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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACT

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Rays, 743:but the spiritual workers are handicapped by the fact that men themselves must make free choice andRays, 749:States. An instance of this can be seen in the fact that the Arabs never got a true hearing in theRays, 749:of spiritual events and is the foundational fact which makes the life of the soul and the growth ofRays, 750:fruitless is often of less importance than the fact that the attempts to heal, to help and toRays, 757:connected with the Invocation consists in the fact that it is, in reality, a great method ofReappearance, 7:hour of need. These statements are statements of fact, historically proven. Beyond this we knowReappearance, 10:unrealized aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequenceReappearance, 10:history unmistakenly testifies. It is upon the fact of this continuity, this sequence of MessengersReappearance, 12:Buddha came and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent,Reappearance, 15:has ever happened. That is a statement of fact, and here lies a great deal of our trouble. TheReappearance, 16:true that He plans to reappear, if [16] it is a fact that He will bring His disciples, the MastersReappearance, 18:level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has made all men so close [19] thatReappearance, 19:restore man's faith in the Father's love, in the fact of the livingness of the Christ and in theReappearance, 19:be not only the general expectancy but also the fact that much is today known and taught about theReappearance, 19:there are thousands who are interested in the fact of that Hierarchy, who believe in the Masters ofReappearance, 19:and occultists everywhere have publicized the fact of the Hierarchy during the past century; theReappearance, 24:of them are difficult for man to understand. The fact of the synchronization of His will with thatReappearance, 24:of His will with that of the Father, and the fact that this synchronization led to a basicReappearance, 24:a series of Aramaic, Greek or Latin words. The fact that the majority of accepted commentatorsReappearance, 31:Its extraordinary potency can be seen in the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are alreadyReappearance, 33:will mature. This era began in 1875 when the fact of the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom wasReappearance, 38:of Those Who have lived on Earth, accepted the fact of God Transcendent, discovered the reality ofReappearance, 43:orthodox thinker of any faith to accept is the fact that Christ cannot return because He has alwaysReappearance, 44:He can only reappear. [44] It is a spiritual fact that those who have passed from the cave of theReappearance, 45:means little in our modern civilization. The fact of importance is that He will come. The WesakReappearance, 45:only believe it) in order: To substantiate the fact of Christ's physical existence among us everReappearance, 46:us who read these words is this great truth and fact of the physical Presence on Earth at this timeReappearance, 47:would come in three ways, or rather, that the fact of His Presence could be proved in threeReappearance, 52:and his fundamental relationships are already a fact in the human consciousness. Accompanying thoseReappearance, 54:are brought to us in the Gospel story; the fact of the mountain top, of attendant watchers, and ofReappearance, 56:and irresistible, has surely no basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead His people, humanity,Reappearance, 57:His people, humanity, [57] into Jerusalem is a fact, founded on a secure foundation, but it willReappearance, 58:for thousands of years. They have registered the fact that, for the first time in human history,Reappearance, 61:the teaching which He will probably give. The fact of the continuity of the revelation and teachingReappearance, 62:the uniqueness of His opportunity consist in the fact that He is able - in Himself - to giveReappearance, 65:It is not the accepting of any historical fact or theological creed which places us en rapport withReappearance, 79:Aquarian Age People are very apt to overlook the fact that though Christ recognized His function asReappearance, 79:the Scapegoat which colors Jewish history. The fact that Christ was the Teacher of the new periodReappearance, 80:Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomical fact, as any one can ascertain by writing to anyReappearance, 80:yet their ecclesiastics cannot explain away the fact that the Jews demonstrated [81] their likingReappearance, 89:to Christ and His disciples. Today, the fact that energy is the basic substance in the universe,Reappearance, 89:of energy is a well-known and generally accepted fact by thinking and intelligent people. Speech,Reappearance, 96:the appearance of the Christ is an accomplished fact, and the rule of right human relations isReappearance, 105:dishonesty with which it is now surrounded. The fact of immortality is today on the verge ofReappearance, 105:is today on the verge of scientific proof; the fact of the survival of some factor has already beenReappearance, 105:The factual nature of the soul, and the fact of soul survival and of its eternal livingness, goReappearance, 107:through His disciples) two major truths: the fact of the existence of the human soul and, secondly,Reappearance, 109:for peace and right relations, consists in the fact that the work they are attempting to do is inReappearance, 113:[113] All the world religions have posited the fact that God is Love essentially and that God