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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Meditation, 81:all but an illusion of time and is due to the fact that consciousness is at present for theMeditation, 83:I fully realize it. The difficulty lies in the fact that so little [84] can be safely said, thatMeditation, 92:our three worlds, and is but incidental to the fact that our Logos Himself is also evolving, andMeditation, 97:aspirations and endeavors matters of fact on the physical plane, bringing the two lower vehiclesMeditation, 100:to point out to you a certain rather interesting fact. Most of the psychological phenomena of theMeditation, 102:not a symbolic teaching but a plain statement of fact. Fire forms the basis of all - the Self isMeditation, 108:find out. What I want to impress upon you is the fact that there is a certain danger incident toMeditation, 110:we think of the Teuton as phlegmatic, matter-of-fact, sentimental and stolidly, logically clever.Meditation, 120:comprehended by the uninitiated. It lies in the fact that in the concentration of thought thatMeditation, 125:emotional nor physical. The cause lies in the fact of the over-development of the mental, and ofMeditation, 128:and psychics are already bearing witness to the fact that both in the ritual of the Church and inMeditation, 131:only want at this point to lay emphasis upon the fact that no danger need be feared by the averageMeditation, 137:rapidly than those of involution and in this fact lies a recognizable security. Fear causesMeditation, 142:Hierarchy on its own plane. He knows himself in fact as a part of one of the great Heavenly Men.Meditation, 147:the two types. I would begin by a statement of fact. The mystic is not necessarily an occultist,Meditation, 150:fire" [150] is to him a literal statement of fact, and of realized truth. He rises from fire toMeditation, 151:I might here interpolate a thought. The fact being admitted, we may therefore look with someMeditation, 155:work even though the pupil is unconscious of the fact. Later - especially after initiation, as theMeditation, 160:the majority of you, much more obscure, and in fact mental trouble is far more difficult to cureMeditation, 161:will eventually dissipate them. The fundamental fact to be grasped here is that only when the pupilMeditation, 169:synthesis of the whole. He must grasp it as a fact past all questioning and not just as a mentalMeditation, 171:and its place in the divine plan. He admits the fact of the indwelling life but concentratesMeditation, 173:are, in their essential essence, subhuman. The fact that they can be contacted on the emotionalMeditation, 186:VI - The Use of Form in Meditation You have in fact: Mantrams that affect kundalini, and arouse itMeditation, 190:Only that which is understood and grasped as a fact in experience by the inner consciousness availsMeditation, 210:data, impressing upon you nevertheless again the fact that I use the esoteric terms, and that theMeditation, 211:are absorbed into dense matter. Not so is it in fact. The seven colors may be regarded as a band ofMeditation, 212:heals. I seek to call your attention here to the fact that it is not yet permissible to give outMeditation, 215:mystery, and the other half is concealed by the fact that all interpretation depends upon theMeditation, 218:through unity, harmony or beauty. Note here the fact that I again use terms that are dependent forMeditation, 221:by the seventh. A synthesis too is found in the fact that through the medium of violet the deva andMeditation, 221:of perfection. Another point of synthesis is the fact that through the dominance of this seventhMeditation, 224:has naturally not been apprehended, but as a key fact for studying in the newer school, theMeditation, 225:only broadly but likewise in detail. This is a fact to be grasped and worked out. As knowledgeMeditation, 230:thought; it contains a statement of occult fact. According to the three lines of approach as dealtMeditation, 251:I seek most strongly to emphasize this fact. They are the ones who meditate along the line of theMeditation, 258:all our brothers of whatsoever degree, becomes a fact in manifestation. This is the path to beMeditation, 284:lower nature will be apprehended, and the fact made use of to effect certain results. Ponder onMeditation, 289:intervals at first, and the consciousness of the fact is held but for a few brief seconds; asMeditation, 292:to his Master. This is a literal statement of fact. Good work earns for the man in time the rightMeditation, 299:Now I would emphatically point out to you the fact that all that I now impart is a portion of aMeditation, 302:very essential that the emphasis is laid on the fact that no matter what the offshoots, the basicMeditation, 302:of the wisdom religion. Not so is the fact. At this particular moment (with the aim in view of theMeditation, 305:of the races and types dealt with, and the fact that certain schools work paramountly with one rayMeditation, 331:Above all, will the emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magician is he who utilizes allPatanjali, 13:factors. He must not lose sight of the fact that we are [14] dealing with the lower psychic nature,Patanjali, 21:five senses) which enables him to recognize the fact. By withdrawing himself from active sensePatanjali, 40:which will bring the goal nearer and make theory fact. Memory, or right mindfulness. This is anPatanjali, 64:than to pure devotees, and it accounts for the fact that those whose mental bodies are wellPatanjali, 78:as an