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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Astrology, 6:determined. This makes him feel himself to be a factor of isolated importance. ModernAstrology, 11:of the inner spiritual man (to mention only one factor among many) pour through the etheric body ofAstrology, 175:identification with it and is the controlling factor. The definite goal of the Centaur, which isAstrology, 179:and more dominant and an increasingly potent factor. In [180] Scorpio the mind is released intoAstrology, 206:conditions activity today. Hate - which is a factor in conditioning relationships. Ambition -Astrology, 209:of the disciple. Mars is the dominating factor in the tests and trials of the disciple, prior toAstrology, 211:opposites and is a beneficent and not a malefic factor, as is so often supposed. When we come toAstrology, 212:soul which seeks to be the ultimate controlling factor. The color assigned to Mars is, as you know,Astrology, 225:Scorpio. The spiritual imagination, which is the factor of greatest service to man, begins to takeAstrology, 233:in a position of casting the deciding factor, whereas in the next great cycle it will be the mindsAstrology, 243:it is a governing sign and a major conditioning factor where Law, Sex and Money are concerned.Astrology, 255:this matter aspect was the supreme controlling factor, just as in this solar system it is the soulAstrology, 290:in order to make the gained knowledge a factor in service. This triangle expresses the life ofAstrology, 295:; Sensitivity to the soul as the conditioning factor instead of sensitivity to the environing worldAstrology, 295:to the environing world as the conditioning factor; The spiritual sensitivity of the God-Man (theAstrology, 295:a still further expansion of the same sensitive factor but augmented or stimulated by the principleAstrology, 300:third initiation, Sirius becomes a major life factor. He begins to respond to its vibration becauseAstrology, 313:be recognized and established as an influencing factor by ancient humanity. I state a basic truth -Astrology, 316:self-preservation; it is the major conditioning factor in the creative process and leads to theAstrology, 337:the fact that in time and space the controlling factor and determining condition is the sensitivityAstrology, 346:of the pairs of opposites in the Zodiac a third factor, powerfully influencing the other twoAstrology, 362:effort) the sense of duality which is the basic factor in the conflict between desire and spiritualAstrology, 365:separate, instinctual nature, for this is the factor which lies behind all dualism; it is inherentAstrology, 399:form side of life is a powerfully controlling factor and one with which the man must ever reckon.Astrology, 410:in an earlier part of this treatise. Another factor little known is that the Moon today isAstrology, 425:Logos) which is the dominant [425] conditioning factor, which sets the note for evolutionaryAstrology, 448:the power of the planet Venus becomes a dominant factor in the last decanate. This I have alreadyAstrology, 453:contradictions in Time and that when this time factor is properly understood and the student knowsAstrology, 462:as a whole. The over-shadowing triangle is the factor which produces by its flow into and out ofAstrology, 488:the three constellations will be the controlling factor; at another time another will swing intoAstrology, 508:be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to the ProbationaryAstrology, 526:second ray occidental soul becomes the dominant factor. When these various relationships areAstrology, 566:universality of the water of life will become a factor in human consciousness; then we shall indeedAstrology, 568:and to show unalterable stability is the major factor involved. This is by no means so in reality.Astrology, 579:appalling early successes of the Axis. The only factor which can successfully oppose desire isAstrology, 592:is concerned) in the planet. It is the prime factor in bringing about the inevitability of theAstrology, 596:and the solution of [596] all problems. But the factor which is of major importance is that theAstrology, 601:It is Necessity which is the prime conditioning factor of the divine nature - the necessity toAstrology, 615:even the life aspect as the integrating factor in form building and - which is equally an act ofAstrology, 619:as yet to be the law of life and the governing factor in evolution. If, however, the result of thisAstrology, 632:of this knowledge can be seen in that peculiar factor in the life of humanity which we call 'publicAstrology, 640:must thus be studied." (C.F. 801) 7. "A further factor in cyclic computation lies in the effect ofAtom, 18:of the evolution of intelligence, or of the factor of mind which is working out as ordered purposeAtom, 19:- The Field of Evolution The recognition of the factor of the intelligence will inevitably lead usAtom, 48:together, and if we are the energizing factor within the material form, it is of prime importanceAtom, 69:of emotion or love, and has added yet another factor, that of intelligent will. He is the deity ofAtom, 78:Spirit, or Life, manifesting through a second factor which we call substance or matter, andAtom, 78:call substance or matter, and utilizing a third factor, which we call the intelligence. In theAtom, 108:we reach a certain crisis, and another factor comes in, that of intelligent discrimination. Here IAtom, 125:material form or substantial vehicle, and the factor of intelligent activity - certain