isReappearance, 113:The reappearance of Christ will establish the fact of this divine livingness; the work which HeReappearance, 114:marks a great step forward. - Both admit the fact of a divine over-shadowing will in the life ofReappearance, 116:was here, in person, before, He emphasized the fact of the soul and the value of the individual. HeReappearance, 117:whereby this possibility can become accomplished fact - through the constant return of theReappearance, 118:V - The Teachings of the Christ Beyond the fact that there is such a law, we know little and thoseReappearance, 118:the foolish and improbable details, given out as fact by the theosophical and occult bodies. TheReappearance, 120:in accordance with its rules and spirit. The fact that the signs of the time and the widespreadReappearance, 123:as to death and the firm establishing of the fact of the soul's existence; the soul will then beReappearance, 124:His work when He reappears will be to prove the fact of these possibilities and to reveal the trueReappearance, 125:to the attention of the Western world the fact that great disciples and Masters of the Wisdom wereReappearance, 130:Real." What is said about it has little basis in fact; it has, however, served a useful purpose asReappearance, 135:solar plexus activity. That is a statement of fact; it is the hearts of men which respond to theReappearance, 137:such a low ebb. This idea is largely due to the fact that humanity is not excessively interested inReappearance, 137:affirmations are distressingly true, but the fact still remains that human beings everywhere areReappearance, 144:to men everywhere. These surely are: 1. The Fact of God First and foremost, there must beReappearance, 144:and foremost, there must be recognition of the fact of God. That central Reality can be called byReappearance, 145:the triumphant affirmation of St. Paul. 3. The Fact of Immortality and of Eternal PersistenceReappearance, 150:powers, through the medium of humanity. On the fact of God and of man's relation to the divine, onReappearance, 150:God and of man's relation to the divine, on the fact of immortality and of the continuity of divineReappearance, 150:continuity of divine revelation, and upon the fact of the constant emergence of Messengers from theReappearance, 150:to divinity and to the acceptance of the fact of God Transcendent and of God Immanent within everyReappearance, 151:worker, disciple and initiate, - by all, in fact, who form the New Group of World Servers. TheReappearance, 152:under an enlightened clergy) to accept the fact of the approaching spiritual energies, focusedReappearance, 157:of the greater Life to that cry. It is, in fact, the recognition by the part of its relationshipReappearance, 161:pages is essentially for those who accept the fact of Christ, recognize the continuity ofReappearance, 173:it is in Christ," and into the spreading of the fact of His return - for centuries a definiteReappearance, 173:of the One Humanity is overlooked. The fact remains that had the directing agencies (through whoseReappearance, 178:levels and they have not apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, when motivated fromReappearance, 180:part in the furthering of the divine Plan. The fact of Christ and the genuine [181] possibility ofReappearance, 186:a negative force. It should be developed into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy.Reappearance, 187:deep intuitive knowledge. May it not be a divine fact that "faith is the substance of things hopedSoul, 23:and also the mentalist. They admit the fact of consciousness and assume a conscious entity. Dr.,Soul, 30:the field and report on it. Such a survey, in fact, may be of real value to the general public bySoul, 33:This is much more than a mere present fact, or set of facts, or a mere passive stage upon which theSoul, 33:social, physical, or what-not, present in fact or in record." - Leary, Daniel B., ModernSoul, 37:is not the slightest reason to doubt the broad fact of the profound effect on temperament exercisedSoul, 39:most marvelous reactions known in physiology. In fact, it has been stated that hormones are toSoul, 39:Personality, pp. 96,97. All the glands, in fact, work in unison. They are known to correlate theirSoul, 39:claimed, to make a man what he is. They form, in fact, a close interlocking system with functionsSoul, 43:pineal gland is the seat of the soul and in the fact apparently established that the pineal glandSoul, 49:of the adrenal medulla. As a matter of fact the mechanism of courage is more complex. One mustSoul, 52:these conclusions as to the endocrine glands, in fact correct? Has man, in outline, been classifiedSoul, 55:between them, it is necessary to establish the fact of the existence of the etheric body. TheSoul, 56:substance - an hypothesis contrary to all fact and possibility - and if such an external agentSoul, 69:mystically inclined people, but is regarded as a fact in nature by many practical minded OccidentalSoul, 70:already exist. It is possible, thanks for the fact that man as a being possessing a mind and a soulSoul, 72:may perhaps deduce that the soul is possibly a fact in nature, for the testimony of millennia mustSoul, 80:of the soul. We have already stressed the fact that in all primitive cultures the 'soul' is by noSoul, 80:a late philosophical reservation. As a matter of fact, what primitive man understands by 'soul' isSoul, 86:for attention and accumulation. As a matter of fact, the so-called anterior ventricle consists ofSoul, 87:in consciousness, and the knowledge of this fact inspired the hypothesis of a sensory center to
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