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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Rays, 360:planetary life is entirely conditioned by the fact that they are the seven subplanes of the cosmicRays, 360:vary according to His rays; He is aware of the fact of the Will or of the first divine aspect, withRays, 364:a Master eventually to do. One interesting fact emerges out of all this comparative work and thisRays, 367:will enter the human consciousness when: The fact of the Hierarchy, The nature of its relationshipRays, 368:all the subhuman kingdoms has relation to this fact. The ajna center of the Lord of the World isRays, 375:upon which I would like to touch. Owing to the fact that the Law which governs the Hierarchy is theRays, 377:acquainted. The reason for this lies in the fact that all our planes constitute the cosmic physicalRays, 383:of the planetary centers, you have in this fact another reason why the senior Ashram is second rayRays, 384:Ashram was the second to be formed, owing to the fact that the seventh ray is the relating factorRays, 388:and some entirely embryonic), so that, in fact, all the forty-nine Ashrams are in the making. TheRays, 388:times. This in itself constitutes a reasonable fact, does it not, my brothers? Rays, 389:or so far as humanity is concerned - it is a fact that the limitations by which They were held asRays, 398:cosmic levels. It is nevertheless a statement of fact that in due time even Those Who choose theRays, 404:Libra, the Balances. This is due to the fact that Those Masters Who can work with magneticRays, 410:are achieving the first initiation, and this fact confronts the three Great Lords Who rule theRays, 411:to its constitution at that time and to the fact that very few, relatively, of our Earth humanityRays, 414:Lord of Sirius, and this exists in spite of the fact that our planet is not a sacred planet. ItRays, 419:therefore, in any way related to humanity - a fact which men are apt to forget. It is, however,Rays, 424:up of the qualities of disciples, is the fact that no longer does the Master - faced at the sixthRays, 424:and intuitive development of man, that this fact has forced corresponding changes within theRays, 425:be defined, become the four Paths, owing to the fact that our solar system is one of the fourthRays, 430:whose physical brain is constantly aware of this fact. [431] Rays, 434:divided this theme into two parts, owing to the fact that the dualism displayed by a Master andRays, 435:the higher levels to his physical brain. This fact (when [436] he discovers it) tends to upset hisRays, 436:to the physical brain can be seen in the fact that very few aspirants and disciples register theRays, 436:very few aspirants and disciples register the fact that they have already taken the firstRays, 438:on the plane of Being and demonstrates the fact that He eternally Is, that He exists as a divineRays, 444:to create; he discovers this as an existent fact and knows past all controversy that "faith is theRays, 448:the bridge is built. It is wise to accept the fact that humanity is now in a position to begin theRays, 452:with this study of the antahkarana is the fact that hitherto the work done upon the antahkarana hasRays, 453:has been slowly woven by the man; of this fact in nature his creative activity during the past twoRays, 458:exists a gap in consciousness, though not in fact. The sutratmic strand of energy bridges the gap,Rays, 462:is already the dominant kingdom in nature; the fact of the Hierarchy and of its imminent approachRays, 464:and move and have our being. This is the basic fact lying behind the expression of that Trinity orRays, 467:students should grasp is the deeply esoteric fact that this antahkarana is built through the mediumRays, 470:he is establishing in his own consciousness the fact of his essential dualism. I would also pointRays, 476:The unity of all things is known to be a fact in consciousness, and a human spirit can say withRays, 477:itself. To the above statement, add [477] the fact that it is the fourth kingdom in nature whichRays, 485:to register his creation as an accomplished fact. He has to depend entirely upon the provedRays, 488:the lowest aspect of the intuition, and this fact must be remembered at all times. Sensitivity, asRays, 492:Monad and personality a definite and existent fact. Duality then supervenes upon [493] triplicity,Rays, 494:of liberation, and a recognition of the esoteric fact that a man is himself the Way. There is noRays, 498:in the occult science, and realizing also the fact that, for aspirants and disciples, the immediateRays, 498:work prior to the third initiation is due to the fact that the race is now at the point ofRays, 500:present, [500] and the failure to recognize this fact has been largely due to the prevalent humanRays, 506:the angle of the esotericist, this is a tangible fact, you will then have the following directRays, 508:first ray personality has to ascertain (as in fact do all disciples) which aspect he himself is ofRays, 514:objective. This is a statement of occult fact which will be better understood when the nature ofRays, 515:might be summed up in the words: "I assert the Fact." This is the nearest form I can give you forRays, 515:and then asserts: The Spiritual Triad is a fact. The relation between the fused and blendedRays, 