofIntellect, 194:the relation between the two, are known as one fact, without differentiation. God, the Father, God,Intellect, 200:to them, miraculous; they suddenly register the fact of the mind, and that they can use it, and theIntellect, 201:frequently most distressing. This is due to the fact that the focus of attention is away from theIntellect, 211:propounded in this book have any basis in fact) might be expressed in the following propositions:Intellect, 228:and not the words themselves, or the fact that we are attempting to meditate. Then say, withIntellect, 233:Sporadic efforts get the aspirant nowhere; in fact they are definitely harmful, inasmuch as theyIntellect, 246:Another cause for the delusion lies in the fact that these people have perhaps made a real contactIntellect, 254:to sleep as well as heretofore. They are, in fact, over-stimulated. The nervous system is beingMagicof prime importance to each student is not the fact of a particular teacher's personality but theMagic, 16:eye, the vision is no longer emphasized but a fact is stated and a law enunciated. Such has beenMagic, 17:lacking demonstration. It is not accepted as a fact in the consciousness of the race. Only twoMagic, 17:race. Only two groups of people accept it as a fact; one is the gullible, undeveloped, childlikeMagic, 17:God, and of reality, who know the soul to be a fact in their own experience but are unable to proveMagic, 28:in our discussion of this abstruse subject, the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous termsMagic, 32:To me they may be and are truth and proven fact and for me that may suffice. For you they should beMagic, 34:every other part is recognized and known to be a fact in nature, the problem will remain unsolved.
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