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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Magic, 34:more feasible than that of spirit owing to the fact that there are many people who have experiencedMagic, 37:state of awareness in matter itself, due to the fact that Mother-Matter has been fecundated byMagic, 55:consciousness as to the reality of that divine fact. This knowledge renders the hitherto assumedMagic, 58:to the outer world has been the paramount fact in the experience of the spiritual man, so now it isMagic, 58:to take place wherein the outstanding fact will be the spiritual man, the solar angel or soul. ItMagic, 63:is to go on. Once however that he grasps the fact he is watching the effect of the cyclic impulsesMagic, 78:and their practical application lies in the fact of the comparative newness of the occident, andMagic, 110:are sensible (and perhaps over-sensitive) of the fact that while their lives intellectually areMagic, 114:which is secondary. The difficulty lies in the fact that (both being principles) both are right. ItMagic, 117:in [117] the world at present arise from the fact that these higher principles, having to do withMagic, 118:You have an illustration of what I say in the fact that many of the struggles that arise inMagic, 118:that arise in organizations are based on the fact that some worthy people follow personalities,Magic, 159:statement but, at the same time, an experimental fact in the magical work. In the disciple's work,Magic, 165:training which will make its use a demonstrated fact in nature to them. I would call attention toMagic, 170:recognitions. 1. The event is recognized as fact past all controversy. No doubt remains in theMagic, 178:from astralism. To this must be added the fact that the better educated a man may be, the wider hisMagic, 192:latent and quiescent. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when the energies, latent at the base ofMagic, 192:Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye 2. The second fact to bear in mind is that as these changes andMagic, 200:entailed by knowledge. Do you appreciate the fact that if you were making full use of each piece ofMagic, 200:in the course of the training, and making it a fact in your experience, and were living out in yourMagic, 228:world and to the mental condition and hence the fact emerges that disciples and the more highlyMagic, 246:heart of spiritual being. Again he asserts the fact of his divinity and then, through a temporaryMagic, 250:found in the recognition of the following occult fact. The place where water and land meet is theMagic, 284:in a manner not yet truly comprehended the fact that the "blood is the life". The blood is anMagic, 288:of the subject is also increased by the fact that each ray holds within its teaching a differentMagic, 291:between forces and energies by appreciating the fact that personalities affect us through theMagic, 294:for the majority of human beings, in the fact that they possess as yet an apparatus inadequate forMagic, 298:principle, and a result of mental activity. The fact that birds and animals know fear puts theMagic, 298:phrase, conveying little. It is inherent in the fact of matter itself and in the play of the pairsMagic, 306:its task, and in many cases has its roots in the fact that a man is a disciple, or a really bigMagic, 307:this we term a panic or a wave of unrest. The fact that the working out may be military, economic,Magic, 311:life which constitutes our astral elemental. The fact that protects from complete sensitiveMagic, 315:development so will come response. It is in this fact that the roots of mass psychology and of mobMagic, 328:the hope for them lies in their devotion and the fact that evolution itself will carry them forwardMagic, 333:it as a possibility and seeks to demonstrate the fact of the soul-factor lying back of itsMagic, 335:which is another term for brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance ofMagic, 336:be the keynote, for it will be a demonstrated fact in nature. It will be an age wherein men willMagic, 336:the findings of the behaviorists are sound in fact, though erroneous in conclusion. They serve as aMagic, 337:that group of psychologists who, admitting the fact of the structure, yet regard it as subjected toMagic, 338:can do this he becomes aware of another fact and that is that not only is he a generator and userMagic, 339:is steadily growing. Brotherhood as a fact in nature is as yet largely a theory, but brotherhood asMagic, 340:user. In the course of the next few decades the fact of the soul will be established, and the workMagic, 346:show the way out, then proceed. As an occult fact past all controversy, you know that naught canMagic, 348:are of no value until we have changed them into fact. Hence the value of meditating on an ideal. InMagic, 355:Simultaneously however, he becomes aware of the fact that the Plan is very far as yet fromMagic, 359:was to impress upon the world consciousness the fact that God is Love. This is a symbolicMagic, 364:the synthetic nature of the great plan and the fact that the smallest unit is an integral part ofMagic, 372:practitioners will be recognizing it as a fact of nature. Most of the diseases that the physicalMagic, 373:the crux of the whole situation lies in the fact that the five rays at this time have the seventhMagic, 374:the frequent reaction of the disciple to the fact that for him, as yet, there is no point of peace.Magic, 