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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Psychology1, 187:I would add to that reminder, however, the fact that there is in the world today a large enoughPsychology1, 191:proposition to an individual man, grasping the fact that every personality is intended to be anPsychology1, 197:of worldly and material purpose consists in the fact that one is attempting to work with thePsychology1, 199:esoteric results have been achieved. This fact is a difficult one for man to understand, for hisPsychology1, 208:make unwearied efforts to trace the smallest fact to its source, and to verify every theory. HePsychology1, 211:of the other rays than with the rest. This is a fact. The only one which stands alone and has noPsychology1, 217:difference in this tabulation, and that is the fact that the vegetable kingdom is the expression ofPsychology1, 224:can, for ordinary uses, be accepted as relative fact. But two points should be considered, and theyPsychology1, 230:whole, it is necessary that man should grasp the fact that he is only a small fraction of thatPsychology1, 232:understand, with our seeing consciousness, the fact that, for instance, our nails and teeth andPsychology1, 240:in this kingdom, has constituted the subjective fact which brought the steam age into being. ThePsychology1, 240:It is an interesting, though quite unimportant fact, that at all the initiations of the kingdoms inPsychology1, 245:confounded with the planetary rays or with the fact that some of the planets are considered asPsychology1, 247:modern scientist, but until he recognizes the fact of ray influences, and the part they play in thePsychology1, 248:in man, constitute the human soul. It is this fact that is the cause of man's special problems, andPsychology1, 256:much closer relation than today. Then, only the fact of individualization separated them. It was,Psychology1, 256:of the tropic seas, was incalculable. This is a fact often forgotten in the sentimentality of aPsychology1, 268:it, and it suffices for them; it is based on the fact that sex is one of the fundamental primevalPsychology1, 269:factor to be found, of real importance. This fact is the militancy expressed by the many groups ofPsychology1, 274:in my mind, but simply as a statement of fact, and in order to awaken in the average reader aPsychology1, 276:living" eulogized to them, and even the fact that they are sons of God may be emphasized to them.Psychology1, 276:seeking enquirers of the present generation the fact that God says thus and so, or the BiblePsychology1, 276:and uncontaminated is equally and wonderfully a fact. That there are advanced souls whose life isPsychology1, 278:into a new. Why should this be? It is due to the fact that the newer impulses pouring into the old,Psychology1, 282:crop of weeds as well as flowers. Yet in this fact you have two reactions to the same sun, the samePsychology1, 286:in the relation of the two sexes and in the fact of their intercourse with each other. When thisPsychology1, 288:of humanity and the demonstration of the fact. Individual man and his soul are also attempting toPsychology1, 295:by this realization. It will be regarded as a fact in nature and as a product of past evolutionaryPsychology1, 298:lead humanity out of the present impasse. This fact warrants remembrance, and is often forgotten.Psychology1, 299:action. Man has to learn and deeply grasp the fact that the main purpose of sex is not thePsychology1, 304:all cannot marry in these days is true, but that fact does not negate the greater fact that man hasPsychology1, 304:true, but that fact does not negate the greater fact that man has been created by God to marry.Psychology1, 304:conditions; but this in no way negates the fact that the condition is abnormal. But that anPsychology1, 312:mystery, and the difficulty consists in the fact that that which man conceals from the world isPsychology1, 315:at a time when the scientist is announcing the fact that there is naught to be seen and known savePsychology1, 328:clue to the translation is to be found in the fact that no act of translation ever involves onePsychology1, 337:the basic dualities; it is not sentiment but a fact in a great natural process. Always there is thePsychology1, 339:and contact is to be found in the subjective fact that humanity is with great speed integrating thePsychology1, 353:of substance, and the recognition of the fact that matter is the outer garment of God. This willPsychology1, 358:main problem of today is brought about by the fact that two rays of great potency are functioningPsychology1, 367:the Federation of Nations can be an accomplished fact. Psychology1, 367:be fulfiled; and if unfulfiled, will not that fact militate against much that I have said and provePsychology1, 371:attention has been paid for instance to the fact that the brain of the animal is really in thePsychology1, 374:its really scientific basis. I referred to the fact that man must before long function as freely onPsychology1, 379:But until that development is an accomplished fact, we have no means whereby to express the truePsychology1, 379:the world, the student should bear in mind the fact that all are today governed primarily by thePsychology1, 382:whilst some of the problems may be due to the fact that certain rays, governing certain nations,Psychology1, 384:forth into the [384] future to demonstrate the fact of illumination, which is the goal of allPsychology1, 384:Empire, and there is a relation between this fact and the fact that the sign Gemini governs bothPsychology1, 384:there is a relation between this fact and the fact that the sign Gemini governs both the