515:fused and blended personality and the soul is a fact. The antahkarana is also a fact. The dualRays, 515:the soul is a fact. The antahkarana is also a fact. The dual expression of the basic duality ofRays, 515:- personality or form and Monad or Spirit - is a fact. The will of the Monad is the factor to beRays, 516:light of reality itself, revealing the fact of the higher Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. OfRays, 518:Science - "Three Minds unite" (This asserts the fact that the Universal Mind, the higher mind andRays, 520:of the greater Life to that cry. It is, in fact, the recognition by the part of its relationship toRays, 521:that time demanded; He would have given us, in fact, a Figure of very great, but at the same time,Rays, 521:which He founded has never recognized this fact or considered what lay beyond Christ, what was theRays, 522:was perhaps an unavoidable omission owing to the fact that the idea of evolution was unknown untilRays, 522:to the unpreparedness of man, and also to the fact that He Himself was only "on His Way." The WayRays, 523:to him the Way of the Higher Evolution, the fact of a still greater goal further on ahead - calledRays, 524:whereof I speak, it is wise to establish the fact in your consciousness that at the CrucifixionRays, 565:sought to awaken the modern consciousness to the fact and purposes of initiation. Initiation is aRays, 566:of the rays of the initiate. We are in fact considering initiation as a planetary process, and notRays, 570:the man is enabled consciously to register the fact of initiation because either the brain or theRays, 570:are controlled by the seventh ray. It is this fact which is of importance today in connection withRays, 574:extreme; this is easily realized, owing to the fact that his mind and his brain are conditioned byRays, 596:of this statement is to be found in the fact that - for the first time in human history - humanityRays, 596:Today, all men everywhere are conscious of the fact that the old order, the old cultures andRays, 602:like to make clear two important facts: The fact that the world war (1914-1945) was quiteRays, 602:mental levels, had humanity decided rightly. The fact of the inevitability of the return of theRays, 607:when she speaks in one of her books of the fact that the substance whereof all forms are made isRays, 612:presented - has awakened mankind to the fact of the One World; the community of pain, sorrow,Rays, 615:mental plane, have made completely evident the fact that the locale of Christ's influence will be,Rays, 617:is, however, already firmly established; in this fact is to be found a sure ground for a saneRays, 618:be superseded by harmony; this is due to the fact that the energy of harmony through conflict isRays, 631:The similarity of problems consists in the fact that each of these three nations is essentiallyRays, 636:of the Christ to the Jewish race, to the fact that they repudiated Him as the Messiah and are stillRays, 647:the reorientation of human thinking, as this fact is grasped, will have its first results uponRays, 662:group who have caught the vision, who accept the fact of the Hierarchy and of proffered [663]Rays, 665:and each successive initiation will see this fact more clearly demonstrated. The Birth InitiationRays, 666:have a sense of conscious dualism, knowing the fact of the existence of that "something other" thanRays, 671:is oft omitted from normal consideration is the fact that the increasing activity of these twoRays, 674:of opposites; the problem is complicated by the fact that men have to learn to recognize theseRays, 675:order. This statement is related to the emerging fact that the Hierarchy and its personnel inRays, 687:West. I would like to recall to you the fact that this third initiation is in reality the first ofRays, 688:Resurrection. I would call your attention to the fact that the third, fifth and seventh initiationsRays, 689:the eyebrows) which is stimulated. This is a fact of great interest, because it is at thisRays, 690:him and out into the world, in spite of the fact that he remains unconscious of its presence. [691]Rays, 693:You can see, therefore, why I emphasize the fact that these three crosses are simply symbols ofRays, 697:many incarnations. If it is a statement of fact that the time sense is the response of the brain toRays, 710:that which has not been proven to him to be a fact but which is testified to by countless thousandsRays, 719:I do not wish you to infer that mankind is, in fact, undergoing these initiatory experiences. TheRays, 721:of the sixth degree," bringing to your minds the fact that before a man takes an initiation of anyRays, 722:pass through this initiation were faced with the fact of the emerging forces of cosmic evil; TheyRays, 724:He does know, however, and "appropriates the fact and the faculties" (as one Master has expressedRays, 728:microcosmic correspondence to the macrocosmic fact is full of teaching value. See to it that "eachRays, 728:for himself that those words concern a basic fact and are related to the purpose of the solarRays, 728:I can bring to their expansion into ascertained fact a wider knowledge than is as yet yourRays, 735:time are eliminative in their effects. In this fact lies a great planetary truth and the key to the
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