376:the Theosophical, in spite of denial) teach the fact of the self and the not-self, and hence can beMagic, 377:adequately considered. It is an acknowledged fact in occultism that for our earth humanity theMagic, 379:workers will be revealed. We might here note the fact that the word Ibez is literally in the natureMagic, 404:given during the past 400 years, and from this fact you can vision the utter patience of theMagic, 415:is composed of those who are aware of the fact of the soul, and have established a soul intercourseMagic, 428:and its close welding is not an accomplished fact? World unity, brotherhood in its true sense, theMagic, 430:(so-called) among them. This is due to the fact that the occultists are numerically few in relationMagic, 450:in our discussions of this abstruse subject the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous termsMagic, 486:But it is not thus with a physical plane fact. What must be done? The other thoughts descend fromMagic, 486:plane matter. Not so with the physical plane fact. It [487] is a vital entity, robed in material ofMagic, 487:Some brother comes to you and tells to you a fact about another brother - a fact involving what theMagic, 487:tells to you a fact about another brother - a fact involving what the world would call wrongdoingMagic, 487:are concerned the thought-form, built around the fact, has wandered into what you call aMagic, 490:rights and give place to the greater truth. The fact of the day is seen later as part of a greaterMagic, 490:of the day is seen later as part of a greater fact. A man can have grasped some of the lesserMagic, 499:a glorious prelude to a conscious exit? When the fact that the man is to discard the handicap ofMagic, 500:the inner assurances of the human heart, in the fact of belief in eternal persistence as an idea inMagic, 502:being. This is the first and most important fact to remember and it will easily be seen how theMagic, 506:later be elaborated, but only when the fact of the soul is recognized and its relation to the bodyMagic, 541:minute and detailed instructions consists in the fact that were they now to be given to the world,Magic, 542:I have not time to enlarge upon this fact, but I can assure you that as men learn to think withMagic, 542:in elucidating these rules lies in the fact that it is today more easy to prove the fact that thereMagic, 542:the fact that it is today more easy to prove the fact that there is a realm of mind than it is toMagic, 542:to an atom. Certain scientists recognize the fact of an etheric body, vast numbers do not, and fromMagic, 546:Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the three higher levels of the etheric planeMagic, 552:urge which we call religious, but which is, in fact, the drive towards truth and its mentalMagic, 554:finds himself. He will need to consider the fact that his body of manifestation is a precipitation,Magic, 557:If a group could appreciate the power of this fact, and "recognize" its opportunity, it could, byMagic, 567:organization upon the physical [567] plane. This fact has to be remembered, no matter what theMagic, 576:one that is little understood. It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple (once he hasMagic, 584:paradoxical situation is brought about from the fact that the disciple is told to enquire the WayMagic, 591:[591] work with the centers) is based upon the fact that the energy of the cells which compose theMagic, 595:development. The time has come however when the fact that there is an energy body underlying theMagic, 606:them take heart of grace as they recognize the fact that the kingdom of souls is steadily becomingMagic, 612:and in an occult sense is not based on fact. Any true aspirant knows that his spiritual progressMagic, 620:these growing tendencies in human affairs. The fact that they are so prominent will appear, if theMagic, 620:of five hundred years ago will reveal to him the fact that at that time great individuals were theMagic, 633:however to the Aquarian worker lies in the fact that though they respond to the ideal and regardMagic, 634:cause of this reaction is to be found in the fact that mankind as a whole and for the first time inMagic, 638:true so err, and in time he will awaken to the fact that the group he has gathered around him areMeditation, 16:and of all means to the end in view. It is in fact the process of the utilization of the many forMeditation, 31:all the color of the rainbow. This is an occult fact. The causal body will palpitate in due courseMeditation, 33:desired end nearer and make it more rapidly a fact. [34] The Higher Self or Ego on its own planeMeditation, 36:to the physical brain consciousness of the fact of its existence and the goal of its being. OnceMeditation, 37:owing to the rarity of the material and to the fact that resistance is a factor in the three worldsMeditation, 46:wise consideration, hence my emphasis of the fact. When more is known along these lines, and whenMeditation, 75:out before him. This is an occult statement of fact definitely apparent to those who have the innerMeditation, 80:- etheric, emotional and mental - by the fact that some people have one or other emotional centerMeditation, 80:its purpose, and the goal is reached. Hence the fact that all the centers have petals whose numbersMeditation, 81:to make spectacular progress it is due to the fact that he is but demonstrating what has already
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