UnitedPsychology1, 387:the influence of the second ray. An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping. GreatPsychology1, 392:the ultimate glory of proving to the world the fact of the soul and the demonstration of thePsychology1, 401:racial integrity. When humanity awakens to the fact of its common origin, and when the three greatPsychology2, 13:affirm their belief in terms of accomplished fact and cause much stumbling among the little ones.Psychology2, 16:of the Presence is thus steadily developed. This fact merits the deep study and meditation [17] ofPsychology2, 20:of wholes, (just as is the case with a so-called fact). Hence all definition, and eventually allPsychology2, 23:value of the above information consists in the fact that it gives, symbolically, a syntheticPsychology2, 27:degrees of expanding awareness, the significant fact to be borne in mind is that through it allPsychology2, 28:of Soul Influence However, (and this is the fact of supreme importance), all this activity, allPsychology2, 29:little planet. All we [29] really know is the fact of the Plan, and that it is very good; that wePsychology2, 46:and the One who ever is. (This refers to the fact that on the fifth plane the Angel is definitelyPsychology2, 54:to, or repulse of, applied energies. The fact that the interplay between different types of energyPsychology2, 74:and that is the statement of the significant fact that the more people can achieve this linking ofPsychology2, 75:this lies the hope of the world today. In this fact is to be found the greatly increased activityPsychology2, 90:state of consciousness and can grasp the fact that five or six dimensions are beautifully possible.Psychology2, 91:human imagination. If this is a statement of fact, and if these ideas are but the expression ofPsychology2, 103:antahkarana is not a consummated, established fact, the tiny thread of the partially constructedPsychology2, 106:it is necessary that aspirants grasp the fact that that salvaging process must be carried on underPsychology2, 108:The inner integrity is necessarily a proven fact to Them. To the disciple it is not. But to thePsychology2, 110:This law is of major importance because of the fact that Deity itself is on the second ray; becausePsychology2, 118:which merit our careful attention. First, is the fact that the result of all contact achieved inPsychology2, 119:Age, and hence His constant emphasis upon the fact that He was the "water of life", the "livingPsychology2, 125:evidenced upon the physical plane, of the fact that the soul is beginning to express itself inPsychology2, 163:can thus be listed. Having then discovered the fact of these pairs of opposites, the task of thePsychology2, 164:light of a steadily waxing sun. One reveals the fact of night. The other reveals the world ofPsychology2, 175:would, however, be well if we could grasp this fact with clarity, that this simple formulation ofPsychology2, 191:workers, and there will be many of these. This fact is to be noted. There will be many such groups.Psychology2, 193:minds in this connection? It is a statement of fact and is not in the least symbolic in itsPsychology2, 196:this period, and special preparation made. This fact invites the attention of all of us. Psychology2, 202:that is not provable and may not be posited as a fact. As a definite Self, an entity, informing aPsychology2, 207:and as a sensed reality, but also as a fact in their own consciousness. The souls who have achievedPsychology2, 214:the Buddhists call Nirvana. This Path is, in fact, but the beginning of that higher Way which leadsPsychology2, 219:undeveloped man? We do well to ponder on this fact. It is not, however, a profitless task for thePsychology2, 219:or of an almost permanent struggle. Given the fact of the finiteness of man and of his life, givenPsychology2, 220:Hierarchy. It is possible for us to grasp the fact that there are lives and types of activity whichPsychology2, 230:There is then no person. Yet, if one accepts the fact of immortality, the conscious being remains;Psychology2, 239:there is perhaps made clearer to us the fact of God's own vision. More is not possible until eachPsychology2, 243:factors. The value of this lies in the fact that, upon the Path of Discipleship, these factors mustPsychology2, 250:unbalanced development which results from the fact that, through specialization or focused intensePsychology2, 250:with the soul. This is facilitated by the fact that the artist for many lives comes under thePsychology2, 251:to analyze, and the power to discriminate. The fact that in time and space the pairs of oppositesPsychology2, 261:strides had been made. This is evidenced by the fact that the emergence of a band of "conditioningPsychology2, 274:theoretical belief or hope. It is experience and fact. The terms "soul contact" and "sensing thePsychology2, 274:students if they could learn to appreciate the fact that when "in meditation deep" a certain suddenPsychology2, 280:for the importance of this Temple is due to the fact that our solar system is a system [281] ofPsychology2, 282:and we have carried the thought forward to the fact of the Hierarchy, working under the [283] samePsychology2, 297:inclusive and self-willed. Because of the fact that the second ray personality and the physicalPsychology2, 298:It might be of interest to mention the fact that the moment a man becomes an accepted disciple,Psychology2, 298:and placed in the hands of his Master. In fact, four such charts are available, for the rays of thePsychology2, 303:eventually change his hypothesis into a living fact, if he studies himself with care. One of the
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