adept and knows [78] that brotherhood is a fact in nature and not a sublime theory. ThePatanjali, 81:yogis are naturally abnormally acute and this fact should be remembered. Patanjali, 94:soul within the form, and is, potentially and in fact, omniscient and omnipresent. Having reachedPatanjali, 100:stand point of the real or spiritual man) the fact of the not-self is involved. He is concernedPatanjali, 124:true and accurate translation but in view of the fact that the word Master connotes (to the occultPatanjali, 129:be taken into account which are based on the fact of manifestation itself: The fact of the not-selfPatanjali, 129:based on the fact of manifestation itself: The fact of the not-self towards which the divine pointsPatanjali, 129:in the period of evolution absorbs them, The fact of the limitations which form-takingPatanjali, 134:be emphasized that this is a most important fact to note. If the aspirant will regard thePatanjali, 139:fade out. It is consistent also with the fact that the causal vehicle, the body of the higher selfPatanjali, 159:this vague surmise so that theory becomes fact and that which is latent and believed to exist mayPatanjali, 178:and that to which the man aspires, but is a fact in the experience of the disciple and one uponPatanjali, 185:This is a large concept covering more than the fact of actual physical appropriation of others'Patanjali, 194:and of an objective form is dependent upon the fact that in the perceiver similar characteristics,Patanjali, 199:to learn complete control and to demonstrate the fact that he has completely subdued the lower sexPatanjali, 212:and this, not just theoretically, but as a fact in nature. This comes about when a state calledPatanjali, 228:known in pictures of the saints. The halo is a fact in nature and not just a symbol. It is thePatanjali, 247:of (to the extent of making it one with it). In fact, the mind should, at the time, be consciousPatanjali, 261:is now recognized. The difference lies in the fact that the instrument, the mind, is now in a statePatanjali, 267:to the yogi, the Eternal Now is a realized fact in nature and intelligent cooperation with thePatanjali, 274:centers and the lower. It accounts also for the fact that flowers are such a feature inPatanjali, 281:from the standpoint of hearing. It is this fact that demonstrates the reality of the hypothesisPatanjali, 299:plane, the astral, reference is made to the fact that the stars (the lives), on that plane arePatanjali, 321:our sonship, our unity with the father and the fact that we are, in reality, the indwelling self.Patanjali, 321:and powers are unfolded. Third, that as this fact is grasped intellectually and meditated uponPatanjali, 323:as magical powers in the objective worlds. One fact continuously emerges in this text book ofPatanjali, 345:and their organs so that the realization becomes fact in physical plane experience, and there comesPatanjali, 346:atom to be one with himself. This is due to the fact that the anima mundi, or soul of the world, isPatanjali, 379:that we have in these words an instance of the fact that the Yoga Sutras can still be the study andPatanjali, 385:such as the divine origin of the man, the fact that the Christ or the soul consciousness is foundPatanjali, 386:of illusion. The consciousness awakes to the fact that in form and sense perception, and in thePatanjali, 402:from the succeeding one, which predicates the fact of the one Mind, or the one Life being thePatanjali, 402:of Death" for that is what the dark path is in fact to the thinker. Later, through strenuousPatanjali, 415:The problem has arisen very largely from the fact that this thinker cannot be known until the mindPatanjali, 415:Christian scientists. They have emphasized the fact of mind, individual and universal, and our debtPatanjali, 416:an inclusive understanding, revealing to him the fact that the Sons of God, revealed or unrevealed,Patanjali, 416:in the nature of a summation and emphasizes the fact that the mind, being stilled and quiescentPatanjali, 428:demonstration in the West. This is owing to the fact that - under cyclic law - the fifth root raceProblems, 10:brotherhood come into being and humanity be a fact in our consciousness. Problems, 14:The guarantee of its possibility lies in the fact that thousands today are thinking along theseProblems, 22:world, but as yet she knows not what it is. This fact, that Russia is the spiritual custodian of aProblems, 24:loom large in the eyes of all nations, the fact that the emphasis is so purely material indicatesProblems, 26:Finnish, German and other origins. In this fact consists part of the wonder of this rapidlyProblems, 28:related to every other nation, and of this fact the U.S.A. is perhaps more expressive than many,Problems, 35:world except in a humanity which accepts the fact of divinity, even whilst repudiating theology,Problems, 35:itself. Let us recognize the self-proven fact that there is a peculiar quality in every man, anProblems, 46:They are: the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity. The war boys and girls haveProblems, 61:right human relations. World Unity will be a fact when the children of the world are taught thatProblems, 62:which are strictly national. It consists in the fact that every race and all nations have alwaysProblems, 64:in universal terms still lies far ahead but the fact that we can speak of it, desire it and planProblems, 67:education of the children of the future in the fact of human unity and the use of the world's
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