specificAutobiography, 4:inner conviction. To me, the Masters are such a factor and this knowledge has formed a stabilizingAutobiography, 7:these revelations) are a major modern spiritual factor; the struggle that is going on betweenAutobiography, 34:and I eventually outgrew it. But what was the factor that changed me from a very bad tempered,Autobiography, 199:of people but I realize that it is a major factor in individual harmony. [200] This whole questionAutobiography, 236:can be no peace until goodwill is a conditioning factor in all human relations. AnotherAutobiography, 293:interesting. It is this belief which makes the factor of money of so much importance. MoneyAutobiography, 293:plane life; it is the outstanding, controlling factor in our present civilization. So little hasAutobiography, 297:group in the world, but is the essential factor in all our future undertakings. Without thisAutobiography, 301:in meeting this requirement. It is this factor that has given to our organized work in the worldAutobiography, 301:life of selfless service was the most important factor and that physical plane disciplinesBethlehem, 52:in Revelations will bring much light upon the factor of the Word. Great racial Words have beenBethlehem, 94:found in man; and their synthesis, plus another factor, the divine intellect, we call the humanBethlehem, 95:blended this synthesis with a higher spiritual factor and brought to the birth another kingdom inBethlehem, 100:and of that desire life which is the determining factor with most people. The first initiationBethlehem, 100:reactions and its potent "wish life." A new factor now enters in, the discriminating faculty of theBethlehem, 105:is himself made flesh. This is the essential factor. An initiation is a blaze of illuminationBethlehem, 128:of the personality. The mind, the integrating factor, with its ability to think clearly, toBethlehem, 162:new birth or to the Crucifixion, or make it a factor in the exclusiveness which has so deeplyBethlehem, 183:(symbolized by Orion's belt) was the determining factor. The Virgin was seen in the east, with theBethlehem, 200:are coming to the knowledge that the determining factor in human life is love, and that "God isBethlehem, 211:until the present time, are subordinated to the factor of our belief or non-belief in the efficacyBethlehem, 216:third Malefactor had "done nothing amiss." The factor which accorded him admission into paradiseBethlehem, 248:safeguarding of what we really care about. The factor on which we place the emphasis in our dailyBethlehem, 263:permitting it no longer to be a controlling factor in our lives, time for us to begin to blend andBethlehem, 267:emotional experience. It can become a motivating factor in life and something which we contributeDestiny, 26:express itself in a living fashion. That is the factor of moment and not the happenings in anyDestiny, 26:energy and is expressive of force. That is the factor never to be forgotten. It is essential thatDestiny, 27:with brain impression and, if the meditating factor of the mind is duly trained and controlled,Destiny, 33:particular era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the age old conflict between materialDestiny, 36:where its united will will be the determining factor in world affairs and this will be due to theDestiny, 49:is the dominant potent and main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul ray which is sensedDestiny, 68:of its component parts; they are an important factor in present events, owing to the major andDestiny, 71:it will be [71] found that that embryonic factor which we call the intuition will flower forth intoDestiny, 71:and form the nations of the world; the important factor always to remember is that it is humanityDestiny, 71:is that it is humanity as a whole which is the factor to be considered. The simile of the humanDestiny, 80:material outer form of the nation; it is this factor that has led her people to appear before theDestiny, 81:by Libra and it is, therefore, the soul factor which links Great Britain to France and which shouldDestiny, 87:axis. It, however, is not today the controlling factor. Ray 5. - Concrete Knowledge or Science, viaDestiny, 101:second ray occidental soul becomes the dominant factor. When these various relationships areDestiny, 125:take place. By means of this, the intelligent factor in the animal (of which instinct is theDestiny, 131:that the physical plane should become a greater factor in their consciousness and that theirDiscipleship1, 9:if the group identity is the dominant factor in the thoughts of each disciple, and desire forDiscipleship1, 22:line of work on which you may be engaged is the factor of main interest. It is not primarily theDiscipleship1, 63:This is the secret of a Master's work and the factor which enables him to work through hisDiscipleship1, 65:powerfully than anything else. The controlling factor is harmlessness in thought and word; theDiscipleship1, 66:as to what you are doing, is also a vital factor; the utterance of words in connection with thisDiscipleship1, 78:I seek to save you, for time is a great factor in service. For the masses of humanity, time is notDiscipleship1, 78:and opportunity. Still another deciding factor with me is to test out your ability to keep silentDiscipleship1, 96:consciousness. This is very largely a protective factor because they could not be trusted to handleDiscipleship1, 97:so that the work to be done becomes the factor of main importance. When this is the case, then the
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